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A Super Mario Thing

Super Mario World Hacks → A Super Mario Thing

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Oviludo Link
This is SO COOL!
Metballs Link
There's some old collab hacks that's aged decently, but then there's some that's aged terribly and this hack is a good example. I hear from a lot of people saying that this hack is good for watching someone else play instead of actually playing it yourself. You can't really blame those people because of how much issues this hack suffers with. Some issues include lack of a difficulty curve, very complex and labyrinth puzzles, tons of item babysitting, levels that overstay their welcome, excessive precision required, and janky custom bosses. Keep in mind that those are just SOME issues. Because of how much levels suffer with these flaws, there's more bad than good in this hack.

Funny thing, some levels here were actually some of the creator's first levels that they've made. I suppose that explains the quality of this hack then.

This does have highlights, but they aren't worth the struggle. Playing this is not a thing I would recommend.
BOB66 Link
Originally posted by Dancer365
I love this hack! I want to see more! This group should do more SMW rom hack collaborations! And don't be afraid to ask for donations
well the talkhaus also made jump and jump half. ... LUL
 Manofer Link
Originally posted by Pokemon Hacker
Very much looking forward to a sequel

There's already a sequel called A2MT, but it was canceled years ago unfortunately.
CrispyMWHC Link
100 years late but someone did take it upon themselves to finish it. Don't think it got submitted here but it is on the Talkhaus.
 Pokemon Hacker Link
Very much looking forward to a sequel
Dancer365 Link
I love this hack! I want to see more! This group should do more SMW rom hack collaborations! And don't be afraid to ask for donations
SomeGuy712x Link
@Super Maks 64
I just ran into that problem myself while trying to co-op play this with someone else. He was player 2 (Iris), and complained about being unable to spin jump, and was wondering if his controller was malfunctioning. But no, it's some weird glitch in this hack that prevents Iris from spin jumping properly. How did that manage to get screwed up? And, is there a fix for this?
Klug Link
Finally it's accepted!
ASMagician Maks Link
I don't know, it also happens in the original, for some reason you can press A on the 1st controller to start the spinjump and hold A ob the 2nd one to make the spinjump go high. This applies to every usage of the A button.
nathanisbored Link
Is there a reason Iris can't spin jump?
Tattletale Link
Despite the "this hasn't aged well" comments. Well, I would rather play this than most of the new stuff tbf.
 Lazy Link
It's ASMT, not much there is to say about it. It's no secret that this hack hasn't aged very well at all. I kind of wished you had made some edits to make this bearable to play toolless (adding more midpoints to certain levels would've sufficed), but I can see why you'd want to preserve the game's original state.
Blizzard Buffalo Link
*Vietnam Flashbacks*
ASMagician Maks Link
It'll take me uhh some time before A2MT will be fully finished and also in a state that would be acceptable on this site.
yogui Link
vActually yeah A2MT could be submitted here since it has a definitive "finished" version now (I think).

I would like to see it on smwc. Could be interesting to see more people play it and complain about it's difficulty. :D jk

btw nice about this fixed ASMT version. Now if I decide to replay it I can finally beat the lakitu boss instead of cheating to pass the level because the boss projectiles didn't spawned. :D
 idol Link
i had to check what year we were living in for a second

now when will a2mt be submitted 🤔
Sixcorby Link
did u get permission spuer maks
Maxodex Link
blaze, read below you.
blaze800000 Link
great hack but did you get permission cause if you dont this hack well be removed
 Noivern Link
Glad you submitted this. We can always use more fixed accurate hacks.

Can confirm that permission was given for this.

For the record, updates for hacks with the "fixme" tag typically don't require permission from the hack author as long as they contain only the fixes necessary to make the hack work on accurate emulators and hardware. This update contains quite a few changes in addition to its accuracy updates, thus it required permission to submit.
kaitri From older version: A Super Mario Thing Link
 Sayuri From older version: A Super Mario Thing Link
Actually, maybe it could be done. Though, like I said earlier, you would need the base ROM as well as all the music files, sprite files, custom block files, patches, LevelASM, etc... I don't know if anyone over at the Talkhaus still has them, though. It would essentially be porting the hack to a new ROM, but with fixed sprites and music. It would take a little time, but it could definitely be done. I'd love to see it happen.
 Sayuri From older version: A Super Mario Thing Link
I wish this hack could be fixed, but without the original music files, and certain custom sprite files that affect the music, it can't really be done.
H.carrell on an ipad From older version: A Super Mario Thing Link
What does the w3 battle look like when you use snes9x
 Wakana From older version: A Super Mario Thing Link
Okay there we go. I'm overall disappointed by how the difficulty has been handled here, but let's go in order here.

The design is mostly good. As the description says, this is a VIP-styled hack; and, since I played most of the VIPs out there, I can confirm it. Neat gimmicks and interesting ideas are all over the place, making it up for a fun hack to play. Fun, until you get to the ice palace. I don't know if it's just me, but from here, there's an huge drop of quality in terms of design: segments start to get repetitive, there are annoying parts like item babysitting, over complex levels, and (unexpected) glitch abuse. Yes, I'm talking about you, "PANIC PUZZLE": there's a part where you have to use a not so known glitch (atleast for me) which coinsist on passing through cement blocks when you're spin jumping while ducked under another 130 actlike tile. That's a no-no, unless it was a PIT hack. Speaking of difficulty, I complain a lot about the end levels (basically from desert till the end). It's from here that I gave a huge fuck you to that death counter and went with savestates. It's really hardcore, I have NO idea how are you supposed to go through such levels without savestates. Not to mention, I stopped playing in the last level because this huge motherfucker here is impossible to pass through. Thankfully, the last castle doesn't trigger events, so I had a 100% .srm once I beat the level before it.
So yeah, oveall, the design is good, but you exhaggerated in the last levels.

Aesthetic-wise, it's okay. Yes, it's not perfect, but I liked it overall. Nothing much more to say here.

- Some levels suffer from sprite tile limits errors.
- Music breaks on accurate emulators.
- Some ASM isn't compatible with certain emulators. Means that or you play this with ZSNES or give up.

Overall, 3/5.