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Song Title


    VVVVVV - Potential For Anything

    SMW Music → VVVVVV - Potential For Anything

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    Submission Details

    Name: VVVVVV - Potential For Anything
    Author: Maxodex
    Insert Size: 0x1FCE bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: Light
    Source: Port
    Duration: 3:42
    Featured: Yes
    Description: This song is virtually unsampled, don't let the "Sampled" tag fool you.
    (Uses a single percussion sample.)

    Possibly the best song in the soundtrack. Super long, too. Be wary, insert size is pretttttty big.

    Be sure to credit SoulEye (original composer) if you use it as well!
    Preview: Play SPC
    Tags: abstract space tense
    Comments: 25 (jump to comments)
    5.0 (10 ratings)
    No rating
    Download 37.09 KiB | 1,267 downloads

    Comments (25)

    El Cuh Fermin Link
    This port is awesome for party time. But is there any way to fix when reach on goal point. It sounds different
    red_trochee Link
    This track/port is freakin awesome.
    Romano338 Link
    Mind blowing to make such a great version of this music for SMW. VVV musics of tough to port, this one sounds great
    Galeth Link
    A great upgrade for Wyatt Croucher's.
    TheSkillMythos Link
    As soon as I figure out how to use sampled music in my levels I'll use it :)
    DanOfMostTrades Link
    so good, gave me chills.
    Zavok Link
    anonimzwx Link
    I like this theme
    Akutarex Link
    Is this real life? This port is so gudi lel
    Maerk Link
    It's nice to see someone still cares about Vx6, I love that game :v
    and wow, nice job, I didn't even know making something like that on smw was possible
    Ultima Link
    yes, this is REALLY damn good, holy shit

    tho the bassline choice kinda irks me, since the original's is just a square being used for the bassline, and it's definitely not like a slap bass IMO, but still, pretty great job
     Hobz Link
    this is really cool! another stellar port

    (stellar like the star system LOL but also applies to complimenting this port)
    Maxodex Author Link
    @GreenHammerBro I don't think so. I never make these MIDIs outside of porting purposes and they're not really worth sharing.
    Besides, for this particular case I didn't actually make the entire song since I noticed there were several portions that repeated more than once, which meant making a 4 minute long MIDI would've been a waste of time.
     RussianMan Link
    :verygood: song, can also fit final stage.
    HammerBrother Link
    Are you going to upload the midi on vgmusic?
    PaperWario Link
    This is one of the most accurate ports I've ever heard not using samples. (I'm only commenting to rate it 5 stars)
    HammerBrother Link
    thats awsome!
    Maxodex Author Link
    I made it myself.
    HammerBrother Link
    Where did you get the midi?
    MarkVD100 Link
    Wow, this is actually pretty accurate!
    HammerBrother Link
    Really good! Can only be described as a modern up-to-date version of Wyatt Croucher's port.
    Maxodex Author Link
    What, no I didn't? :|
    TheJullasicFox Link
    Holy crap how is this mostly unsampled

    But you forgot SPC tags. :hobz's wagging finger thing:
     Ayami Link
    lo que dijo el weon de abajo
    lx5 Link
    fome tu wea de port