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Quickie World

Super Mario World Hacks → Quickie World

Submission Details

Name: Quickie World
Author: Valdio
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: Yes
Length: 14 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Hey kid, you wanna go fast?

Quickie World is a fast paced Kaizo with very forgiving difficulty, meant for those who don't want to spend hours grinding out levels, but still want an exciting challenge. It includes 3 Worlds, 15 Exits, and custom music.

Inspired by games like:

- Korosu Mario World
- Super Gracie World
- Legends of Mario

Here's a list of things you won't find in Quickie World:

- Doors
- Cutscenes
- Kaizo Blocks
- Water Levels
- Autoscrollers
- Ice Physics
- Subworlds
- Bosses
- Secret Exits
- "Trolls"
- Switch Palaces

Good luck!


- Fixed potential softlock
- Fixed an overworld oversight (walking right on "Sawrfing Castle")
- Minor graphical improvements
- Last update unless some major break is found. Thanks for playing!


- Better Retry System (thanks White Moth!)
- Fixed "Rainbow Road" music

- Added Retry System
- Minor nerfs in "Tower of Power" and "Everything is Fine"
- New music in "Rainbow Road"
- New color palette on "Linkdead Shed"
Tags: asm music traditional vanilla
Comments: 119 (jump to comments)
4.8 (74 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (119)

Nastadon Link
This is the first Hack I have played and just finished it today. Probably spent a good 6 hours over 5 days beating it, in between playing Mario Maker so that was messing me up going between the physics of both games haha. However I am now drawn in and want to play more hacks!
Zylix_ Link
My favorite hack i've played! :D getting the second
usaername Link
Very hard to read. Definitely not the most fun hack out there.
b1ggi Link
Nice Beginner Hack, thanks
sourpig Link
Really fun beginner hack. It was my second hack to ever play after Kaizo Kindergarten, and it felt simple to understand and difficult to master. The buzz saw castle is a favorite of mine.
Jest3r1984 Link
Now let's try quickie world2! THX for the hack, just the good amound of difficulty for me.
Tripii Link
First hack for me, nice short sections for a beginner and gain the confidence to get in to Kaizo. Thanks Valdio!

GLHF #smw{:peace:}
AtomicElephants Link
Great hack, was a lot of fun!
Will86 Link
Great first hack! kicked my ass but glad i beat it, thanks!
LlesS Link
Very good starter hack with excellent difficulty progression. I had a lot of fun replaying levels I had already beaten to see if I could do it again without the checkpoint.

I have played other hacks but this is the first one I finished. Took 1.5 hours to beat the main game and an extra hour for special world.
cymx Link
third kaizo game i finished (after love yourself and quickie world 2).

it's really fun, although I don't think it's a fantastic hack if you're just starting since there are a couple of difficulty spikes at Tower of Power and Sawrfing Castle (although I struggled more with Tower of Power than the latter somehow)

good hack regardless, took me about 4 hours total to finish
God Of Fruit Link
This hack is good for those looking for a first hack to get into Kaizo, though I wouldn't say it's one of my favorites personally. The levels have a nice flow to them, but I found quite a few of them forgettable. The difficulty curve was also really weird, with most of the game being pretty easy with a massive spike at Sawfring, then a couple hard levels in the Special world, before the hack closes out with an underwhelming final stage that's one of the easiest in the game (though it does look pretty cool). There's also a couple janky parts like an invisible Yoshi and a spinning shell throw, though those aren't too terrible. Decent hack, especially as one of your first Kaizos, but not one I'd come back to myself.

Overall: 6/10
AnkisethTheMonk Link
Not a single level in here I flat-out hate. Sawrfing Castle has a reputation as being too hard for this hack. I can kind of agree with this. It's not terrible but the first time can really kick your teeth in. Tower of Power is another spot where I hit a wall on my first playthrough.

Well-polished, focused on flow, clever design without getting too clever, easy to read...just a great hack all around. GG Valdio.

Took a bit under an hour to finish. Video of most recent playthrough:
Fun hack overall, definitely a decent hack for beginners, then there's just Sawrfing Castle with the random difficulty spike out of nowhere.
ExtraCheese53 Link
Very fun hack with a few difficulty spikes. Was a good challenge for a slightly more advanced beginner. Looking forward to starting the sequel soon.
Beastabooey Link
Grace Kemp Link
This hack gets recommended quite a lot for beginners. In my opinion: If you just started out and only completed Baby Kaizo World so far, this hack is not for you (yet).
At first, the difficulty progresses nice and smooth. But with the levels "Everything is fine" and right after that "Sawrfing Castle" the difficulty increases brutally. After spending 6 hours on "Everything is fine" i was already very frustrated, even after beating it. "Sawrfing Castle" beats that again by a long way. Also two levels in a row where you spend most of the time shell-spinning on saws, i was not a big fan of... And btw, in "Sawrfing Castle" the distance between the two flames and the twos saws didn't seem to be consistend all the time.

