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The Second Reality Project Reloaded

Super Mario World Hacks → The Second Reality Project Reloaded

Submission Details

Name: The Second Reality Project Reloaded
Author: FPI
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 117 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: SMW:TSRPR v1.2

Background information:
So, what's this all about? "The Second Reality Project Reloaded" is not another new entry in the TSRP-series, it's a remake of the first part. The hack finally features a new overworld (people requested this for years) and of course, custom graphics and custom music. Besides that, not much have changed, most of the time the level design is the same as before. So, keep in mind that the original hack came out back in 2002, and back in the days you don't had the possibility to insert custom sprites, dozens of ASM-hacks and so on. So please don't expect anything groundbreaking here, it's still the same thing as it was before: a hack which is about level design and nothing else. But with that said, chances are if you enjoyed the original hack, you will love the remake for sure!

Bowser is back again, more powerful than times ago:
He found a power source which let him rebuilt his Airship Fleet. Soon he plans on attacking the Mushroom Kingdom one time more! It's up to Mario to stop him!
Tags: asm exgfx music story tsrp
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4.6 (34 ratings)
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Comments (55)

Jeyson29 Link

I love this hack thanks fpi I hope the 3rd part of this fabulous hack comes out
ImNotMark Link
Let me replay this hack and the sequel of it. This time I got enough skills and attention span and patience to finish this and the sequel of it. This is the first hack that made me play more SMW romhacks and this is the reason I punched my phone and destroyed it because of late game 2 years ago. Now replaying this. After beating many Very Hard hacks like JUMP, 1/2, R -omh- ACK, YUMP2 let me bring myself back to the first romhack that made me play more of other hacks
Easy Difficulty Link
This is in general a very good hack, however there are several levels where the 2002 level design shines through with long slow autoscrollers, stupid mazes and secret exits. If you can 100% this without looking in Lunar Magic, you're insane.
The final levels and Thirdspace are probably my favorite levels in this. They are quite long (especially Bowser's Starship) but none are too unforgiving. Bowser's Starship, for example, is extremely long but none of the rooms are really difficult at all if you bring capes. Maybe I have severe problems, but I actually somewhat enjoy long levels without checkpoints, unless the rooms are unnecessarily obnoxious. The final level in Thirdspace is just a complete joke, though. Also, silence isn't a good level gimmick.

But yeah very good graphics, good music, and mostly good level design. Would recommend.

DoubleCakes Link
Reloaded takes the clever ideas and splendid level designs of the original and sands down a lot of the rough edges while bringing in new graphics and sound and rearranging the campaign on a custom world map!
Ekimnoid Link
Even though this hack was released in 2008, it is still fun in 2023, I played this hack in late 2021 (to be uploaded on my channel right at the start of 2022), but this hack is so memorable of how is it well made and how explains the story of the Second Reality saga much better.
Enan63 Link
The Second Reality Project Reloaded 15 years later and this SMW Romhack has aged so freaking well!! Despite this SMW Romhack made in 2008, feels like it was made in 2023!!! That just shows how amazing and an masterpiece The Second Reality Project Reloaded is!!!! Thank you FPI for your 10/10 hard work amazing effort on this masterpiece that still holds up and ages amazing 10/10 in 2023!!!!! #smw{:TUP:}
AnkisethTheMonk Link
What a big hack, the 2nd longest hack I've played by playtime. I understand why this hack is regarded so highly. There's a lot to like and there's also a lot that felt frustrating or just mean. Still, looking forward to playing the sequel.

Lot of levels that force waiting, several very long autoscrollers and other movement gates. I really disliked the platform around the giant circle in Volcanic Voyage. This one also had the ultra jank steep slopes. The second half of Pyra Psychodelic with the slow autoscroller combined with the jank slopes was rough. I likely missed something because it seemed necessary to go through the whole "go in and out of door 3 times and skip 6 screens of text" every death. Lot of tropes I'm not a fan of that ramp up as the game goes on. One example is naked koopas on higher ground (up stairs, on floating platforms, etc.) that kick shells in your face, and this also applies to the bouncy bomb king duders. Another example is running across a level, getting a p-switch, bringing it back to the start. Sometimes this is done twice in a level, sometimes it's done by hitting switches and then running back to the start.

