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Super Ryu World 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Ryu World 2

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Super Ryu World 2. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Super Ryu World 2
Author: Aguni_
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 21 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Sequel to Super Ryu World.

This game is dedicated to the amazing youtuber/streamer Ryukahr.

The game contains 21 exits including the final castle.

This one is meant for more experienced kaizo players, as it can get really difficult towards the end.

Without anything else to say, i hope you enjoy!

---Version 1.1---

Made the game a little easier in general and made some sections a little bit more obvious-less unfair.
Tags: exgfx glitch music variety
Comments: 14 (jump to comments)
4.0 (4 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (14)

LoneWolf22113 Link
I wonder what's the last stage / castle music is? I'd like to listen to it some more as it's really epic.
 Katerpie Link
What can I say?
This hack's been a blast, but it's also been still a bit too brutal in some parts due to some tight spots. I don't think it has changed one bit since the last version, but whatever. So as for the game itself, levels like Yoshi Olympics are a pain to figure out unless you have the switch blocks activated to make the game easier. I suggest you nerf the entire game a bit more to make it even more manageable (or don't change it if you feel the switch blocks are the ones that nerf the game). It's still fun otherwise, just with the unnecessary difficulty spike. I'll leave this as Kaizo: Light for now since the beginning still constitutes as that.
Other issues include this unnecessary tight spot, this almost glitched body, the lava that acts like tile 1F0, and the cutoff bushes in the bottom right corner. Also, why is this level slippery?
samuel.belntz Link
Silver Catastrophe!, troll level!! Such a good kaizo: hard game!!

White thumbz Link
Oh there's a version update. Thx
White thumbz Link
Ryu Airlines = Toughy
NaroGugul Link
So i have to eat my words about this.
While the game has its unecessary tight parts theres a catch here.. Many of those places can be avoided by beating the special world, making the game much more manageble.
So its really up to the player taking the harder or easier route (If the player know about this). Fair.

Personally i would preffer the Switch blocks were dashed when inactive, so the player at least know it exists (and would be motivated to search for it), and would know how hes going to be helped by it.
NaroGugul Link
@FedoraFriday The game was indeed rated as kaizo-light. Ive suggested it would maybe not be possible without savestates (at least for the average kaizo player) because there are way too many unecessary overly tight spots. And ive got really salty about this.. Kaizo-hard is still not the most precise rating, but i still think it is a bit over the top for kaizo-light. So in my opinion its still better to be cautious and rate it as 'hard' than rate it as 'light' when only maybe (maybe) a bunch of people will be able to beat it savestateless.. Overall its a nice hack, but has some very questionable choices here and there.
FedoraFriday Link
This hack has some light trolling to start with, the typical stuff you'd expect. I think you have a great start to the game. Then in the yoshi level, at the end of it, theres this really badly designed troll that I believe violates some of the core values for kaizo hack submissions. If not directly stated somewhere, changing the acts-like setting for a platform to something you fall through is NOT cool. Especially for a youtuber like Ryukahr, who probably wont play this game with save states despite that being the intention cause its rated kaizo hard. I would rate this a solid 5/5, it has great everything else, but once you get to the yoshi level you have this huge difficulty spike. The rest before it is kaizo light. Then you get that really poorly designed troll at the end. I would change atleast that in a future update. Also, interesting 1F0 choice.
White thumbz Link
Fire, stomp, fly!
White thumbz Link
I just figured it out. Very trixy!
White thumbz Link
I'm stuck on 3 p-s cave at the Yoshi switch jump. Turnt it off to watch the sunset and I am about to start her up!
obersteiner86 Link
Is ther are sectret exit on the ghost house looks like it if i take are look at the map.And the castel that your see on pic 6 was tricky with the joshi jump and the fireflower never make this jump before.
Rheinwerk Link
What a beatiful and fun hack!
This has the potencial for the (kaizo)hack of the year!
blaze800000 Link
have fun with this kaizo hack you going to need it