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Grand Poo World

Super Mario World Hacks → Grand Poo World

Submission Details

Name: Grand Poo World
Author: Barbarian
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 21 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: This hack is dedicated to the speedrunner and Twitch streamer Grand Poo Bear.

This hack is designed to challenge even the most skilled Super Mario World kaizo players. This hack features customized music and palettes over a more vanilla style SMW style.

Special thanks to Nexus15, Linkdeadx2, com_poser and Kaizoman for their above and beyond efforts in making this hack all it could be.

Good luck, have fun.


Version 1.1 Changes:
-No longer possible to die to dolphin rng at end of Blu Blu Beach
-Reworked disco shell section in subworld of Botany Bay
-Removed ability to spawn a key in second half of Cretacean Cavern
-No longer possible to skip final trick in Cretacean Cavern
-Removed cutoff at end of subworld of Fangorn
-Removed lag between phases in final boss
-Reworked timing of hammers in final boss for consistency
-Fixed error in overworld which allowed player to skip Echo Base entirely


Version 1.2 Changes:
-Edits in several levels
-New music in Cretacean Cavern and The People's Castle
-Death counter removed for compatibility purposes
Tags: music platformer traditional
Comments: 39 (jump to comments)
4.6 (9 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (39)

DefybyDefault Link
I've been on an old school romhack kick lately and I finally finished this classic. Loved every moment of it.
xxmagegagexx Link
What. A. Journey.

This was my first extremely difficult hack, and I enjoyed it all the way through. There were a few tricks that were insanely hard +
a 5 room castle, and there's no fast retry, but considering when it was made, it held up just fine. The music is fantastic, and overall the hack made me a way better player. I look forward to playing the rest of your hacks Barb, keep up the good work! #tb{^V^}
Kimota Link
Needs retry, if only so the player can listen to the music. Some parts were unfair or blind, and Bowser is a nightmare, but otherwise pretty good.
Solerion Link
why the hack i always got a blackscreen and nothing starts
0ompa87 Link
Hello I wanted to know if it would be possible to get the ost used on this hack? I really loved it. Amazingly hard hack I might add.
Doushibag Link
I enjoyed this hack. I might play it again.
KaizoBeginner Link
Great hack. I only wish it had a way to save midpoints and a retry system.
deejay4am Link
FWY: Yes Barbarian is the same guy who made Kamikaze Bros, for anyone asking. He is currently working on GPW 2, which should be out early February 2019 (and it looks amazing)
aceituna rosa Link
La musica del comienzo es de una ochentera. :3 #smw{<3}
AriGator3 Link
Very difficult... but really cool hack! GJ
double_pmcl Link
I really enjoy this hack played again and again, really nice placed Kaizo Blocks I would say too.
Also I hit some Kaizo Blocks which I did not know about them that they also exist too.
I will wait until the new hack also comes out from Barb too.
Keep up the good work.
LupineDream Link
Hello, this is LupineDream, formerly MallowMan. Found my music (supermario6fv2.mid) converted from MIDI to SPC in Echo Base. Just wanted to say thank you for including it in this hack!
JoshTGDG Link
This is one of the best kaizo hacks I've ever played :). The obstacles are so unique and original, the platforming's consistent and awesome, the trolls are clever and well-placed (I still love to this day the switch palace troll), and each level design's keep getting better and better!

I've also been catching up with your Twitch streams lately. Seeing you designing another ROM hack makes me so pumped up. So thank you Barb, for making this kaizo magnum opus of yours. :)
TheGhostfaceEntity Link
Top quality kaizo, definitely hacking at its finest
overmariofan Link
Is it possible that you made Kamikaze Bros. 3?
PsychoKen Link
"Death counter removed for compatibility purposes" I knew this had to be the cause of some kaizo hacks not working on the snes mini if you use canoe. Running retroarch isn't really an option on kaizo hacks because of the input lag...

Thanks Barb!
Klug Link
-Death counter removed for compatibility purposes

[sees screenshots]
I really like this hack!
Jinx805 From older version: Grand Poo World Link
What do I need to play this game?
ihavechortles From older version: Grand Poo World Link
Awesome job! Love the music.
FedoraFriday From older version: Grand Poo World Link
After beating the first level I can say this.
Fuck you Barb <3 Thanks for making this frustrating hack.
Seriously though it's been a good heck of a ride, and equally as great watching you make it. I look forward to more potential hacks!
TomsMostHammed From older version: Grand Poo World Link
Can anyone tell me what is the Switch Palace music?
deejay4am From older version: Grand Poo World Link
I watched much of the creation of this on stream. Maybe that makes me feel like I understand it more than someone who randomly finds it here, but whatever you think of the difficulty, or the art/music tweaks, or the man behind it, you can't deny that it is a quality romhack. If you like Kaizo, this is almost certainly worth your time. barbRaid
midklsasd From older version: Grand Poo World Link
niko From older version: Grand Poo World Link
Barb is still a piece of shit <3
Freeuger From older version: Grand Poo World Link
This is very mediocre in comparison to other kaizos. Dumb placements and urchins. 0/10
Sariel From older version: Grand Poo World Link
very difficult hack, but well made. Some minor complaints:

- the projectiles (lotus´s fire and baseballs) don´t spawn correctly, because there are too many onscreen at the same time here.
- Some levels have stacked munchers. Just like this or this for example.
- the palettes are "unusual" sometimes, but they´re still decent enough.

These are only minor complaints though and you don´t have to change them.

Apart from this the hack is quite creative and definitely offers a big challenge for those, who want to play this hack savestateless.

Mod Edit: Only had to change some tags.
Dode From older version: Grand Poo World Link
Absolutely fantastic.
wacfwaef From older version: Grand Poo World Link
I passed the first level, let's party! xD
FedoraFriday From older version: Grand Poo World Link
@Rainbow Star Barb has an excuse, he's color blind. Also chat helped him choose palettes, blame chat. Kappa
7 up From older version: Grand Poo World Link
Screen 5: the palettes aren't pleasant to eyes
BokemoB From older version: Grand Poo World Link
great. i stuck in the first level...
Braixen From older version: Grand Poo World Link
Yes, credits music is
Toto - Africa song
DopeSick From older version: Grand Poo World Link
Good sountrack! Is there a listing of music used?
Braixen From older version: Grand Poo World Link
I finished this kaizo mario's grand poo world, and it was awesome
GbreezeSunset From older version: Grand Poo World Link
FedoraFriday From older version: Grand Poo World Link
Dude, can't wait to be bad at this game! Also can't wait to see a certain streamer blast through this lol. Congrats!
leod From older version: Grand Poo World Link
I didn't expect this to come out any time soon, neat!

Can't wait to be a loser and watch it on his YouTube.
LividEvil From older version: Grand Poo World Link
happy gpw day!