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Super Gracie World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Gracie World

Submission Details

Name: Super Gracie World
Author: white_moth
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 14 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Super Gracie World is intended for people who want a somewhat easier kaizo experience. Intended to be played without savestates.

- 15 exits
- Retry System
- No water levels
- No autoscrollers
- Tested on console
- Lots of references to cats and kittens

I hope you have fun!

Version 1.3 (4/7/2018)
- added midway to Head Space Castle
- dying on first boss now restarts you at checkpoint, no longer any chance of causing a glitch when exiting the level
- made a jump at the end of Pretty Sweet less tight
- secret moon stash
- beekaay died for my sins so that future players wouldn't have to suffer

Version 1.2 (9/16/17):
- minor change to ghost house
- fixed unwanted overworld events
- improved flow for 1 jump in ACG2H, and removed 1 muncher
- added coin markers to BK to reduce confusion
- slightly changed message box in NYS and added marker block to reduce confusion
-removed redundant checkpoints from last 2 castles

Tags: glitch traditional vanilla
Comments: 26 (jump to comments)
4.8 (9 ratings)
No rating
Download 119.54 KiB | 9,342 downloads


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Comments (26)

fugalfervor Link
Special world was very hard for me, but I made it after hours of grinding. Really great hack
hcwdy Link
Great hack, very brutal for a beginner hack. I loved the variety of tricks from a vanilla hack.
DefybyDefault Link
Incredibly fun hack. I am not sure what took me so long to play it. One of the best Wendy fights I've seen in a kaizo hack.
RaynGD Link
Amazing :)
jquery861 Link
A classic. Enjoyed it, interesting setups. Nice to have the instant retry.
Zappa Link
This is one of the most creative hacks out there. My favorite hack so far. The Special World levels are just awesome. Play this!

(Two minor complains: In some levels the music starts over after the retry, which gets annoying after a while. I wish there was a save-prompt after beating "Big Boo's Boogie".)
cheflevel Link
Really enjoyed this hack, big ups
NikSik Link
NikSik Link
Darkanine Link
I'm going to be up front: this hack made me very salty in some places and for full disclosure I only finished any% (100% will come later).

The amount of tech that this hack requires you to do is no joke, and you will get better at kaizo games by playing it. There are some truly frustrating parts (which I won't spoil here), but in the end I feel like I am an improved player, and that's what's important to me.

While playing, I wanted to give this a 3/5 rating, but on reflection I have to give it a higher score, because it accomplished what I wanted it to do, which was to improve. Good job, white_moth.
biblionaut Link
I had a lot of fun figuring out certain parts and i generally liked the flow of the levels. only thing i didnt like was the last room of the last level >.<. still 5/5 for me.
 BeeKaay Link
I just finished this hack without tools after 34.5 hours. It was my third Kaizo hack after Super Mario Pants World and Quickie World, and so was a pretty big difficulty spike. It's a very technical hack and I didn't know a lot of the required tech going in (e.g. regrabs, thwomp jumps), but it was sufficiently well designed to keep me going. I occasionally didn't know what I had to do, but it always seemed fair.

This is a great hack for anyone who has a few Kaizo hacks under their belt, or doesn't mind spending a couple of hours per level learning new tech.
sio-kedelic Link
Just finished this hack yesterday, and it was definitely worth the download :) A great introduction to Kaizo, and in my opinion, a game that really everyone should play if they're trying to get into the genre.

Graphics are almost entirely vanilla, but still feel fresh enough to be unique. Don't remember a single bad palette or unpleasant graphical glitch. There's a lot of unique obstacles that feel fair and heavily playtested, with just enough trolls to keep you on your toes. Levels are definitely on the shorter side and saves/checkpoints never feel too far away. Music is entirely vanilla, but not much of an issue to me.

Only minor complaint is that the retry system sometimes restarts the music loop and sometimes doesn't (most notably, it will in the first room of the final castle but not the second?), but that's a really minor gripe for an otherwise-great game. Should be fun enough for experienced Kaizo players to get a kick out of it, but easy enough that players with adequate SMW experience should be able to jump in.
LordLuigi Link
Currently playing this after doing some studying at kaizo college in super mallow world. this is one of my first kaizo experiences and man I'm loving it. Shootout to white moth for doing an excellent job on the design I can only imagine how hard it is to make a kaizo light game and actually have it be fun for newcomers like me. He has the seemingly perfect ratio of kaizo blocks, hilarious trolls, and difficulty so that it stays fun and exciting but not heinous haha. Great stuff and a great intro to kaizo. cheers and RIP BeeKaay
 Katerpie Link
I've already tested this hack before, and it has become pretty manageable, no doubt. It really teaches the players the basic mechanics and it's beatable without savestates. For now I have nothing "serious" to complain.
The title screen text is still bad to look at, but I don't know what you could do besides changing the background, which is something you wouldn't want to do, probably.
Klug Link
beekaay died for my sins

Never forget...
Badd Taste Link
Aside from NeXuS learn to kaizo the hack that taught me the most would be Gracie world really great game really fun and just hard enough that you can enjoy it without slamming your controller of the ground
dogemaster From older version: Super Gracie World Link
Super enjoyable hack.
bishopwyrm From older version: Super Gracie World Link
I love the creativity that went into this hack. The stages provided you with puzzle solving with items and elements that are often forgotten about in many hacks. The boss fights were unique and I can just see that a lot of love and care went into making this. I am new to Mario Rom Hacks and this was the first one I've ever played. It was an enjoyable experience overall. Thank you! :)
 Linkdeadx2 From older version: Super Gracie World Link
Excellent hack with great variety and creativity!
bananarchy From older version: Super Gracie World Link
What a wonderful hack! A lot of creative challenges, a good difficulty curve, and high speed-runnability. I see it as something of a spiritual successor to Korosu Mario World in its accessibility for new players, steady pacing, and interesting kaizo challenges created out of almost entirely vanilla elements.
Sariel From older version: Super Gracie World Link
I really enjoyed playing this hack.

There are some minor issues:
- The title screen text still isn´t very pleasant to look at
- The goal-sphere sprites here look glitched
- The first castle could need a midwaypoint, because it´s quite long compared to other levels

But apart from that definitely a decent hack.
y21 From older version: Super Gracie World Link
Best hack ever.
bananarchy From older version: Super Gracie World Link
This is fantastic. Everything that juz said. So much fun, and a lot of interesting tricks. Perfect kaizo difficulty imo: trick looks impossible, after a few tries you get the gist of what's happening and there's a satisfying "aha" moment, and then you can make steady progress towards executing it reliably. Only halfway through but enjoying it immensely!
juzcook From older version: Super Gracie World Link
I thoroughly enjoyed this hack. Lots of unique tricks and ideas that I hadn't seen used in typical kaizo hacks and executed in a way that isn't tedious. The only level I wasn't too fond of was the first special stage, but being quite a short level it wasn't too bad. Aesthetics and palettes were really well put together. Definitely would recommend this to newer kaizo players, however I think more experienced players will get something special out of this as well!
GbreezeSunset From older version: Super Gracie World Link
I have only played a few levels so far because I'm lazy, but it was a great experience so far. Creative design, perfect level lengths and a pretty solid, yet totally realistic, challenge throughout.