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The artifacts of marvelous birds

Super Mario World Hacks → The artifacts of marvelous birds

Submission Details

Name: The artifacts of marvelous birds
Author: exit1337
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 45 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Finally, after 10 years of working on this project, I am able to present the 3rd (and last) demo of The artifacts of marvelous birds - or short: Taomb

This hack features five complete worlds with 45 exits to check out
* New levels
* New overworld
* New music
* New story which is not complete in this demo
* A LOT of custom (self-drawn) graphics
* Many custom effects/sprites/blocks

Expect a mysterious adventure through tropical islands, dubious fields, haunted forests and icy areas.
Please keep in mind that the first two worlds are really old, though some parts of levels have been revamped. The great quality of this hack definitely lies within later worlds, so don't quit too soon!
This hack starts out really easy, but gets harder and harder as you progress. World 4 and 5 do get challenging.

This hack has been completely made using Lunar Magic 1.63, Block Tool Super Deluxe and SpriteTool (among others), so there are much more limits than what you can do nowadays with newer versions.

All being said, enjoy!
Tags: asm bosses exgfx hdma music original graphics story traditional
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
3.7 (3 ratings)
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Comments (9)

neidoodle Link
Graphics and atmosphere make this a really unique project. The level design is solid all over, it´s a joy to play this.
yoshi3706 Link
nice hack, bro :D
 exit1337 Author Link
Yeah why don't you use an accurate emulator instead -.-
SomeGuy712x Link
I just started co-op playing this with someone else recently, and have played through the first 3 worlds so far. And, we found a found a few issues not mentioned by others here yet:

In Flee the bees!, there's a part where you have to jump over obstacles above the top of the screen, because the camera doesn't scroll up. At least that part is brief, and doesn't seem to contain any hidden hazards.

In #3 Arroyo's Tower, something seems to be wrong with the graphics in the main area that you start in, because hitting blocks or collecting coins sometimes leaves half of the tiles' graphics still there. Like, you'll see only half of a brown block after hitting a ? block, or only half a coin will vanish upon it being collected on occasion. And, when a Chuck destroyed a set of ice blocks at one point, some of them left half of their tile, and some of them didn't have their graphics disappear at all. There were still solid-looking ice blocks that didn't actually exist anymore and could be walked through.

And, the last thing I've found so far is that going into the teleporter just north of Spiny Attack places the player on an off-screen teleporter on the right side of the world 4 submap. Certainly not game-breaking, as I can still move or warp back just fine from there, but I was wondering where I was for a moment when I first warped there.
Alcazar Link
There IS actually an update ??
Wasnt this hack canceled years ago...? :P
TheBasicKid331 Link
What the hell? You've been working on this hack for 10 years!?! Wow!
Liam Plays Link
This is an AMAZING hack. Just the design, the sprites, the music and the level design is spectacular. This is a very fun hack to play. If you would like you can check out my youtube video on it here: With that being said, amazing hack!
 Lazy Link
A cute hack that has a nostalgic 2009 aesthetic to it. The design is fine for the most part, though there are a few things that hamper the gameplay. The biggest issue is huge amount of padding. A lot of levels require you to go back and forth through the same sections, usually to bring an item to someplace. This is hardly engaging level design and shows some laziness on the author's part. The large amount of secret exits towards the end of the hack is frustrating as well as you spend a needlessly long amount of time sifting through levels that you've already beat. The many pipes to check don't help either.

Some misc. notes:
- It's possible to get softlocked in Piranha Sand Cave by R-scrolling right before the autoscroll starts. You might want to fix this in a future update.
- Some of the reset pipes felt superfluous. You would have to go out of your way to mess up some of these challenges.
- It's hilariously easy to despawn the bees in Flee from bees!
- The "ghost house with doors that lead back to the start" cliche is really tired by now. It just isn't fun to play in any way.
- The last puzzle in Locked Rooms is both insidious and brilliant. I can see some people getting stuck on that.
- The spikes in Aros' Underworld are really hard to see.
- The increased HP for the chucks doesn't do much since you can just hit them over and over without them ever having a chance to attack you. You're just wasting the player's time at that point.
- The music that plays in the forest covered with bloodied corpses seems a bit too calming for this occasion. (Unless this is meant to parody Snakewood.)
Green Jerry Link

Wrong Monty Mole sprite.