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One File, One Player

SMW Patches → One File, One Player

Submission Details

Name: One File, One Player
Author: Noobish Noobsicle
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: I'm quite surprised that nobody had made a patch like this yet. This patch removes the options of having multiple save files or multiple players. Instead, if the game has never been saved after the installation of this patch, you will be taken to the intro screen upon pressing a button on the title screen. If the game has been saved, you will see two options: Continue game (followed by the number of exits gotten) or New game. New game will take you to the intro screen, while Continue game will resume the game where you last saved.

For the love of god, please give credit if you use this patch. I spent almost 23 hours of continuous work on this patch, sometimes vibrating so hard from frustration my headphones fell off. (I exceeded my two 'freespaces' by THREE BYTES EACH!!!)

Oh, and this patch requires no freespace. It uses the unused area that the file select screen used.

This version fixes a bug where the digits gets swaped on 10+ exits.
Tags: lorom sa-1 save sram
Comments: 21 (jump to comments)
Download 1.48 KiB | 2,044 downloads


Comments (21)

Joelybean Link
does not work with retry patch :(
Nintenluigi Link
Thanks. It works very well#smrpg{<3}
simon.caio Link
This is messing with the new retry patch if using with the build in sram I guess - would be great to make them compatible
mason Link
I wouldn't recommend using this with retry 3.06b + SRAM+ 1.03 + Individual Dragon Coin Save, I'm pretty sure that it breaks when used in conjunction with these three patches.
 Major Flare Link
Tested with: Asar 1.71, ZMZ 1.08, SA-1 1.32 and LM 3.04.

This patch is already up to the standards and requires no remoderation.
King Boo Link
For everyone who wants a 3 file system but one player only, here's your tutorial:
Make an asm file and patch this to your rom:

org $009E6E
db $01

Then download this tool, open your rom with it, and get rid of Player 2 text. That's it! You can also change the 1 Player Game text to something of your choice.
Humberto Quackenbush Link
Can you ever make a patch where it has three files, but just one player? #smw{o_0}
eeevis984 Link
the removal of luigi is a bit.. ehhh.. i dunno. its rejecting luigi??
Kaisaan Link
At least it works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
zacmario Link
I converted this two years ago, I guess I should have submitted it. And yeah it is a bit dodgy.
 Telinc1 Link
The conversion to SA-1 is tad bit dodgy, but it appears to work fine. All addresses are remapped and the validation byte in not in the high bytes of Map16 (which come immediately after the save data on SA-1). It still works on LoROM, too.

During the moderation, I added a screenshot and fixed the icon that appears for having 96 exits. This was because of two wrong defines and existed in the original patch, so it's not the fault of the conversion (and thus not a removal reason).

This may or may not be a no-brainer, but this patch will massively break when combined with SRAM Plus or BW-RAM Plus. After all, all three patches rewrite the same routines.
Mykel Linden Link
Upon testing this, I can confirm that this patch not only works, but also creates a unique experience where, if a player does not use a save state, MUST keep playing until they reach one of the game's pre-designated save points (Castles, Ghost Houses, Switch Palaces, etc.)

I really like this patch. :)
Kaisaan Link
Updated to be SA-1 Hybrid.
MopHead From older version: One file, One player Link
I tried using this with SA-1 and it doesn't work. That sucks, so hopefully maybe it will sooner or later be compatible with it.
Final Theory From older version: One file, One player Link
I don't think its compatible with the no overworld patch as it never acknowledged that my file ever saved.
MrMaia From older version: One file, One player Link
WOW, nice patch!
TheJullasicFox From older version: One file, One player Link
Seriously, just get Asar.
LMPuny From older version: One file, One player Link
You should make a SRAM Plus-compatible version of this.
MrMartley64 From older version: One file, One player Link
 MANGOMILK From older version: One file, One player Link
Works when patched with Asar. I recommend you document this.
 MarioFanGamer From older version: One file, One player Link
Incompatible with SRAM Plus.