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Paper Mario: The Plasma Star

Super Mario World Hacks → Paper Mario: The Plasma Star

Submission Details

Name: Paper Mario: The Plasma Star
Authors: 7 up, Andyana Jonseph, TheJullasicFox, TheOrangeToad, tmauri
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Update: Now the intro actually works, heh

This demo contains all of Chapter 1.

This is a ROM hack that aims to make Super Mario World similar to Super Paper Mario and the Paper Mario series as a whole, doing this by adding an engaging storyline, NPCs, towns, diverse levels and overworld, friendly partners, humor, and more.

This isn't a collab, but my friends and I have been doing some levels.

This SMW hack features:
•Custom and Original Songs
-Songs composed by me
-Custom remixes and arrangements

•Semi-Original Graphics
-Ripped and hand-drawn graphics
-Vibrant colors and environments galore

•Fun levels
-Action-packed levels (I hope, probably not xP), and each has its own secrets.
-Bosses to defeat and mysteries to solve
Tags: asm bosses exgfx hdma health music story variety
Comments: 18 (jump to comments)
4.8 (4 ratings)
No rating
Download 711.75 KiB | 5,270 downloads


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Comments (18)

Koop the Koopa Link
Ridley12 Link
I only just started playing this and there's Bowser's Inside Story remixes?? Bro, you made my day! Can't wait for the full game!
tmkgames12 Link
Me encanto#smw{^_^}
Les va a salir re bien el juego#smrpg{y}
Sacri Pan Link
This hack is really interessing,but why you can't sprint?
FimishHACK Link
too good
amhsamie Link
I'll be sure to follow this. Seems interesting in my opinion!
PaperWario Link
This is what I'm talking about when I say "looking to the background"
TheJullasicFox Author Link
Why was this version accepted, but the update fixing like, everything not?
Not fair, mods. D:<
tmauri Author Link
mario de papel
TheJullasicFox Author Link


BTW thanks so much for those they're amazing
Construct101 Link
About time sumone use those player GFX I made. They was a pain to make especially the plane. Though u slightly edited them. Also I agree with PaperWario about the looking up GFX looking off. Youre welcome on those btw.
PaperWario Link
I have a suggestion. You could make Mario's looking up animation him looking to the background.
 Lazy Link
It's definitely unique and is weirdly charming, despite the amateurish looks and design. Aside from the engine-related issues mentioned by kaitri, you should also address the art and music in your game. The drawings on the title screen give off a pretty bad first impression some of the music (namely the port of Rogueport theme and the "got a star piece" jingle) sound very unpleasant to listen to. I encourage you to recruit some people who are familiar with music and pixel art to help you out.

I found a bunch of mostly visual bugs that aren't mentioned in the manual: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
There are also a number of issues in Oasis Beach: you let the goomba join your party even when he already has, sprite buoyancy isn't on, and the tide scrolls with the camera (set layer 3 vertical scroll to Constant to fix this).
TheJullasicFox Author Link
lol I accidentally voted for my own hack
TheJullasicFox Author Link
@Konata Izumi
Yes, and it was actually your discovery that the text actually exists in the intro lol

Speaking of the intro, I forgot to include that it sometimes messes up in certain emulators
The emus I've found to work best are Snes9x 1.35+, ZMZ (which probably means libretro and EmulationStation (retropie) work as well) and of course the cardinal emu ZSNES
Konata Izumi Link
I will say the spinjump needs fixing. By the way, did you fix the sfc/smc intro thingy?
TheJullasicFox Author Link
Appreciate the feedback
About Iggy, clearly you didn't read the manual included with the game
He'll shoot orange balls with white stars occasionally that you need to stand on, press X or Y, then you can throw it at him. The reason the balls "break" is because they are yellow, which are supposed to break.
Originally posted by kaitri
because this could be one of the best hacks ever.

Oh, come on, I wouldn't say best hack ever...
I'm lying my hacks are the greatest
kaitri Link
pls if you ever need players to test levels, pm me. please!

so i cant rate this hack right now cause i'd have to give it 2* which i really dont want to.
there are too many flaws i feel like. spinjumpng is kinda pointless when you gain 1block of height. either remove it or give it the normal physics back. the ground pound - so far i found no way to use it in a "special way". so its basically a worse spinjump.
the cape, or airplane seems to go away when entering doors. and well you dont see that you have it. the cape spin kills enemys but without showing you anything.
when you fall in a hole you lose about 2hp each second instead of insta dying. this makes a fall-death very annoying.
speaking of hp. the dmg you get doesnt make sense. why do bullet bills 1 dmg but thomps 3? and why does the first boss which is easy as hell also only do 1 dmg?
taking dmg makes you lose momentum. which is really annoying. if you go for a dmg boost through a boo ring for example, you better be not above a hole cause you will take dmg and then just stop midair and drop down to your doom.
iggy seems buggy, he makes the sound of firing a projectile but most of the time nothing appears. and if i try to take them up, i somehow destroy them with my cape. its kinda luck based.
almost all levels on the overworld are open, you dont have to beat any yet.
also it seems like every level has side exits enabled even when they really arent supposed to be there (i guess?)
red coins (8) or yoshi coins dont show up in a counter.
and the "XP" is just your highscore which is a bit of a let down. i expected it to be something special but it isnt :/

the idea, the concept and the gimmicks of the hack so far are so awesome! i really love the idea i wanna see a full version of this so bad, sadly i suck in makeing hacks, the best i can offer is to test-play it. but please work on the hack, fix some flaws because even with all the problems i just said, i really enjoyed the hack and really want a full version!

you have all my submit good people that work on this hack. pm me if i can help in any way, because this could be one of the best hacks ever.