All in all im sure this is a good hack and fun for people with the right amount of skill. Beginners should beware though. 3/5 for me.
BUX88 Link
Excellent hack, you have a good sense of achievement when completed. I particularly loved the end credits music👌🏻. 5/5
haine9 Link
Very good beginner friendly rom hack. After baby 1+2 and love yourself, felt like the perfect little step up in difficulty. 1 hour in Sawrfing castle the rest was very challenging but never frustrating. Thanks god last boss is free, noone likes kaizo bosses! 5/5 #smw{:TUP:}
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
Fun hack, but has some roughness.
The difficulty is very inconsistant between levels. (Last level being one of the easiest)
Throwing shells while spinning is jank and can lead to frustation.
No explainations to the more obscure tricks. (except 1 I guess)
having the hardest obsticle by far!
Good shell throw/jump indicators.
No counter-break!
The last level has cheese, the player can go above the celling!

Rating: 3/5
Recommanded to the more skillful beginners

Fun facts:
RubyPhantasia Link
Overall, a fairly solid hack. Most of the levels are interesting, and appropriate for beginners - albeit more towards the middle of Kaizo:Beginner. It'd be a good hack after someone's played a few other beginner hacks, like Love Yourself.
The one exception is
Sawrfing Castle
. That level was a complete difficulty spike, and probably took almost as long to beat as the entire rest of the hack. I feel it would have been better off
as an optional level, rather than part of the main game
NixKillsMyths Link
Really loved this hack, Sawrfing was really hard relative to the rest of the hack, but there are many great levels and I really enjoyed my 100% playthrough. As a beginner I definitely feel like I have improved a lot as a kaizo player after finishing this.
Codephoenix Link
The only level I didn't enjoy was Rainbow Road, luckily that's not required and is only in the special world. Overall not bad of a hack.
inkyBone Link
Perfect for beginners
Kaiz0bro Link
Excellent hack! Perfect for beginners! I would recommend playing through Learn 2 Kaizo first (at least beat Test 2) and maybe get through the Regrabs section of Panga's Kaizo Kindergarten and that should prepare you for everything in this hack. 5/5
ArtieLiu Link
A good and consistent game.
This is my 3rd kaizo, easy and hard enough to my level.
Sammit64 Link
The 2nd hack I have ever played, and it was a blast. Easy enough to be accessible for me, but hard enough to push my limits.
hcwdy Link
Loved it! First Kaizo hack I've played, can't wait to get through the next 2 :)
RandomType Link
Its a really great hack but sawrfing castle was really kicking my ass i hate and love this level at the same time really good job i had alot of fun "i guess"
Theresy Link
Had a lot of fun with this, definitely made me better at shell jumps
BunBunAshly Link
love this hack lots <3
jvg Link
Incredible hack for beginner kaizo. Recommend after playing Learn2Kaizo, you'll be perfectly prepared.
JudithPrietht Link
Amazing beginner hack! Took me a lot more than a couple of hours as this was my first kaizo hack but it was worth gritting my teeth.
CM9 Link
pretty dang fun, I'm excited more than ever to play more kaizo hacks
El_Rey530 Link
I FINALLY!!! beat Sawrfing Castle. The Special world was a great conclusion to this hack. Great hack for beginners and anyone looking for a fast paced kaizo experience. And the credits song is a banger!
ZemBecile Link
This was my first kaizo hack, and I had a blast! I didn't get stuck too badly anywhere aside from Sawrfring, but even that was a lot of fun. I had to look up a few things I didn't know how to do, but overall a very beginner friendly hack!
GruntMastaFlash Link
A really fun hack, which is perfect for developing a growing kaizo skillset. The stage lengths are challenging without being overwhelming for new players. Definitely a staple hack for anyone new to kaizo. Beating Sawrfing Castle feels like graduating from kaizo high school. Fantastic hack!
Mingronator Link
Amazing hack. This was my first Kaizo game and it was great. Levels are fun and the difficulty curve increases in a rewarding way.
Some levels will stick in my mind for quite some time

Thanks and congratulations for the creator
MorrieTheMagpie Link
As mentioned plenty by others, this was a fantastic hack.
drxmario Link
I loved this hack, and it was a great introduction to kaizo. Even Sawrfing was great for all its difficulty. It helped me develop some skills I was sorely lacking, and helped me learn how to find cues for setups and how to grind productively. Great game, thanks Valdio.
fugalfervor Link
Really awesome hack. My first 100% Kaizo as well.

