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    Super Mario 64 - Slider

    SMW Music → Super Mario 64 - Slider

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    Comments (10)

    ninj Link
    I used this in the antisoftlock part of my troll level #smw{:TUP:}

    (not released yet)
    jayhawker6 Link
    It would be good for an annoying troll level/fast soft lock. Great port!
    chineesmw Link
    Splash cymbals sound a bit weird here (I would know, I used them too), but I know that the types of Splash Cymbals are limited. Nice port! ;>
    MKDSmaster91 Link
    Awesome Port!
     Hazel Link
    VERY nice
    Giftshaven Author Link
    I've discovered a smaller size for this theme (0x13FD bytes -> 0x12A5 bytes).
    FedoraFriday Link
    I tried doing this as my first project, failed. Im glad this sounds way better!
    TheJullasicFox Link
    The cymbal thing sounds a bit weird and gets cut off sometimes, but other than that, it's pretty good and accurate!
    PaperWario Link
    Pretty accurate.
    MarkVD100 Author Link
    BTW, the unlooped version size was 0x2421 bytes.