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SMB2 Shyguy + Giant Shyguy

SMW Sprites → SMB2 Shyguy + Giant Shyguy

Submission Details

Name: SMB2 Shyguy + Giant Shyguy
Author: mikeyk
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: The Shyguy from SMB2 that can be ridden on and be carried. Extra bit determines if it'll be a normal or a giant Shyguy.

This sprite was part of mikeyk's SMB2 Updated sprites pack, and was resubmitted separately after the remoderation for ease of search and to fit current standards.
Tags: carryable enemy giant lorom rideable sa-1 smb2
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Comments (9)

OrangeRock57 Link
Originally posted by Amomario123w
have you the patches of the microgoomba family sprite installed?

Where do I get those?
OrangeRock57 Link
Tried implementing the carryable Shy Guy but instead of being able to stand on it this happens
Amomario123w Link
have you the patches of the microgoomba family sprite installed?
spooonsss Link
If spin kill is enabled, when Mario+Yoshi is riding small shyguy, and shyguy's sprite slot is greater than Yoshi's, dismounting Yoshi will spinkill shyguy.

To fix:

After line 215 ("BEQ SpinKillDisabled ;another unneeded space lol")


LDA $187A|!Base2
BNE SpinKillDisabled

Diba9Br Link
TheOrangeToad Link
work with LM 3.00?
TheN64man Link
WHen I try to insert this sprite I get a Bad ROM, I can't carry the carryable one, when I jump on the carryable one I bounce around and rack up points, but can't carry it, and because it's a Bad ROM all I can do is play the intro level or title screen with broken sprites because I can't enter a level.
juaneergameer Link
 Blind Devil Link
Wrote giant tilemap/clipping routines for the sprite. Added extra code to tile drawing routine so the sprite animates faster when its stun timer is about to run out. Behaviors now can be set through Extra Byte 1 (Extension) - check out the included Readme and ASM file for details. Removed unnecessary code. Added screenshots, tags and SA-1 support.