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Details for stick mice in my head and then beat my head in with a hammer and let them back out
Super Mario World Hacks - stick mice in my head and then beat my head in with a hammer and let them back out Link - Show random
File Name: stick mice in my head and then beat my head in with a hammer and let them back out
Version History: View
Authors: JUMP Team, idol
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: "Well, we psychiatrists have found that over 8% of the population will always be mice, I mean, after all, there's something of the mouse in all of us." - Kargol

this is a short 19 exit hack made at the beginning of winter 2018 c3, meant to showcase a lot of the cool stuff shown off.

enjoy! if we fucked anything up or didn't properly credit someone let us know.


V.1.1: fixed reset door issues in spin, statue issues in bowsber, credit issues in everywhere, blank message boxes in yoshis house, and invisible room in furcon not being clear enough.

V.1.2: removed autoscroll in non-euclidean, fixed room in bowser, made message in husk clearer.
Tags: asm, exgfx, gimmick, hdma, music, powers, variety
Rating: 4.5 (Votes: 18)
Download: Download - 946.74 KiB
Good hack.
Posted by: UFrozenO - | Link
Pokemon Hacker
Those revamped graphics push the SNES to it's highest limits, and the detail !!
Posted by:  Pokemon Hacker - | Link
Very fun playthrough. I really enjoyed the new abilities you could use in this hack, it created for some unique platforming and puzzles. The level difficulty is also in a sweet spot, where they weren't a breeze, but they also wouldn't completely destroy you. It's also one of the more accessible "very hard" rated hacks, as it's not as much about precision, but about figuring stuff out. This makes it more reachable for newer players as well.
Posted by: Ezel - | Link
A highly enjoyable experience, even if the frog suit is terrible. 5/5
Posted by: Kimota - | Link
The game crashed when I touched the invisible block in level two. The spinning thing that rotates that i forgot the name was right beneath me, and the block killed it. The game froze and the only visible things were the block, the coin, the coin counter, mario and the platform
Posted by: Gh0st - | Link
Just finished this hack today. It was a pleasant experience. Only thing bugged me was a weird bug with the
Frog Suit in a Big Boo Boss fight, I hit a block and Mario suddenly clipped to the wall and died
. I'm gonna start mice 2 soon. Thanks for the amazing hack.
Posted by:  Alex_X8 - | Link
The JUMP team should be incarcerated because their level of creativity is criminal. My mind was absolutely blown by this hack and I had a blast playing through it.* Really challenging, especially some of the final levels, but supremely rewarding.

* -
except the Tanuki level, that one was just miserable for me.
Posted by: KiD_ViD - | Link
this is such a cool game. I'm usually not interested in non kaizo hacks at all. but I saw Dode play it on youtube and was captivated by the amazing design. also, could someone tell me what the snail sprites were called?
Posted by: Jurassic_Yoshi - | Link
Pretty fun hack so far, but you can lock and start - select doesn't work. It's the one where Mario wears a koopa shell.
Posted by: DarknessFood - | Link
I just finished this hack. I fell in love with it. The level design the unique gimmicks the pure feeling of a challenge..... it was captivating and motivating. I recommend this hack to everyone. I’m 100% confident that the last thing that comes with this hack is disappointment. Thank you JUMP team and Idol.
Posted by: Davewade88 - | Link
pretty new to playing hacks and had a blast with this one
Posted by: loveandpop - | Link
A fun hack with different powerups and amazing backgrounds. Also nice hack name
Posted by: albertleetaiwan - | Link
I had a lot of fun with this. The way the power-ups were used were creative and challenging. I personally don't like having to keep a power-up or die, or have to use a reset door, but it does feel good when you overcome the obstacles. There are a few levels where you don't necessarily require the power-ups, but even so they're really fun to use.
Posted by: FedoraFriday - | Link
This is a super fun hack. The levels are tough, the style is fantastic, and the custom sprites are cool. I really like the setups; the use of custom power-ups is satisfying and makes sense. Well done :)
Posted by: RequiredTaste - | Link
Insanely clever/creative. Borderline psychotic and masochistic at times awful but overall incredible... the JUMP team does it again. 3 or 4 levels were torture even with states but the good far out ways the bad and the good is damn near perfect. Very well designed and thought out levels with the best use of custom blocks, powerups, mechanics, and music I've seen yet. A few kaizo tricks thrown in some shell jumps which weren't bad however doing the key jump was brutal for me luckily just had to do it once. I could have done without the lengthy 2nd to last level with the frog suit but other than that was great.
Posted by: LordLuigi - | Link
There is a small glitch at the end, you can collect the blocks that peach throws, prevents the end credits from playing but other than that 10/10 this is probably my favorite hack of all time
Posted by: Meadowlion - | Link
I'm a mediocre SMW Player... However, this hack makes me look like a pro player, because of good level design.
Posted by: mrsancini - | Link
Posted by: 31757 - | Link
It's the title theme from Kirby's Dreamland
Posted by:  Stivi - | Link
Looks pretty good. What song did you use for the main overworld?
Posted by: 31757 - | Link
This was one of the most amazing hacks I have played. It almost felt like playing Vanilla for the first time, I would have to rate this 6/5 because it increased my expectations of what a SMW hack could deliver. Will be streaming this because it is that good. Also the console friendly features like "Hit select to save" and the infinite lives in the first stage are a thoughtful consideration for people who play through these games on console without save states.
Posted by: VesperVidya - | Link
Cannot rate without leaving a comment
Posted by: 1337doom - | Link
rip old comments now i gotta comment again but im too lazy to write my review again.