Difficulty starts ramping up in the desert world, mostly in the form of levels getting a lot longer. I started getting anxious when I got checkpoints because of how often a level has a short easy first half and then a crazy difficult long second half. Bowser's Starship alone justifies the Very Hard label, just a very long and unforgiving level. I one-shot the final boss and I'm so happy because it looked like a death would require running the entire second half of the level again. I see from a comment below that this was originally rated Normal, wild.

The secrets in this hack are great, I love this type of secret like
the castles all having a secret exit to a special world and Crashlanded Castle - first seeing that it even exists and then figuring out the secret exit takes you to an entirely new set of levels
, that was awesome. I liked the overworld, it's clearly inspired by OG SMW in a fun way.

It took me 12 hours to finish all exits. Video of playthrough:
budget_toaster Link
That was a great fun hack I just played here. The overworld looks unique, I like the level design in most of the levels, but just as others have mentioned, there are cheap enemy placements throughout the hack, but nothing that couldn't be handled with trial and error. Other than that, great SMW hack, one of the best that I've ever played. Wished the final boss was more tougher, that final boss in this hack was a joke, which made the final boss battle uninteresting.
jBL00D Link
What an amazing hack! The story, graphics, backgrounds, music, level design, and overworld were all top notch.

It had a great difficulty curve and nothing too difficult for experienced players. However as some other mentioned there was some cheap enemy placement and a few blind moment, but nothing worth crying over.

EAsily one of the best hack I've every played. 5/5!!!

Diego Link
I spent this past week playing this hack. Never actually gave it a good playthrough, I'd always quit by the second world back when it was released 8 years ago because I had a much shorter attention span. I loved the custom graphics and music. Especially some of the castle levels that featured rips from Mario Paint, I thought those were nice touches. A simple plot, but the focus is clearly on the level design. Overall, it was great! #smw{:TUP:}
Void-Heart Link
This is the one romhack I'd keep coming back to, now more than ever since it works on actual hardware.
quickdraw86 Link
This is a pretty good hack, but cheap enemy placements and a few really long and unforgiving levels with too few checkpoints make this 4/5.
Steampunkgamer256 Link
Does anyone know how to convert the bps file to an ips, im new here :P
madman Link
Completely agree with Panther-T's review of this hack: good, but with some issues. Overall worth playing.
josemaria gamer Link
 Pokemon Hacker Link
YES! This is the bee's knees XD
 BeeKaay Link
Difficulty changed from Normal to Very Hard on account of the extremely long and unforgiving levels towards the end of the hack.

This has more checkpoints and powerups than the original Second Reality Project, and is the easier of the two.
Panther-T Link
Good hack, but is plagued with a few major issues.

Some levels are extremely long and lack checkpoints, particularly in the 2nd half of the game. This is especially a problem with a lack of checkpoints before boss fights. Seriously, if you have a level with a 900 second timer, put more than one checkpoint... Makes it hard to not use savestates.

This is compounded with many blind jumps and cheap enemy placements, which made this otherwise great hack a frustrating experience.

