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Princess Daisy

Gráficos para SMW → Princess Daisy

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gumpyfunction Link
I really like how the Jewel in Daisy's Crown changes to a red colour when she gets the fire flower - but there is no way to tell visually if she is 'Super Daisy' or not.

Is there a way to make this more clear to the player? Otherwise it's difficult to know whether you have an extra hit or not since the sprite doesn't change when you get a super mushroom.

Maybe changing her jewel another colour when she only has one hit, for example?

Or maybe a powerup status icon somewhere on the HUD?
galaxyhuntergaming Link
how do i add the daisy sprites
mariofanboy010 Link
good graphics
 RussianMan Link
I think there should be more Daisy graphics in the section, as it's the only submission available in the section (unless there's some other graphic released elsewhere). Anyways, it can go nicely with this Peach GFX submission as second player or as alternative.