and 10/5 for the name.
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
rip old comments now i gotta comment again but im too lazy to write my review again.

and 10/5 for the name.
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
I want to see more romhacks like this. It is so fresh and had more fun then most of the dull very hard hacks i played x]
Posted by: KaizoDaemon - | Link
Bows still sucks, but it's a great hack anyways. GJ JUMPers.
Posted by:  RussianMan - | Link
there's something special about pointing out an obvious fallacy, then proceeding to segue into an equally absurd fallacy of your own.

Big epic reference to the old comments btw, me not really enjoying the hack aside, what i wrote was completely unrelated to my actually opinion of it. I dont feel like it's necessary for me bore everyone with my genuine input, the hack is finished, and due to it's nature any shortcomings i could point out would be irreverent
Posted by: rextep - | Link
Tvoya Stara
Originally posted by rextep
Would be better if lolyoshi hade mad the levels

It's like going to a restaurant and saying "its veri bat wuld b beter if gordo ramsai made the fud"

Originally posted by rextap
hade mad

either you dunno what grammar is, or you try to be funny if it's the second one, you failed lmao
Posted by: Tvoya Stara - | Link
1 star very bad........ wish i could go lower but i can not. Would be better if lolyoshi hade mad the levels,
Posted by: rextep - | Link
video games....
Posted by:  Heraga - | Link
whack my left elbow with a 57x88cm metal box
Posted by: elezard - | Link
Posted by:  idol - | Link
Wind Fish
Originally posted by idol
made message in husk clearer since people.

Posted by: Wind Fish - | Link
It's still the same, just with fixes.

Originally posted by Noivern
This was a fun little adventure most of the time. The levels are fun, creative showoffs of C3 resources and I enjoyed playing them. I have an issue with the hyper-linearity of all of the levels, but I know that's just personal preference and there's not much to do there and still keep the puzzle elements throughout the hack.

Note I said it was fun "most of the time." The hack was fun... until the end. The last two levels took me longer to play than the rest of the hack combined. They are such a large difficulty jump it's insane; this really ruined the hack for me. Given the rest of the hack, the last level with its powerup swapping gimmick requires way too much precision, and restarting all the way back to the beginning of the section you're in when you get hit once is ass. This includes the boss, which is literally just Bowser with shitty controls.

The nonsensical humor starts off great, but eventually wears thin. I'm also not sure that the minor graphical glitches throughout the hack (which were clearly left in intentionally) work all that well with the hack's stated intent to be a showoff of resources in addition to level design.

RIP rating, other comments, download count
Posted by:  Noivern - | Link

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