Also, the final boss is a joke.
ZaratUshtrA.2.0 Link
Awesome !
carlacarrijo Link
Nice... Tanks
crocodileman94 Link
Very good hack! Would give it a 8/10, but due to a significant amount of cheap enemy placement (e.g. the Mega Mole at the very end of Monty's Mansion), I'll give it a 7/10.
FuZa Link
So far it works on snes9x... Anyone having problems with their emulators?
PkmnTrainerElio Link
I wasn't a big fan of the 3D like sprites for enemies and power ups, but this game is great! I love it.
Hasuo Link
Amazing hack!!! :D
kiki79250 Link
kaitri Link
over the years i played and finished this hack 5 times (including todays finish) and the more often i play it the closer it gets from 4* to 3*, but it still stays at 4* for me.

quite a lot of parts are just
"run to the end of this giant room. get a springboard/pswitch/baby yoshi/something else, run all the way back. progress.

there are more negative things and a ton more positive things and this comment could go on forever. so to keep it short: its a great hack and i highly recommend it. but it has its flaws and boring parts.

the difficulty in my opinion is hard. a pretty well deserved hard.
Wieus96 Link
5/5 stars, this hack is amazing
Colines Link
I see. Well, nice job keeping the custom music data untouched even without possessing the MML files! =D

Yeah, checking the source, AMK seems to hook into the Main Loop, not really a bad place if you want your code running every frame, but too much operations there may lead to desasters x|

I never noticed the volume difference tbh.

You can notice it by turning down the volume, while vanilla songs will follow suit, the custom music's loudness gonna become apparent.
Colines Link
Whoever hacked into it, I gotta say: what a great job!

But like Daizo Dee Von stated, there are a few incongruencies. For instance, vanilla song tracks are quieter than the custom ones, which generates unbalanced sound atmosphere, not a big deal, but still.

Was it made on purpose to workaround the APU RAM overflow?

So far I played through 2 worlds in real hardware and higan, time gonna tell if I can spot more issues. Though these might be real bugs from the hack rom itself, not being particularly caused by consequence from the music fix.
erpster2 Link
ask Ice Man on whether or not FPI is still active.
at least this new version works okay in bsnes/higan and snes9x versions 1.52 and higher w/out crashing.
Final Theory Link
I thought FPI was working on a few more hacks. Is he still active?
Daizo Dee Von Link
Ya it is... or at least, it's in the most completed functional state with one or two things missing.
ASMagician Maks Link
A2MT isn't yet finished though.
lion Link
Originally posted by Eevee
you should make a sequel called TSRP2

tfw a2mt beat tsrp3, smwcp2 AND brutal mario to the punch
PaperWario Link
The Second Reality Project: Revolutions when
ASMagician Maks Link
For a comparsion, the original crashes the spc whenever a Yoshi Fireball or a Podoboo sound effect plays (probably anything to do with noise actually) and has other music issues (that you can't access without cheat codes/importing a save).

Also I forgot to edit out the fixme tag.
garbanzoguy Link
think this submission is to make it compatible with console, older version wasn't compatible
 Eevee Link
The hack was already accepted and is apparently a fix so that's not a removal reason. It all depends on whether or not the changes actually fix whatever's broken.
 Eevee Link
you should make a sequel called TSRP2
lx5 Link
how do you get permission to upload stuff from someone who isn't even active :thonk:
 Erik Link
it's here...
 idol Link
what does this change and do you even have permission to submit this
 Ayami Link
Green Jerry From older version: The Second Reality Project Reloaded Link
@Black60Dragon: This hack has broken custom music. Are you trying to play it in ZMZ, Snes9x or bsnes? Maybe the music is crashing in the room before the boss in Castle 1.
Black60Dragon From older version: The Second Reality Project Reloaded Link
This is my all time favorite ROM hack, but is this version broken or something??? The game crashes every single time I try to enter the boss door at Castle 1.
h.carrell From older version: The Second Reality Project Reloaded Link
i have my version it is called TSRPR v1.2 with minimalist status bar
Green Jerry From older version: The Second Reality Project Reloaded Link

I don't see a "fixme: (write bugs here)" in the description.
Oops, I can't correct the url texts.
erpster2 From older version: The Second Reality Project Reloaded Link

I would love to fix the issue by changing the fireball sound to the SMW default and make the game playable again. I have no experience with modifying roms.

