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Project L 1.0B

Super Mario World Hacks → Project L 1.0B

Submission Details

Name: Project L 1.0B
Author: DanTheCreator
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: READ: Im a rookie romhacker. Im trying to finish up a demo of my incomplete rom hack from last year (Super Luigi World) and fix some issues from Super luigi world aka "0.6b". If you have any complaints about the rom hack PM me on discord or smwcentral.

Update 1.0B
New Palattes
2 New Levels
Edited Titlescreen
New Luigi Overworld Sprite
Major and Minor Bugfixes
Deleted all Secret Exits
New Overworld
Removed 2P

Old Update Log:

Update 0.6b:
Added Luigi GFX
The Second player gets Mario!
Bunch of other stuff
Bug Fixes

Update 0.5b:
Fixed Death at secret exit

Update 0.4b
Major Bug Fixes
Moved Secret Exit

Update 0.3b
Bug Fixes
Changed Title Screen
Added 1 New Level

Update 0.2b
Minor Bug Fixes

Tags: luigi vanilla variety
Comments: 8 (jump to comments)
3.8 (9 ratings)
No rating
Download 152.25 KiB | 1,453 downloads


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Comments (8)

DanTheCreator Author Link
1.7 coming soon! Expect complete level redesign's, SA-1, 2 or 3 worlds to explore, and more!
Mr. MS Link
Not really "good"
Wieus96 Link
JPEG 10/10
Konata Izumi Link
this is the literal definition of scraping the bottom of the hack barrel. most of the stages are just slopes with enemies on top with the occasional pit and even sublevels full of nothing. the game itself isn't long enough to enjoy for a good amount of time, which means this hack is breaking some core values.

also please don't get me started on the palettes
Spaghetto Link
Played your hack and made a video!
kaitri Link
besides the lack of screenshots (and the 3 that are there being pretty... well useless) i have to play this. its a luigi hack. cant let them pass <3
DanTheCreator Author Link
I just made up the story it's not tied into the plot of anything.
PaperWario Link
There's a problem with the story. Peach went with Mario and Toadsworth to Delfino. Just a minor nitpick, though. You could make it so Luigi is saving Daisy instead, or something.