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Details for Sicari Remastered
Super Mario World Hacks - Sicari Remastered
File Name: Sicari Remastered
Added: 2018-01-13 10:57:05 AM
Version History: View
Authors: Eevee
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 68 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: The final version of Sicari Remastered (bar any bugfixes I may do)

Thousands of years ago, there was a war between the Gods of creation. Due to its effect on the mortal plane, the Gods were forced to punish themselves - to prevent such a thing from happening again. As such, they were all but cut off from the mortal world, with little to no influence, leading humanity to lose their faith.

However, one group survived the thousands of years that passed after the war - the Sanguis vampire family. Their goal across those millennia was to undo the binding that their patron deity, Niscura was under. They wanted the Goddess of Dimensions and Shadow to be free again...

...and they succeeded.

there's a bit of sensitive content here and there in the hack so do keep that in mind when playing

Tags: asm, bosses, custom character, exgfx, health, music, non-mario, sicari, traditional
Rating: 4.5 (Votes: 4)
Download: Download - 1.58 MiB
  Submit Update
Daizo Dee Von
All episodes of my let's play (so far):

Episode 1 - Eevee Strikes Back with a Remake!
Posted by: Daizo Dee Von - 2018-01-17 08:08:00 AM
Wind Fish
Really? Goddammit!
Posted by: Wind Fish - 2018-01-16 09:25:05 PM
Thanks for the feedback! Though just so ya know, you can skip the game over screen by pressing start lol
Posted by: Eevee - 2018-01-16 07:24:43 PM
Wind Fish
* Changeable characters from the later hacks of the series.
* Improved graphics.
* Most levels are pretty fun.
* The secret levels expand on gameplay ideas from the previous level.
* Removal of knock back damage from the original hack.
* Interesting music choices
* Compatibility with accurate emulators.

* There are quite a few levels that rely on generators for artificial difficultly.
* The custom bosses look interesting visually, but aren't fun to fight.
* The Game Over screen has a really long jingle. This increases the wait time before the player can resume playing.
Posted by: Wind Fish - 2018-01-16 05:09:10 PM
Blind Devil
Let me start this review with a backstory of mine.

The first time I knew about this project was years ago, when I wasn't that active on SMWC. And despite never having played the old Sicari and K-16 hacks, I just judged it as a "meh, another remake, I don't like remakes so I'll pass"... until I actually gave a chance because I realized my point doesn't really stand any value - even less considering that I didn't know anything about the author's works. So yep I'm sorry for that.

Now, the actual review. I had a wonderful time playing this hack, and it's been a long while since the last time this happened. It's beautifully done. Special honorary mentions for the original story and custom graphics. I know how hard it is to draw tilesets, sprites, and player graphics. And holy cow... the author did it, more than once! Because there are more than one custom characters! And all graphics are top-notch, don't clash at all, and can serve as a source of inspiration for other artists out there.

I liked a lot the level design overall despite a few times I went full of rage. I'd only complain about a few places having hard to dodge enemies, or precise sections in which you make a mistake and die. However, they were all possible to do with a little bit of patience and extra effort, meaning that even though I was mad, I wasn't frustrated, because the whole game content was great.

Music was something that I expected to hear in the game. Songs are great overall, but it irked me sometimes when the pitch of sound effects was affected, for example, as well as the songs themselves being kinda popular. And me imagining how even greater this hack would be with a completely custom soundtrack, of course, because I always do so. Anyway, yeah, no one knows everything in the world so I can't simply demand stuff from anyone. Summing up - songs are great, fitting, so props for picking good choices.

And now the ASM. Aside from the boss battle I designed, all the effects, little touches, and other boss fights were pulled off amazingly. I've only had trouble with the mage one because projectiles are fast and hard to dodge due to bad timing most of the times. Other than that, the player having a health counter really helped in this aspect so the player can overcome challenges easily with the multiple hits benefit.

During the whole gameplay, I ve found just two small issues which I reported directly to Eevee and they aren't really relevant to this review because these will get fixed, so I'll just finish this review saying once again that I had a blast with this. And that this is the best example of what people can achieve when putting love, real effort and dedication when it comes to SMW hacking. Congratulations for this project, Eevee! It's a 5/5 from me, and that's the first time I rate a hack with that score!
Posted by: o Blind Devil - 2018-01-16 04:10:27 PM
another reason why zsnes is still a good emulator

Oh yeah, I have been waiting for this. No idea when I want to check it out though.
Posted by: IanBoy - 2018-01-15 02:02:50 PM
People saying the Slow down issues can be fixed by increasing the memory from 100 to 150 in the Zsnes config if you use that emulator
Posted by: Spaghetto - 2018-01-15 03:01:06 AM
I'm not too good at reviewing hacks but I can give some thoughts at least!

