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Details for Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X
Super Mario World Hacks - Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X
File Name: Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X
Authors: Alex No
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 75 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X version 1.11

Fixed some stuff. Should be no problems now, if you find any, please PM me!

it's time for release. Finally after 3 years of working with this hack, all pieces has finally come to the right places, hopfully! It's a pleasure to present a new romhack that people has been waiting for. Now it's released!

Please enjoy!

This game works on: SNES HARDWARE, Snes9x, BSNES, SNES9x on Android.

(not compatible with zsnes)

Two Thwomps are having a competition. To see who is the best smasher. As the competition intensifies the voilent shaking causes a bottle of magic subcon powder to fall from a nearby shelf and break upon impact. The released powder creates a magic door into the world of Subcon. Emerging from this door are Wart and his companion. Bowser enters the room to see what all the racket is about and meets the new visitors. Seizing this opportunity, he lays an evil plan for Mario...

In a letter it says that Mario must come to Mushroom Castle as soon as possible.

Here is a game trailer!
Tags: asm, hdma, plattforming, traditional
Rating: 4.5 (Votes: 4)
Download: Download - 1.85 MiB
The main idea was a "Megaman" like adventure. The choice of bosses takes you to a path of 4 levels and then a boss level. Upon victory Mario does not get a new skill.

Yoshi is not in this game and there is coins and stars to get.

The "yoshi coins" are hard to collect and only give you a live as reward after collecting 5 of them in a level.

The stars when we get a hundred of them a box appears with a random item. The player choose to receive that item with the press of "Y" button. But the box goes away after a few seconds. Get 100 stars to receive a Mushroom as power up is not funny. Should have exclusive items and a reserve box to Player choose when use a reward.

After get to Browser Aka Willy Castle there are a lot, a lot, a lot of levels in contrast of the initial bosses' levels.

Finally at the final of each level the pole at maximum should give a life as reward when player got 5000 points.

All those said I enjoyed your hack and I want to see more...
Thank you for the Hack.
Posted by: sevenlavide -
This was a fun hack! ...until Bowser's Castle. You ramped up the difficulty way, way, WAY too much here, to where most segments become very frustrating. For example, Watch Out! Knives!... In Castle of Spikes 1, you set up the Knives very well- everything is clearly marked, and you can see what's going to happen very easily. Watch Out! Knives!, on the other hand... In the previous level, if you see a long "rail", you know it's a moving Red knife. In this level, they're all over the place, and knives come out of nowhere with no warning at all- and the first red knife WILL hit you if you don't run at full speed and jump just about at the point it comes out of- which you can't know without guessing, because the "rail" completely blocks the animation of it peeking out! As far as I can tell, the intention is for you to jump over it using the one-tile gap above it? But I've never managed to make that work. Worse yet, there's no powerups until after this point, so you're punished even more heavily for dying.

In "It's the Pyroguy!", the water segment is insanely cramped, way beyond fun. You're forced to walk slowly on the ground, because there's spikes everywhere, meaning it's way too easy to get hit- and you MUST have a cape in order to get the secret exit of this level. If that's the intention for the cramped space and spikes everywhere, why not change it up? Make the tunnel to the secret exit path be something where you need precision swimming, like the upper path in that same location! That section, you swim too high or too low, you get hit, but you have good leeway to get through- you can do the same on the bottom path, so you don't need to be so insanely precise through the WHOLE thing, it's just not fun that way.

Speaking of secret exits, the one in What a Smell? (I'd personally recommend this be renamed to "What The Smell?", for a pun!) is very very very obtuse- I had to look in Lunar Magic to find out the screen it was on, and even then, I had to think to figure out what the heck caused a teleport in the first place. It never occured to me to try to climb up with the net until later, because until then all you got for that was a solid ceiling! You may want to notify that better, such as lowering the visible ceiling there a bit- seeing a hole there might make it a little more clear that MAYBE something's up there! (Yes, I know none of the secret exits are marked, but I know you're working on that!)

Keeping on with Bowser's Castle, the bosses. You're using insanely frustrating and very old custom bosses here, such as Thwomp Boss, Giant Koopa, Tutankoopa, and Pounding Koopa. Thwomp Boss is very frustrating to hit, so it typically detracts from the gameplay, not adds to it. Tutankoopa is insanely random, and you have to wait for a specific attack AND know to stand under him during it in order to be able to hit him- and you have to hit him MULTIPLE times during each vulnerable phase! I think it's like, 12 times total? Overall, the RNG in this fight makes it take forever, and it's not fun at all. Then...there's the other two. Put simply: Stun effects. Stun effects are not fun at all. Pounding Koopa is alright-ish about it since it happens on a consistent loop, but when it pounds the ground, it becomes immune to your jumps, and as you do damage, the vulnerable period gets smaller and smaller, making the boss more and more annoying as time goes on; I'm not sure I could call it good design. Giant Koopa, on the other hand... It stuns you EVERY time it lands on the ground. In a large, flat room, this may not be an issue, except you DON'T give it a large, flat room, except the first time- past that, it's all platform-y, which lets it combo you VERY easily as it'll land multiple times in a row. This is taken to the most extreme in the first secret level of the Castle, where you fight against a very fast-moving giant blue koopa with MANY platforms- in fact, the fight pretty much starts with you getting stunlocked into guaranteed damage. This isn't good design at all- if you want to keep these bosses, I'd HIGHLY recommend you remove the stunning effect from them altogether, it's really, really not fun to deal with at all.