Any harder and I would have had to give up. Any easier and I would have been bored. Absolutely perfect thing to play after Kaizo Kindergarten (which I didn't quite finish, but it taught me enough to complete this one)
Steamed_Hams Link
First 100% kaizo hack, took me a month or so but had so much fun.

I know Sawrfing Castle gets a lot of stick for being really hard but the difficulty feels about right for a 'boss stage'. I actually think it took me longer to do Tower of Power.

At any rate a wonderful hack.
santiagomcrib Link
Dear Valdio,

Thank you for this very nice game. I'm sorry for the mean things I said after
falling for the last jump in Barb's Shiphole (twice).

Santiago McRib

VolleytheBall Link
Finally, first real Kaizo hack 100%. What an great game. Thank you
Fryinb Link
Very great hack
Gurggz Link
Very fun hack. Being my first real romhack, this is a great introduction.
diminish Link
I know nothing about Kaizo games. This hack was my first game to try that quickly forced me to go play Kaizo Kindergarten, which I wasn't able to beat, but did teach me about shell kicks? After giving up on Kindergarten I picked up Quickie World and after plenty of suffering was able to finish it. I used 1 save state in Sawrfing Castle, but a stage with no checkpoint = fair game to save states. And I did try, about 600 times. Overall, if I can beat this game, even if I did only use 1 save state, then anyone can play this and eventually beat it. It felt great to finally get through it. Highly recommended hack. Do play and don't rage, take breaks, watch a play through if needed. Sawrfing Castle is the hardest stage in the hack because it has no check point, don't bash yourself if you need a save state.

I'm not finished with Sawrfing Castle, I'm still working at clearing it "properly" with no save states, and I will eventually.

*finally beat Sawrfing Castle without save states*
mixernock Link
muy util para los kaizo beginners

como yo...xd
Str4ng3 Link
This was my first ever hack that I've finished, and my third hack that I've ever played (I spent some time on Learn 2 Kaizo and Kaizo Kindergarten, didn't finish both), and even though I'm a complete beginner I was able to finish this fairly quickly and have a lot of fun doing so, I really enjoyed most of the levels (I only hated one actually, but that's because I sucked at it) and was able to learn some new stuff through them.
Minish Yoshi Link
This Kaizo hack was quite fun, and is great for beginners (especially when it comes to teaching regrabs). However, I did dislike the fact that about half of the music was vanilla, and that Sawrfing Castle just felt really rough compared to all of the other levels in the game, creating an odd difficulty spike. None of the levels really felt exceptionally clever, generic more than anything else. Despite these flaws, great work!
ZeroFrames Link
Realy good! I had a lot of fun. =D
bsolt Link
Fast and fun, never a dull moment! 5/5
ChocolateMuffinPancake Link
My first Kaizo hack after lern 2 Kaizo and it was really enjoyable. Fun level ideas and always satisfying to beat them. Not too hard to get frustrated (except one particulat castle #tb{^^} ) but always challenging. Great experience for beginners like me or people looking for a fast paced, short and sweet game.
Love this hack!
AbraZZZo Link
Hey Kaizo-Hack-Community,

I'm new in here, so first of all: hello everyone!

This is the second hack I'm playing (after Robfather World), and I love it.
Great customs music, nice difficulty for beginners. Challenging, but not too hard.

Unfortunately I struggle with the second level in the star world (it's the yoshi level).
I don't get the first jump, where you have to eat the shell to kill the goombas.
Everytime the same:
I eat the shell, I spit the fire to kill the goombas, I jump of yoshi .... but the yoshi has not enough speed for the rest of the part,... I'm getting crazy. Is there any technique I have to use to make this part work?

I got it once, but that was very lucky and I'm not able to do it again (yet).

Anyways: totally love this hack!

Thanks for sharing that with us!

