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    Acoustic Grand Piano

    BRR Samples → Acoustic Grand Piano

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    Submission Details

    Name: Acoustic Grand Piano
    Author: Pinci
    Collection: Compilation
    Description: A sampled Acoustic Grand Piano, most samples are 5,50 KB in size, except piano4 which is 4,97 KB.

    These samples are kinda big, they're intended for piano-only ports, use at your own risk (all of them are around 55 KB, so I doubt a port using all of these samples will be compatible with SMW anyway).

    The SPC included uses almost every sample except piano1 and piano2.
    Tags: acoustic piano piano
    Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
    Download 97.08 KiB | 982 downloads ▶   Play SPC

    Comments (6)

    its_4life Link
    How is this so good!?
    SamuM6pdt Link
    nice 7w7
    TheLucraftTeam Link
    Finally, MOTHER 3 MUSIC, i love EarthBound/MOTHER #smw{:peace:}
     Nanako Link
    You can use this config file for worldpeace's piano tool:

    0 P1
    8 P2
    16 P3
    25 P4
    32 P5
    36 P6
    42 P7
    48 P8
    53 P9
    59 P10

    Each PXX corresponds Piano 1-10.
    Nikku4211 Link
    This is darn good! These piano samples are awesome!

    EDIT: Nice Earthbound 2 music.
     Ayami Link