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Details for Marios Adventure in the Dream World
Super Mario World Hacks - Marios Adventure in the Dream World Link - Show random
File Name: Marios Adventure in the Dream World
Authors: HookEcho
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 21 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Bowser has taken Peach to the dream world. Its up to Mario to first find the dream world, then rescue Peach.

This is a straightforward, normal difficulty hack focusing on level design and creating a fun experience for the player.

It features custom graphics, sprites, bosses, music, and blocks.
Tags: asm, bosses, exgfx, music
Rating: 4.0 (Votes: 11)
Download: Download - 388.32 KiB
haziel gacha

i like this hack rom
Posted by: haziel gacha - | Link
At first the game seemed a little boring but after reaching the dream world.

The worlds become very varied, on one level you are inside a computer, and on another you are in an ancient Mario I don't remember which one since I played it a few weeks ago

But the game is very good, and recommended. The truth is not long, but you can have a good time playing it ... 10/10O.O
Posted by: Aueipg3k - | Link
It was a really nice hack you have there! All of the levels in the hack were well-assembled and brought a lot of fun to actually beat the hack. It's not overbearing on the difficulty as to not make the fun factor seemingly low.

However, there are some flaws in the level I need to bring up in terms of the gameplay, such as the first couple of ledges having incorrect corner pieces in Plain Plains. Other examples of minor flaws in gameplay are a couple boss battles where you actually go far right to the screen and you beat the boss; one was Thwomp's Revenge and the other one at Bowser's Castle.

And then you have more cons for the hack itself due to some flat and boring overworld map design, along with the levels too. There were Yoshi coins that were too easy to collect and they were placed in areas that are not flat at all. Last but not least, piranha plants should NEVER pop up and hurt Mario, even when Mario is right on top of the pipe!

On the plus side, I loved the graphics and music, as it reflects beauty and flashbacks to the good times! This is a perfect hack for those who are casual gamers and want to beat the hack in roughly one hour!

To be fair, this is a decent hack, and I liked some certain aspects of some gameplay. However, the mediocrity in level and map design may have been the bottom line. If you correct those with better Dragon Coin placement, I would improve the star rating.

Posted by: JetWing34 - | Link
Why the piranha plants come out of the pipes, even when mario is standing on them? That is normal to happen? I thought that if you are standing on them, they don`t appear.

Well, it`s seems that bowser final battle is kinda glitchy? If you press all the P switchs and manage to made him fall in lava, nothing happens, and if you walk a little bit to the right, he spawns again, making this a soft lock. The only way to beat that is:

> Get the coins in the middle. Press one P-Switch, get all the coins from above, wait for the P-switch to run out, then press the gray one, get the coins that were enemies, wait again, then press the final P-switch, and 5 seconds later, the game ends. And there`s no sound in the ending.
Posted by: thomasbr108 - | Link
a hack that has very beautiful graphics backgrounds etc, but lacks in gameplay variety.

positive things
beautiful graphics
great music with nostalgia feelings <3
casual friendly.
21 exits but still doable in 1 hour.
has cape but removed the flying ability. (yea thats a good thing or else i'd be flying around trying to break stuff)

negative things
very flat and boring.
yoshi coins are always in plain sight or in the only area that is not flat.
every level before the special world has nothing to do with "marios adventure in the dream world" because the levels look like any other normal levels.
overworld is as flat and boring as the levels. and ugly aswell.

neutral thing: in the bowser fight i was standing in the location that the pipe spawns without knowing that it will spawn on top of me. it killed me. made me laugh but was a bit annoying.

overall a 3/5.
do i recommend the hack? yes if you want a short casual hack and dont mind the flat design.
like i mentioned, graphic wise its a really great hack.
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
Pretty cute and pretty easy hack with good music. Would recommend for newer players.
Posted by:  BeeKaay - | Link
SMW Physicist
Not the best overworld design but all things put aside, this hack was a blast to play. 8/10.
Posted by: SMW Physicist - | Link
A very nice hack HookEcho, very colorful with very cool musics !

The last world and bosses are very inventive and the Mario Land level brings back so many good memories =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you =]
Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
This hack was good. The level design was really great and had good gameplay. It was fun to play, and it wasn't difficult, can be finished in less then 1 hour. But then, this hack minor flaws in gameplay.

It has one linear path to the end, all levels are without secret exits. The overworld wasn't too bad, some islands were really flat with a few decorations and some of the colors change instantly between green and brown.
In Plain Plains, the first two ledges had the wrong corner tile on at the right side.
In Thwomp's Castle, there are big doors that looked like you enter them from middle, but it didn't worked.
In Big Boo's Castle, the boo blocks have wrong sprite palette when they are moving.
In Bumpty's Bounce, the spikes are bound to dirt (?) instead of a grass ledge
You can finish the boss in Thwomp's Revenge by going off-Screen to the right.
In Sweet Dreams, the cloud background has two different colors, even see on Picture 8 of this hack.
In Bowser's Castle you can also off-screen Bowser to softlock or finishing the game without beating him.

Even then, the hack is still good.

Posted by: Fullcannon - | Link
It's very nice :)
Posted by: overmariofan - | Link
Nice hack, good work.
Posted by: ahamza61 - | Link
This hack is very fun in your level desing, I liked it.
Posted by: Fern4nDitto - | Link
This was a really fun and great hack.

The Levels were great but the first overworld was lacking.
I loved the levels in dreamworld because of the level design and the creativity

You get a thumbs up from me
Posted by: MarvelousChester - | Link
good hack
Posted by: blaze800000 - | Link
Edited the submission to fix tags and the exit count. Also modified the hack to save after beating Points of Lights, since the game doesn't save anywhere in the last world.

Not a whole lot to say about this hack. It just felt like you were going through the motions until the last world, which is considerably more creative. It does the job.
Posted by:  Noivern - | Link

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