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Song Title


    Shining Force II - Intro

    SMW Music → Shining Force II - Intro

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    Submission Details

    Name: Shining Force II - Intro
    Author: musicalman
    Insert Size: 0x0314 bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: Many
    Source: Port
    Duration: 0:40
    Featured: No
    Description: This is the spooky intro music for Shining Force II for Sega Genesis. I gave this arrangement a more ambient feel than the Genesis could provide. It probably wouldn't fit well in-game other than perhaps a spooky dark area or cut scene, but of course it's up to you! I do intend to port more tracks from this game and maybe other games in the Shining series, so perhaps it'll become a soundtrack. We'll have to see.
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    Tags: abstract cutscene dark tense
    Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
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    Comments (7)

    musicalman Author Link
    Thanks, I'm glad you like it :).

    I do plan to port every song. eventually. In my lifetime. In other words, don't expect too much too soon, but keep a lookout for stuff.
    BulzomeGuides Link
    I absolutely LOVE what you've done to this song! I was excited to see this port and was extremely pleased after listening to it. I really hope you plan to port more songs from Shining Force II.
    musicalman Author Link
    Should I update it to lower the volume?
     Wakana Link
    It's extracting properly now.
    Also accepted. It's very cool sounding. My only cons is that it's pretty loud in-game. I left the global volume intact, but if you're going to use this, I recommend something around w170-w180 volume.
    musicalman Author Link
    I can open my .zip without issue, both with 7zip (which I used to make the zip) and Windows built-in stuff. Not sure what you're using though, maybe 7zip does things differently and your stuff doesn't like it. I just recompressed with Windows native zip compression and reuploaded. Hope it helps!

    BTW can you or anyone else who's had problems with my ports please check my other submissions? I seem to remember using 7zip on all of them with the same settings, but this is the first time I've heard of people having problems. Thanks!
     Wakana Link
    For some reason, I'm unable to extract the .zip (Error 0x80004005). I can extract any other .zip but yours. Are you sure you didn't mess up something?
    Ultima Link
    God damn, this actually sounds REALLY powerful! Which is a damn good thing mind you, because the original song REALLY needed the added power and spookiness from what I've seen. Damn fine job here! lmao

    on a side note, this song actually reminds me a lot of Hitoshi Sakimoto's work on the Genesis, especially Master of Monsters and Gauntlet IV, but that may be because the original song IS coming from a actual Genesis, and Takenouchi is no slouch composer on the Genesis either, so