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Sledge Bro

SMW Sprites → Sledge Bro

Submission Details

Name: Sledge Bro
Author: Sonikku
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: A Sledge Bro from Super Mario Bros. 3. It walks back and forth. It occasionally jumps and creates an earthquake when it lands. It periodically throws two hammers.

It throws an extended sprite hammer which is identical to the one bundled with PIXI but is still included for convenience. The included ExtendedGetDrawInfo fixes a crash in PIXI's, so it is highly recommended you replace it with it. The Hammer Bro uses the same hammer, so both sprites can share it.

Make sure to specify the extended sprite number of the hammer (extended/hammer.asm) from list.txt in the Sledge Bro's ASM file (sprites/SledgeBro.asm)!
Tags: bros brother enemy extended sprites hammer lorom sa-1 smb 3 smb3 super mario bros 3 throw
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Comments (4)

ZooWeeMinecraft Link
Hey folks! In case you're interested, you can make this sprite use mikeyk's tilemap by changing this code in the asm file:
    db $89,$8A,$C4,$C5
    db $89,$8A,$C7,$C8
    db $86,$87,$C4,$C5
    db $86,$87,$C7,$C8

into this code:
    db $A6,$A9,$E0,$E1
    db $A6,$A9,$E3,$E4
    db $A6,$A7,$E0,$E1
    db $A6,$A7,$E3,$E4

You're welcome! #smw{;)}
yoshi3706 Link
Thank you so much, it saved me a lot of time
Do you make Sledge Bro of SMW skin of '' Super Mario Maker ''?
 Telinc1 Link
Converted to PIXI and added SA-1 compatibility. A nice port of the Sledge Bro. Using extended sprites is a massive advantage because the hammers won't create as much slowdown and won't take up sprite slots.

Also includes a JSON file which can be used instead of the CFG file with PIXI 1.2 or above to make the sprite display in Lunar Magic.

This was originally part of Sonikku's C3 2013 sprite pack and was submitted to the section with his permission.