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Woji World

Super Mario World Hacks → Woji World

Submission Details

Name: Woji World
Author: MarkAlarm
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 20 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This hack is dedicated to Woji, another young Kaizo player I watch.

With a mix of platforming and shell jumps comes a hack that is not too difficult,
likely around Kaizo 1 - Kaizo 2, but definitely contains some more difficult sections.
Trolls are pretty sparse in this hack, so they are not too much of a problem but definitely stay on the lookout.
The many islands you travel upon, as well as a cavern under the sea, contain:

Cool death blocks
A special world if you can find it
Retry system, so deaths are a little quicker
And of course, munchers (but hopefully none floating)

If you want a taste of the entree to come, view the trailer here:

This is Woji World! Hope you enjoy!

1.0: Release!

Lightened up palette in poptarts
Removed rope glitch opportunity
Added message in Yoshi's Resort
Minor touchups on various sections to make a little less jank
Made lots of changes in The Barren Hosptial to make more fun and challenging, in a skill based way
Fixed music problem in Cliffside Castle boss fight
Added someone to the credits

Revamped boss fights because they sucked before
Revamped Throw Block Caverns to be more fun
More touchups
Did edits to the final castle to make more fair and slightly easier
Added v1.2 to the title screen because I wanted to
Redid overworld for one of the secret exits as the path design was bad

Boss fights still sucked so I changed them
More touchups
Tags: glitch vanilla variety
Comments: 20 (jump to comments)
4.3 (3 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (20)

SirMystic Link
Fun hack overall, levels towards the end were pretty RNG heavy and had some frustrating setups, but other than that a pretty fun, classic 2017 vanilla hack.
StacheAttack Link
Very fun!
Thank you Minimawile!
dondoko Link
very dificult,but exciting!
obersteiner86 Link
her is are patch out for the glitch narogugul is using
NaroGugul Link
Upload approved since its an update and it only seems to improve. Changed to 21 exits (counting Woji´s Castle)

Overall its a nice little hack. Though it has some seemingly unecessary tight spots here and there that doesnt seem to fit the overall difficulty of the game.

If you plan to update it again, im pointing a few things that could be adressed:

- Exclamation blocks (death blocks) palette change a few times during the game. I would recommend to keep only one color for it (maybe red) so it doesnt get confused with other harmless exclamation blocks, or maybe changing it to actual death blocks gfx.

- Hot Pocket Temple:
This fireball jump (2nd on the gif)seems almost unfair. You could remove layer priority from the lava to make it visible. Also, you can swim on the ceiling lava.

- Seaside observatory:
I would recommend you to avoid putting turn blocks on the top of the level. Its an easy spot for cheese. It happens some weird stuff to the ow palette if cheesed this way, but it will back to normal.

- Woji castle:
in this room theres an annoying blind jump. To avoid it you could change the scroll setting on marios head to "no vertical scroll"

blaze800000 Link
good kaizo
wacfwaef From older version: Woji World Link
MiniMawile303 I was being noob ahahh
Thank you, now I've passed the whole level. :)
I was spin jumping over him and let him charge me but I didn't notice If I hit him his charge will make him jump higher so I can reach the other side now. I was being noob xD
 MarkAlarm Author From older version: Woji World Link
9 hours seems like a lot of time.
1. which level? i spammed a lot of chuck jumps
2. assuming Poptart Plains, you
go to the edge (but not over), spin (and hold) as the chuck touches the ground when he charges and jumps up. you should be at a good height (if not, just try again). you then go left into the chuck and bounce off of him.
wacfwaef From older version: Woji World Link
What is the strat for that chuck jump before the checkpoint? Been trying for 9 hours and can't time that...
obersteiner86 From older version: Woji World Link
The doppel shell jump was easyer then in the 1.1v
Throw Block Caverns
can be cheesed
 Katerpie From older version: Woji World Link
Now most of what I said before has been sorted out, which is good. I could also notice an improvement with most of the boss fights. Throw Block Caverns is also slightly better, but it would be even better if you prevented me from going above the ceiling and skipping some screens.
Also, you don't need the first wiggler since you can still take advantage of your invincibility frames to get past the munchers. Otherwise, it's acceptable.

I also forgot to point out before that your screenshots are blurred. I don't know how you did that, but I'd appreciate if you fixed that as well (or if you want, I [or another hack moderator] can fix them for you).
 MarkAlarm Author From older version: Woji World Link
tbh i don't know what happened to the mist. It sort of just came up that way. I'll try to fix it somehow. As for all the other changes, 1.2 will be coming soon. hang tight.
 Katerpie From older version: Woji World Link
Well, I don't know where to start. This hack is pretty alright speaking from a general perspective, but you seem to be on the bare side of things when it comes to spreading objects and sprites, because in some levels they are a threat and in others they are not. You seemed to lack creativity and inspiration over time, hence the reason the levels got downhill pretty fast.
Extra mention to Throw Block Cavern which, well, didn't exploit the throw blocks in a clever way and I could also skip a [overused as hell] Chuck obstacle in the beginning by killing it with a throw block. The boss fights are also not too challenging, and the first Lemmy fight is one of them - not only is the palette terrible, but it's a blatant edit of the original arenas. The Wendy fight is also another instance - all you had to do is literally dodge bullet bills.

Some levels are also way too short, especially the special world levels (surprising to see only 3 - I expected more!), which lasted no more than exactly 7 screens. I know they are supposed to be special, but you could have squeezed in more challenge and hardened the difficulty to make them different from the other normal levels.
Mawile's Crib seems rushed overall. This instance can happen (introduce lava so the sparky is killed if you don't act fast enough), and you don't need either shell to proceed since there's no instance where you could use them.

Other miscellaneous issues:
> What happened to the "center" of the mist here?
> Cutoff rope and also bad palette on the donut bridge (which seems to kill me for some reason).
> The smoke can get rid of the acts like property of any object that comes in their way, meaning that part of the water is walkthroughable.
Also, what are the bullet bill launchers doing over there?
> Why not add a curve to replace the dot down there?

I think this hack does its job otherwise, but if you want, feel free to submit another update with these issues taken in consoideration. Don't get me wrong, you came with some fun level segments once in a while, but your creativity plummeted at some point. It's acceptable, you still have a lot of potential in the kaizo hacking scene, so feel free to ask here and there whenever you have a question with something.

btw "kaizo" isn't a tag, so check the tag list every often!
 MarkAlarm Author From older version: Woji World Link
If you want to discuss speedrunning this or any issues, put them here.
 MarkAlarm Author From older version: Woji World Link
Sometimes the key becomes invisible at that spot, so I will have to figure out a way to fix that. It's basically random what becomes invisible, because sometimes I get that or everything spawns normally. I'll have to look into that.
obersteiner86 From older version: Woji World Link

Take are look at this pic.
Konata Izumi From older version: Woji World Link
 MarkAlarm Author From older version: Woji World Link
tbh i'm fine, its a really minor change and i plan on making more changes after possible rejection, so it doesnt really matter
Konata Izumi From older version: Woji World Link
you can add the 1.1 with edit button
 MarkAlarm Author From older version: Woji World Link
Anyone that was previously interested in Woji World can now play the updated version! Ah crap, I just noticed I forgot to add v1.1 in title. Whatever, I'll wait until 1.2 is bound to release.
[EDIT] that is probably the only other thing that I wanted to change, so everything else is free will! Enjoy :)