Ferlow_Y Link
Great hack for beginners. Could've used a less vanilla soundtrack tho.
jquery861 Link
Divertido, sabroso. Comienzo de una era.
containercore Link
Great hack! Learned a lot, never got frustrated once.
xxmagegagexx Link
I LOVE this hack, it was my 2nd hack ever after Baby Kaizo, and I went through it very smoothly.
I got very salty at sawfring castle, which alone took 2 hours of my 5 hour playthrough time.
Quite a few banger tracks in this hack as well. Especially at the very end. I recommend this hack to anyone starting out for sure! #w{=)}
Pokepowerz Link
This was my first Kaizo hack, and I loved it til the end. The only level I didn't like was Sawrfing Castle; that level can go shove a saw up it's ass. However, I do not regret this being my first Kaizo hack, and I can't wait to play Quickie World 2! Here are my times.
Ccedric68 Link
In three words : I loved it ! #smw{:TUP:}

Thank you for your creation Valdio, it was a nice challenge, especially in the last world. Perfect for practicing and improving skills !
Very nice job!

If you never tried it, play this jewel ! #smw{:peace:}
anoMaly666 Link
Very nice Hack. Cleared all Exits and i'm pretty happy about. I learnt so much
Not to hard, it was always fun playing
Good job!
Great hack. Some levels can be pretty tough but glad I stuck through and cleared all 14
earthmeLon Link
This is a great hack and it will always hold a special place in my heart. This was the first hack I played and has taught me a lot. Thank you to Valdio for creating it, and for all of those who have played it and helped others to find it.

Quickie World is a very fun hack that improves your skill for various techniques without making things too tight. The level of difficulty increases as you move through the hack without spiking to much.

The hardest/tightest part of Quickie World may be Sawfring Castle. Do not be discouraged if this level takes you some time, as it is difficult, but worth the trouble.
thethirdextent Link
I can't believe I haven't commented on this game yet. This is one of my favorite games EVER. Thank you for making it! It has brought both tears of joy and of speedrun frustration to this old gamer's eyes! Thank you again!
Zappa Link
This hack is overall really fun and has great music. In my second playthrough Sawrfing Castle wasn't as bad/hard as i first thought it was.
gresh Link
really cool, taught me a lot
gmo7897 Link
After trying out several hacks, this is the first I made it through 100%. Thoroughly enjoyable with good difficulty and learning curve for even beginners. Really well done.
CaptainCat Link
I'm not able to run the game for some reason.
I've hit a dead end on helplessly googling so I hope someone here is able to help me.
I'm using the latest version of windows 10 and snes9x on a really weak laptop and just get the badchecksum error and a black screen.
Don't know if I let out something important, but if anyone has the patience to deal with this: You're my only hope.
callmedoor Link
I have to give it up to Valdio. QW is a great little hack. There is only one level that is truly a nightmare, but even still, the rest of the hack is great for beginners and intermediate players.

Will recommend whenever possible.
SethOsDotEXE Link
This is the second kaizo hack I have completed after quickie world 2.
IMO more difficult than QW2 but still beginner friendly. Well designed levels with a fair difficulty curve. The Second castle destroyed me. Very fun hack good work Valdio.
Typodestoyer Link
Great hack. Enjoyable from start to finish, reasonable checkpoints, solid variety of levels, and a second castle that drove me insane with some of the worst chokes I've ever had.

Thanks, Valdio. This was solid.
Teddyloid Link
I'm a amateur in Kaizo stuff and your hack is pretty enjoyable, thanks mate!
Well done!.
StacheAttack Link
Outstanding Kaizo starter hack! Highly recommended!

Thank you Valdio!
nathew Link
This is a great hack to start out with for Kaizo, it's what got me hooked. Some things can take a little getting used to for newbies and there are some quirks to be sure, but each level is short and fun and takes minimal grinding for the hard parts.
OneMillionBC Link
Really loved this. I've played a few levels of other Kaizo hacks, but this was the first one I concentrated and finished, mostly blind. The shorter level length was very good for newer Kaizo players, and there was a nice variety of challenges, with the difficulty ramping up a bit towards the end.
Manored Link
"Forgiving difficulty" is quite relative here, I have died some 50 times without getting past the first section of the first level.

Make no mistake ye who comes after me, this thing is very hard. If you don't think absolutely everything in the original SMW was a cakewalk, you have no chance.
ThaSacredTurtle Link
I can't get this hack to work or any hack on this site for that matter. I really want to get into this stuff, but I seem to be at a lost. I have made sure I have headers, and super Mario world and I just have no idea how to make this work at all. So guess I'll never get to play any rom hacks.
awleh Link
Amazing hack! So much so that it motivated me to make an account here just so i could 5* it.
Great job, Valdio! Can't wait for Quickie World 2 :)
rymdkarl Link
First hack I ever beaten, was tons of fun! Really appreciate the effort of making all levels aesthetically pleasing besides being real fun to play.