Tried to contact FPI thru email but got no response.

Is their anyone that could make a updated version of 1.2?

If contacting FPI doesn't help, try contacting his best friend Ice Man, who used AddMusicK on his Toad's World game to make it compatible with real SNES hardware.

Do NOT try to fix the custom music problem for him without FPI's permission!
SlimeKing64 From older version: The Second Reality Project Reloaded Link
I wanted to play this on the Retron5, but the game's sound breaks the game! So far i know thast fireballs and using a warp to the second reality breaks it, but there could be other things. Do any of you know a way to fix these glitches?
overworked_mushroom From older version: The Second Reality Project Reloaded Link
Playing it on snes9x confirms this.

I would love to fix the issue by changing the fireball sound to the SMW default and make the game playable again. I have no experience with modifying roms.

Tried to contact FPI thru email but got no response.

Is their anyone that could make a updated version of 1.2?
MercuryPenny From older version: The Second Reality Project Reloaded Link
I believe the "fireball" sound causes the game to crash.

Playing it on snes9x confirms this.

Odd, since the readme claims it's compatible with real hardware.
overworked_mushroom From older version: The Second Reality Project Reloaded Link
First of all I love this hack!! Thanks FPI

I wanted to note that I tried to play version 1.2 this on real hardware (I made a rom cart) and the the game crashes.

I believe the "fireball" sound causes the game to crash.

ThatBird447 From older version: The Second Reality Project Reloaded Link
Good hack! 9/10
Zapto From older version: The Second Reality Project Reloaded Link
This Hack Is Very Good Is Very Very Very Very Good!

The Levels The Musics The Enemies! Even The Map Is Cool And The Special World Wow Its Very Dificult But Its Very Good!

THIS GAME IS 10/10! For Sure!

Im Waiting For TSRPR 3 FPI! Good Work!
Ezel From older version: The Second Reality Project Reloaded Link
Well, as it has been re-uploaded, I'm going to put a review again to help some poeple. :P

TSRP was one of the first hacks I've ever played. Despite cutoff and other graphical issues, it focused on level design and only on it, it was a good hack, so I enjoyed the remake even more.

Level design: 9/10

Simplistic level design, because why not? Some levels were looking a bit similar to the original, but some of them had a different gimmick. I like the simple way of designing levels, some of them look really good with it. Some parts feel a little flat-ish, but it was 2002, well... hacking was pretty much new then.

Graphics: 9/10

Nice graphics, some redrawn sprites and blocks here and there. I don't care if they are overused or not, they fit. I like the graphics, even if most of them are ripped from other games. There are also some custom graphics. Nothing groundbreaking, but they are nice.

Music: 8,5/10

Catchy songs, I like them. They fit well in most of the levels, which is good. I've a feeling there could be more themes, but it's fine as it is. Anyway, good job. Most of them are custom, what's a good thing.

OW: 9/10

Nice OW, really nice. Well made paths and nice palettes that fit with the game's atmosphere. Some islands have small perspective errors, but that's minor.

Difficulty: 9/10

The original may be a little too hard, but this one is fine with the addition of mid-points and some small tweaks here and there. The later levels were quite challenging and they featured some nice gimmicks even without the knowledge of ASM. Most of the time I enjoyed it and the difficulty was fine.

ASM: --/--

Not going to rate there too much. The amount of ASM here is very little, a few blocks and a little amount of sprites. Not enough stuff to make a valid vote.

Plot: 7/10

Nothing groundbreaking, simple story. It's still better than "save the princess". Near the end in the Thirdspace there's also a little bit of plot, which shows why Zycloboo is going to plan in the sequel.

Replay value: 10/10

Very enjoyable hack. Despite the simplistic design in some levels, it works very well with some custom graphics and custom music. There are some secrets that allow you to explore the world a bit more. One of my favourite series.

Overall: 61,5/70 (87,85% - 9/10)

Great work, FPI!