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Torpedo Launcher

SMW Sprites → Torpedo Launcher

Submission Details

Name: Torpedo Launcher
Authors: 1524, Davros
Tool: PIXI
Type: Shooter
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: Yes
Includes GFX: No
Description: A disassembly of sprite CA, the launcher which spawns Torpedo Teds. Includes options to stop spawning sprites when the player is near and also to display or not the launcher arm.

Note that while it can spawn sprites other than Torpedo Teds, they won't behave properly due to lacking a "being launched" state.
Tags: enemy launcher lorom pacifist sa-1 shooter torpedo torpedo ted
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Comments (2)

Flat5Games Link
Is there a way that I can make the launcher spawn torpedos faster? Could I also make it notice mario from farther away?
 Blind Devil Link
Previously the Normal and Custom Launcher were separated submissions. Since they shared enough similarities to be merged, it was done. Added screenshot and SA-1 support.