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Super Mario 64 Another Castle

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Super Mario 64 Another Castle

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario 64 Another Castle
Author: Epicwade
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: Yes
Length: 48 star(s)
Description: In this ROM hack, it has been 5 years since Super Mario 64, Peach has given up being the monarch of the mushroom kingdom and is in the process of moving into a new castle however bowser already kidnapped her. On top of that mario went out to rescue peach and get the stolen power stars but he is yet to be seen ever since that trip. It is up to you to rescue the princess again and find the whereabouts of Mario.

This hack features
- 6 main worlds
- 2 bowser course's
- a new hub area
- custom hud elements
- luigi as the main character
Video Link: Link
Tags: asm custom character luigi music non-mario objects story textures traditional
Download 4.22 MiB | 9,108 downloads


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