The levels are all pretty linear, which is personally my thing, so I didn't mind. Definitely a turnoff for those that like big open levels with multiple pathways and lots of secrets to find and explore for. The game has a good difficulty curve until around the middle of world 3, where I felt like the precise jumps started to ramp up - I don't mean stuff like trying to land in a spot between two munchers (which is not here thankfully), but instead I noticed a lot of single tile jumps over bottomless pits, which was especially apparent in the final world. One jump in particular was really annoying and stuck out to me: it was jumping onto a platform that falls after you touch it. Jump on it from one side, and get to the other side AND jump from the now-falling platform to safety on the right. This took me many tries and it could just be me being bad, someone like lolyoshi could probably do that jump while on a morning stroll through the park...

One other thing I have to say is the bosses. I enjoy the fact that they're custom made and not shameless graphical swaps of dahnamics bosses, which I admit I'm guilty of doing myself. But a few of them stuck out for the wrong reasons to me, and they were the wizard and Niscura. The main problem was the projectiles. They have patterns, they're not completely random, but often they're asking too much of the player in terms of reaction time. This especially holds true for the wizard, whose magical blue laser ball things got extremely frustrating after a while, and I just gave up and started spamming savestates... even then it still took some time. Niscura has relatively the same problem, and the area you're able to move around in is rather compact. There are open spaces at the top-left and top-right, but they're blocked off to the player, I guess to either make the fight harder or allowing that would mess with the sprite somehow? Niscura also has a kind of shield that lowers after a few seconds of dodging her attacks. I get why it's there, so players can't spam hits and finish in 20 seconds, but man, trying not to lose my powerup while dodging the attacks during her shield phases was almost as annoying as the wizard guy's.

All that said, this is a great game that offers some variety with the three playable characters, and linear but enjoyable levels. I'm glad I liked this after years of watching it progress.
Posted by: o Sayuri - 2018-01-14 11:22:31 PM
Let's get it on!
Posted by: kamekku14 - 2018-01-13 05:05:07 PM
Sicari remastered...

where to start? I guess i should mention some flaws first:

- The hack has several parts, where the emulator slows down, because of sprite-overload. This is nothing game-breaking, but it can be quite annoying at some parts, especially when you are just jumping over a pit and then the game speed suddenly slows down and fastens again.
- Sometimes the graphics "hurt" themselves. For examples some question blocks are red, but for the frames you hit them they are blue, before they turn red again. Youīve told me you cannot change that, but itīs still something, that makes the hack a little bit less perfect. Also some weird Layer-3-interactions when you insert a key in a keyhole, though youīve tried to circumvent this in many cases.
- After iīve played 68 exits within a few hours iīve noticed that many Levels have these S-constructions where you walk forth, then back and then forth again, so you can continue. They are usually just minor parts of the levels, so they donīt influence the gameplay too much, but itīs something that stood out to me, so i thought i should mention it, so you can improve on this for your next hack.
- The placements of some powerups are questionable. Why do you give me a heart-container of the end of a stage, if i start the next level full live either way? Well, itīs nothing game-breaking either, but sometimes quite nonsensical.

Apart from that, thereīs not much wrong with this hack. Is has a good difficulty-curve, some well hidden, sweet secrets and plays decently. Hm, i think i should mention the phenomenal graphics the author drew all himself but who the f*** cares about aesthetics.

Even if the minor flaws (especially the slowdowns) are sometimes a bitter taste, i think i still can fully recommend playing this hack.
Posted by: Sariel - 2018-01-13 10:57:24 AM
Dark Mario Bros
I've wait so long for it, now it's going to be worth all the support i could give.
(even if i'm not good to give feedback or something, but i'm always saying to keep up, you know how it is :3)
Posted by: Dark Mario Bros - 2018-01-12 06:15:55 PM
Here we go!
Posted by: Wieus96 - 2018-01-12 05:48:40 PM

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