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Super Riff World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Riff World

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Super Riff World. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Super Riff World
Author: Freakin_HA
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 26 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This is a hack I have been working on for quite a while in my spare time. It's inspired mainly by the original Kaizo series and hacks like Dram World, Panga World, and Banzai.

Hope you enjoy it!

23 individual stages, 4 boss stages (technically the boss stages are exits as well, but I considered them part of the same level)

v1.11 fixes

-Fixed blank message box in level 1
-Fixed missing save prompt on level 3
-Removed the level intro to level 4 to prevent glitch that allowed you to bring yoshi out of the level
-Fixed spelling error in credits

v1.2 fixes

- Fixed path to and from level 4 to make it the proper animation
- Fixed another typo in the credits
- Loosened up a few really tight jumps through out the hack
- Added a coin trail for a semi blind jump at the end of level 15
- Added a second on/off switch just after the checkpoint in level 21 to make it easier to hit with a shell
- Removed a softlock in room 3 of level 23
- Removed an off screen ceiling in room 4 of level 23

- Loosened up a few additional spots throughout the hack that seemed to be a sudden difficulty spike.
- Fixed the goal tape at the end of level 3
- Fixed multiple small cutoffs where pipes were sitting on a ledge or where sumo lightning clipped into the ground
- Changed several obstacles that seemed to be hard to figure out
- Removed a troll pipe in level 14 that was just annoying instead of fun/funny
- Fixed glitched credits
Tags: traditional vanilla
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
4.1 (9 ratings)
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Comments (5)

CleptronKaizoBrasil Link
Hello, I'm Brazilian, I'd like you to take a look at my TAS that I made of your Hack Rom (Super Riff World)
 Katerpie Link
This is a pretty cool hack. It does get brutal near the end, but still maintains its creativity after all. Some things didn't get fixed from the last update, like the spike pillars glitching out before the generator actually starts (not obvious in the screenshot). You could move that screen a bit further to the right.

Other additional flaws to fix would be:
> Sprite memory issue on the chains
> The throw block just bounced as soon as I kicked it, mostly due to one of the forest tiles acting as a purple triangle for some reason ?_?
> You could add exit tiles on both the forest map and the main map to not run into the issue of just standing on the path out of nowhere
> Since that's an eating block, you can stand on the sprite itself without triggering it, kinda defeating the purpose of the spiny obstacle

Overall, really well crafted hack. I'd like to see these (and the ones Sariel pointed out in the previous version) fixed in the next update if you're going to submit another one!
FedoraFriday Link
Freakin ha this is freakin amazing, holy freakin crap
Sariel From older version: Super Riff World Link
Major Flaws:

- This hack has many minor cutoffs. Like the bushes in the intro, pipes that are placed directly at a hole, the sumo brothers´ fire in this and this screenshot, etc. It´s not absolutely necessary to fix all these, but aesthetically this could polish your hack a bit more.

- It feels like (even if you adjusted it already a bit) that some parts still have outstanding difficulty spike compared with the rest of the level / compared with other levels. Perhaps you want to replay your hack and nerf a few obstacles. I won´t point specific parts out though, since it may vary from player to player.

Minor Flaws:

- The goal tape in this level is placed too high

- There are some sprite limit issues in a few levels, like here and here

- Your credits are partially glitched.

- I´m not a fan of this fake-obstacle, but that´s probably just something personal

- You can see the smashing spike, before the smashing-generator actually starts, which makes it look a bit weird.

Overall quite a good hack and especially the palettes are usually very nice. The levels are quite difficult, but nothing too exaggerated.
Arobam From older version: Super Riff World Link
Finished! Very cool hack, there are well placed obstacles and trolls. Kinda difficult near the end but that is what i would 've expected for a kaizo hack. 5 of 5.