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Super Mallow World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mallow World

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Super Mallow World. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Super Mallow World
Authors: Deakula, FedoraFriday, FerpyMcFrosting, Flabort, FuryfulFawful, IanBoy, Joe Smo, MarkAlarm, Uzerro, frost_heart
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 71 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This hack was dedicated to a Twitch streamer known as Glitchcat7. It's been a colossal collaborative effort from the members of his community, to create one awesome fun game starring his cat, Mallow! And, to accompany him on his journey should you choose 2 player mode, a purple feline known as Zs (based off one of his emotes) comes along for the ride.

Mallow the Cat just wants salmon, unfortunately there is no salmon at home, so he ventures out to go find the salmon! There's plenty of secrets and challenges, plenty of custom ASM, yet it keeps a homage to the classic Mario vibe.

We hope you enjoy the hack as much as we enjoyed making it!
Tags: asm bosses custom character exgfx music non-mario traditional
Comments: 14 (jump to comments)
4.7 (7 ratings)
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Comments (14)

NatsuFireball Link
Yes, a very great hack indeed ! Very good ASM hack, graphics, overworld and music !

So many references to a large range of games, which bring back so good memories =]

All exits are beatable without using savestates, although some levels, especially to the end, become quite hard. And that Fishing Boo underwater boss !

I give you 5 stars (10/10), thank you all of you who participated in this wonderful hack =]
miner50 Link
I enjoyed this rom hack very much! Good job! You get 5 stars from me
Flabort Author Link
@Kaitri : As the artist who made the cat character (based off of emotes in Glitchcat7's twitch channel and pictures of the real cat), I still feel it looks more like a gerbil or hamster. But everyone else on our collab team liked what I made (except for one frame during something that I don't remember), so they went with my art.

It's definitely not the first video game with a bipedal cat, but they are always a little odd looking, aren't they?
kaitri Link
damn a great hack! i enjoyed it a lot. i would rate it hard tho, i cant tell why but i had some struggles with a bunch of levels.

only 2 times did i find a way to break the hack in my advantage.
its a really beautiful well made hack.

only the last world had a couple of levels where its kinda hard to tell whats background and what isnt.

i did encounter quite a lot of slowdowns tho. some "first try or die" things like an area where you have to spinjump on a ball o chain or you drop into lava.
a few blindjumps aswell but not that many.
these points (and just the huge amount of slowdowns) makes it 4/5. otherwise it would have been 5/5. still can only recommend this hack its great!

im glad the kaizo challenges at the end got their own upload.

the model of mario as a cat is a bit weird to look at tho. its a cat. on 2 legs.

TheBlueKoopa Link
I did not think it would be a good hack, but man, she's awesome! Level design very well done, the graphics have fallen very well on it, very good and original story and finally the soundtrack that got amazing! Congratulations!
Fullcannon Link
This hack has really good graphics and gameplay, with the new character. You can Play the hack well, and was good designed, except for some places.

1. Slowdown
In the first Level, when you are in the subroom with cheep cheeps and are running, the game slows down.

2. Cape
If you get the cape, you can flythough passages and whole Level like this.

Anyways, this hack gets 4 stars!
Liam Plays Link
Great rom hack! Very casual (I like that) and very well made! You can check out my Youtube Video on it, here:

 Lazy Link
It's a pretty cute hack and overall I had a good time. My only complaints are that there is an overabundance of slow levels (namely autoscrollers and water levels) and pointless secret exits. Sometimes the gameplay was brought to a crawl because of these. Also, there were occasional design flaws such as blind drops, forced damage boosting, and that one forced podoboo jump, but none of them impeded the gameplay too much so I'm gonna let it slide.
Sometimes I wished that the levels did more with their concepts. Levels like Switchin Up Dinos and Suicide Sanctum introduced very interesting gimmicks which weren't really explored at all. Instead, they just repeated same few ideas over and over and left me a tad unsatisfied. This is more of a matter of taste, though.

My favorite level is Mallow's Nightmare - it's edgy as all get out, but it has a lot of personality. The big boo resprite is a good boy
FedoraFriday Author Link
If you read the description, Mallow is Glitchcat's cat. Funfact: he was named after the Mallow from SMRPG. True story.
Dark Mario Bros Link
that's not the fluffy cloud guy Mallow... my life is a lie ;w;
FedoraFriday Author Link
I'm glad people are enjoying this. I made most of the levels, but those listed above were directly and heavily involved for a majority of the hack in one form or another.
Flabort Author Link
Hahah PaperWario yeah there were quite a few of us.

I made the cat graphics. I would have included a tail, but that would have required a patch that we couldn't get to work. At least, I couldn't and FedoraFriday couldn't. You can still see the tail in some animations, when he's riding yoshi or facing directly away from the camera (aka climbing or walking north on the overworld).

I like how the hack has so many references to so many franchises, both mario and non-mario related; Every reference is well thought out and well placed, and it comes together into an experience that I do not regret being a part of. :)
PaperWario Link
Dear god that list of authors.
Deakula Author Link
Super Mallow World is one of the most together and aesthetically pleasing hacks I've every seen. It packs in so much raw emotional potential due to its nature of featuring Mallow the Cat and just how many people were involved with an insane amount of time spent on ironing everything out. Thank you Fedora for bringing us all together on this one and may we make many more in the future!