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Multiple Midway Points 1.7

SMW Patches → Multiple Midway Points 1.7

Submission Details

Name: Multiple Midway Points 1.7
Authors: Kaijyuu, MarioFanGamer, lx5
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: This patch has the following features:

- Allows you to have up to 256 midway points in every level.
- Allows you to use any level's midway entrance, from 000-1FF, for any level. You're no longer restricted to using the midway entrance in the starting level.
- Allows you to use secondary entrances as well.

See included readme for further information.
Tags: lorom midway points multiple needs remoderation sa-1 secondary entrance
Comments: 12 (jump to comments)
Download 10.57 KiB | 1,931 downloads

Comments (12)

Anas Link
For clarification, please note that this patch is compatible with LM3, according to a few people on the Discord like LX5 and Atari 2.0.
h.carrell Link
is this compatible with the newer lunar magic versions?
 Telinc1 Link
A very needed update to this patch. I used a BizHawk Lua script to check most secondary entrances with random levels, so the new code should work without any problems.

Apart from supporting the new secondary entrances, this update also has a Python script which can automatically regenerate the table file (nice eval on user input, by the way) and a custom object for the midway point. Both of them might be confusing to use but they work fine if you know how to use them.
 MarioFanGamer Author Link
They were... compitable with the latest versions of Lunar Magic the whole time. In fact, this update is supposed to make the extended secondary entrance from Lunar Magic 2.50 compatible with this MMP (and for that matter, 1.6 also made the patch compatible with LM 2.20 due to the changed midway point system).

In other words: The readme hasn't been updated.
AntiDuck Link
Is this finally compatible with the newest Lunar Magic, or is it stuck with versions 1.70 and 1.71?
 MarioFanGamer Author Link
That and a python script for faster table generation (only for fresh tables, though) and a midway point object.
lx5 Author Link
I guess this adds support for the extra secondary entrances, am I right?
DiscoTheBat From older version: Multiple Midway Points 1.6 Link
Well, this patch is a must for those who want to have a way of sharing multiple midways around the level, allowing for an expanded gameplay. Anyway, good work!

Edit: Just a thing, if you used this patch and you are also using SA-1, make sure to download again and repatch it, since the file didn't had full SA-1 support.
lx5 Author From older version: Multiple Midway Points 1.6 Link
Fixed these bugs reported on the ASM forum (hopefully).
lx5 Author From older version: Multiple Midway Points 1.5 Link
No problem ;)
Kaijyuu Author From older version: Multiple Midway Points 1.5 Link
Thank you for updating my patch to modern standards!
DiscoTheBat From older version: Multiple Midway Points 1.5 Link
I'm glad this patch has been done, it is really useful for long levels and puzzles. Good work!