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One-Way Scroll

UberASM Repository → One-Way Scroll

Submission Details

Name: One-Way Scroll
Author: Thomas
Type: Level
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch disables scrolling in a specified direction (either left, right, up, or down). This can be used to create an effect similar to SMB, where the screen can only scroll right and not left.
Tags: camera lorom sa-1
Comments: 12 (jump to comments)
5.0 (3 ratings)
No rating
Download 525 bytes | 687 downloads


Comments (12)

sio-kedelic Link
This ASM works fantastically well, and I think it has way more untapped potential. I used it twice in my upcoming hack, once for SMB-style scroll and once to prevent the camera from scrolling back down in a Skytree segment. I could very well see all four directions being useful, and this UberASM is extremely simple.

Great job :)
Dominicentek Link
I did use this for my SMB1-themed hack
TheLucraftTeam Link
good for 80's hacks
yygdrasil Link
good for smb1 game !
 MarioFanGamer Link
Added SA-1 support.

And by the way, if you use this, you can be a bit creative (as un "Kaizo-creative" or "JUMP-creative") and use the code to disable vertical scrolling in one direction on a horizontal level or horizontal scrolling in a vertical level.
zacmario Link
Ah if you don't know what I mean, then it doesn't have the same issue ;)
The generator would sometimes have a small hitch after entering an area. I've only seen the issue when using the generator.
Eitherway, out with the the old and in with the new!
Final Theory Link
"I wrote it from scratch, mainly because I couldn't find a copy of the generator. "

The previous generator was called Mario_bros_DX_scroll or something like that. I have a copy of it, but I can't find it anymore in the database.
 Thomas Author Link
Not sure what you mean, at the very least I didn't see anything like that. Unless you're referring to the issue that this patch fixes.
zacmario Link
Ah that sucks, but your version is probably better anyway. Did you manage to avoid the screen hitch that sometimes happens when entering a level?
 Thomas Author Link
I wrote it from scratch, mainly because I couldn't find a copy of the generator.
zacmario Link
Oh, cool. Is this the converted generator? Or you made it from scratch?
 RussianMan Link
This... patch???