Other bosses: All other bosses are pretty dang fun! Ro-Birdo is pretty easy, even in Red form, since it's so easily avoided with the chains, Clawgrip and Triclyde are pretty fun, Mouser is...well, Mouser, and Birdo is Birdo. But Wart... Wart's frustrating. His hitbox is solely on his mouth, and the moment it opens, he fires bubbles that destroy your ammo against him- so the only real way to beat him is to try to time your throws on when you THINK he'll open his mouth. It's not THAT hard to do, but it also makes the fight not fun, especially when his animations start synching up with the veggie spawners, making it very frustrating to grab one without him destroying it or hitting you in the process.

Final Boss is also a bit frustrating, but only on one attack- the spiraling circle of bubbles. It spins too fast to realistically be able to avoid it, so you either get lucky or have to tank a hit. Might wanna tone that down!

Last complaint: Clawgrip's Temple. You have an air meter through this whole level...but you're very, very stingy about giving air. It's to the point that at the midway, if you stop for ANYTHING, you're near-guaranteed to die from air loss, because you won't make it to the next mushroom. I'm not really sure the air meter is really necessary here, especially since it only really appears in this one level- I'd personally recommend you remove it, since it adds nothing to the level to begin with.

On to positives! I really like how you let the player pick the boss they want to fight at every point of the game, kinda like Mega Man! Really great idea. The difficulty of the 8 bosses ramps up nicely as you'd expect, starting easy and then getting difficult at World 8. Very nicely done! My favorite level would probably be... We Need Plumbers! I liked the aesthetics and gameplay of the level!

I liked how the Secret World was primarily remixes of previous gameplay elements, with a few new ones thrown in! I kinda wish it was more remixing, though.

Speaking of aesthetics, you've chosen some really nice tilesets for this!
Posted by: Nimono -
Hi: Can someone help me please? why is it hat despite the fact that I got to and defeated Fire Robirdo I still got 61 esxits instead of 75? Does the hack caointain secret exits despite the levels being all yellow in the map? Thanks for your help.
Posted by: joelcanciones -
Needed a break from Kaizo so did this and beat it. The last Wart battle was so much fun. Amazing and unique hack!
Posted by: KaizoDaemon -
as always: meh english inc.

important: this review is for version 1.0, while 1.1 is already out.

i got 64 exits and according to lunar magic there are 5 level i missed/have no idea how to get to.
since there is no secret exit level at all, the max. exits i can get (according to LM) is 71.

let me say first i was about to give 3* but because of the amazing overworld i give a bonus. so it will be 4*.

the levels are okay, nothing special tho.
you can softlock a bunch of times by "losing" a certain (custom)item that you need. most rooms have a reset-pipe/door but not all do.
i found 2 levels where the "reset door" lead to an earlier/later level. "warts revenge" is a good example, i totally skipped the bossfight with wart but still finished the level. a couple of times (just 3 examples) you can take items with you or get multiple items by takeing them with you into the reset pipe, which can create some funny bugs. pic 2 btw used to be one of these detonators, now it is a really weird springboard which is invisible when mario holds it.

some bosses are way too easy. mainly birdo(s) which can be killed with fireflowers.
others you can scroll the boss offscreen and wait for whatever enemy/item to spawn then just go to the boss throw it at him and scroll him offscreen again.

you are able to just skip certain dialogues, for example the bowser fight, if you jump over him it skips his dialogue. if you walk near him you get the dialogue. you dont even need to fly, just a normal jump gets you over it.

not really a problem but you can always fly over the flagpole and end behind it. only 2 times did i see a not finished part which i could drop to my death.

some custom sprites have a weird hitbox.

sometimes its hard to tell whats background and what not.

as alrdy mentioned, no red levels so i assume no secret exits.

when you collect 100 stars a "roulette" starts which you can take into other rooms, once it stops you can claim a prize. if you get a starman, this can lead to some weird interactions/bugs. especially if you manage to get them into the bossfights. which is hard to do but doable.

it lacks some textboxes. i didnt know how to claim the 100* prize at first.
finishing certain parts (like the "special world" or bowsers castle) opens up a new part IF you remember to go back into peachs castle.
the detonator at first blowed me up.

i do recommend the hack, but i feel like its nothing too special.
its a beautiful hack, plays nice and has a really cool overworld.
1.0 had a lot of bugs, breaks and just weird things.
Posted by: kaitri -
Nice hack!!!
Posted by: Daniel133 -
OMG, I see your face!
Posted by: kamekku14 -
This game is awesome. Enough said.
Posted by: EddyCartoon -
Alex No
If you find anything that i have not discovered, please PM me!
Posted by: Alex No -

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