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Song Title


    Mega Man 6 - Mr. X's Castle

    SMW Music → Mega Man 6 - Mr. X's Castle

    This file is obsolete. The latest version is Mega Man 6 - Mr. X's Castle. For other versions, check the version history.
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    Comments (4)

    7 up Link
    I think this could be a featured track. It sounds splendid, especially considering it's unsampled.

    EDIT (2019/4/8): It didn't get featured
    Fullcannon Link
    I didn't knew unsampled music can sound so great, it's astonishing.
    Ultima Link
    this song and the entirety of MM6's soundtrack is the reason why Yuko Takehara's my favorite Capcom composer tbh, right next to Setsuo Yamamoto of course

    good port btw
    karr Link
    sounds too loud but a good song