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Super Mallow World - Master Quest

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mallow World - Master Quest

Submission Details

Name: Super Mallow World - Master Quest
Authors: Deakula, FedoraFriday, FerpyMcFrosting, Flabort, FuryfulFawful, IanBoy, Joe Smo, MarkAlarm, Uzerro, frost_heart
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This hack is dedicated to Glitchcat7 on Twitch. He's a well known kaizo Mario player, so, along with the 71-exit game, there are 11 additional exits featuring kaizo levels.

Included in the .zip is the kaizo game, and the full game plus the kaizo game, for those that wish to play both versions without having to download both versions. For those who wish to speedrun this hack, take a look at the readme for instructions on the % categories.

We hope you have fun with this hack!
Tags: asm bosses custom character exgfx glitch music non-mario traditional
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
3.3 (3 ratings)
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Download 3.25 MiB | 632 downloads


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Comments (10)

FedoraFriday Author Link
I will be submitting a 1.1 to this soon. Check the waiting files for an updated version
Beta Link
Hey, can someone submit this to
FedoraFriday Author Link
The slowdown in the mole area isn't fixable, I've tried. No idea why it slows down in the truck area, never did for me. I'll fix the chuck obstacles in a future update, its not that big of a deal currently. The disco shell part you've done is intended, I believe. You want to get him out of there before you move on. Thanks though for all the feedback!
 Katerpie Link
Well, some things are fixed, but some are not.

The slowdown in the sky city room has been fixed, but now it shows up here and here. One of the first Chuck obstacles has been fixed in the tutorial level, but the rest are still low enough to kill it.
A suggestion: add another spike below me here and maybe some other obstacles so the disco shell obstacle isn't fully obsolete.
blaze800000 Link
yeah it better or no hack anyway good game
FedoraFriday Author Link
Also to the moderators, I've attempted to fix slowdown issues in the sky city portion of the final level. Not sure if its fixed, but its the best way I could get that to work.
FedoraFriday Author From older version: Super Mallow World - Master Quest Link
The midpoints are actually custom made for this, they are custom blocks. I will fix the rest however, the random killing thing I'm unsure whats up with that. I was gonna give a TAS to help ya out :P brought to you by Ferpy

Also, as I wasn't the one who made the level where you could spinjump on the fuzzies, I assumed thats intended since you can't go under. If you can spinjump across, hey, fast strats!

Also, the reason the chuck gates are "overused" (I got this complaint before) Is cause there is a level themed around them. The point of the kaizo world was to theme levels around a particular obstacle while not necessarily being the only thing in those levels. Agreed, its overused, but to make it less overused would mean to rework an entire level.
 Katerpie From older version: Super Mallow World - Master Quest Link
This is a pretty good hack honestly. I really like the character, but the hack itself has some glaring flaws.

First off, I wish it did quite more, since I can list some bits that are repetitive, such as the autoscrolling room before the boss in the last level.
You also tend to have some confusing choices for tile 1F0; first you have it as bridge handrails, later you also have it as outlined yellow switch blocks (you can also find these as invisible coin blocks) and in one level the midway tapes also act as that tile. Make up your mind.

Other issues:
> Speaking of midpoints, these can be collectable again after dying. Insert them from the extended objects list, not from the map16 editor.
> This dragon coin is on the screen boundary. Don't do this since they may glitch and hand out unnecessary lives (hit F2 to see if they are between green lines).
> Lower this and the other gaps by one tile so you don't kill the Chuck easily, defeating the purpose of the (overused) obstacle.
> Some instances of cutoff: 1 2. Also, sprite memory issue here and slowdown here.
> I was killed for some reason?
I pressed A and some weird things started happening like sticking to the wall above me or instantly dying.
> I can spinjump on the fuzzies instead of riding on the mole.

For now I'm letting it slide through the radar, but please fix the above issues in the future!
Don't worry much, this is a cool hack with a cute character. You just have to take care of your design choices and not let breaks go overlooked.
Flabort Author From older version: Super Mallow World - Master Quest Link
No, it's Glitchcat7's cat, who happens to be named AFTER the fluffy cloud guy Mallow.

Literally, that's how he got his name. :) Life un-ruined?
Dark Mario Bros From older version: Super Mallow World - Master Quest Link
that's not the fluffy cloud guy mallow, my life is a lie...