Highly recommended!
OperationSpirit Link
I was looking for a kaizo hack that was easy enough for me to start playing these games, and after a few attempts I remembered of seeing this one, and it has been an awesome experience, it makes really easy to understand the SMW mechanics and the level design is so fluid and fun that it makes you want to learn how to beat it, and the satisfaction after you beat a level is incredible. Totally in love with this hack, the soundtrack is fire btw.
TheOldThunder Link
Excellent hack, is pretty much exactly as advertised. Difficult enough to provide a challenge, but not so difficult as to turn newer players away. Art direction and soundtrack are well-thought out and interesting. Mostly minimizes SMW jank.
om_nomnom Link
This was my first kaizo hack, and I had a lot of fun playing it. It was a major challenge with my (lack of) skill, but I had a fun time dying over and over.
NeoZero Link
Finally a Kaizo that can train your timing without suffer. \('0'\)
It is a good Kaizo to the beginners me included :T to learn the basics of an Kaizo.
The ckeckpoints here saved me from rage, btw.
Without using savestates, I finished 5 levels in under 1 hour :D
Note: 5/5 ( ^-^)/
Tony.Metcalfe Link
Awesome hack!! Really fun to play!
willy1inch Link
Perfect introductory kaizo.
eronios Link
A truly fun hack, and great for learning. Well done.
albertleetaiwan Link
Great for intro kaizo hack
MikeNManda Link
Great hack. Levels are short and flow very well. Checkpoints are well placed and appreciated. Would love to see another hack like this. This is my first Kaizo hack, and it is a good one to start with. I see myself playing this one for a while. It should be fun to speedrun.
Hectorious BIG Link
A lot of fun to play. Fairly simple but in a good way, made it very easy to sit down and enjoy.
Proxoa Link
GrandPooBear adviced this hack for new Kaizo players. And I approve of his choice! I've watched tons of kaizo hacks and 3 hours ago I tried my best on this hack. Fumbling about at the start as a new "kaizo player", but I am proud to say that I beat the first 2 levels in under 3 hours with 0 prior kaizo experience (and with little SMW experience). The geart music and short levels really help! Can't wait to play the rest of the hack!
Allrounder Link
Great hack for people who are new to kaizo. You learn a huge part of all the kaizo "basics" and it's not "frustrating" either. Really enjoyed the hack. Looks great, music is really good aswell and of course the gameplay is fun too.
NewPointless Link
Also my first Kaizo. Addictive and fun. Highly recommend!
jomyjomy Link
My first Kaizo ROM hack finish. I used save states, but still, very enjoyable. Probably a good gateway kaizo game for building your skillz.
Maerk Link
"No Kaizo Blocks/Trolls"
get_yo_pops Link
Loved this one. that thwimp jump </3.
osumariokartman Link
Is there something I need to play this on console? I have an SD2SNES, and when I got to Chuck City, it froze at "Mario Start".

EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out. Something was messed up with my SD2SNES's firmware.
Valdio Author Link

Intro: Top Gear - Race 1
Overworld 1: Funky Boo - Original SMWCentral Submission
Level 1: Groovy - Original SMWCentral Submission
Level 2: Top Gear - Race 2
Level 3: Sophia - Mr Gimmick
Overworld 2: Predestined Fate - VVVVVV
Level 8: Stardust Speedway - Sonic CD
Level 10: Top Gear - Race 4
Level 14: Rainbow Road - Mario Kart 64
Level 15: Potential for Anything - VVVVVV
Boo Fight: Ghost Fight - Undertale
Credits: What is Love - Haddaway (Ported by myself)
Gibas Link
Could you say the name of the musics? Or is there a way to see it?
Gibas Link
Is there any place with the name of the musics or a way to download them? Nice hack!
biblionaut Link
Short and fun hack. Working exactly as intended.
ShadoWingx Link
Nice hack, I hope one day I can make such a fun hack.

 BeeKaay Link
Thanks for adding retry and nerfing the first castle. Having finished the hack, I enjoyed most of it. Indeed, most levels didn't require hours of grinding and took me less than an hour, with the notable exception of the second castle, which took eight hours. That level alone makes this a non-beginner-friendly hack.
Goon795 Link
I'm a noob in term of romhack and I am not able to apply the patch to my clean super mario world rom and I know that I did the manipulation correctly. If someone could help me I'd really appreciate it because I really want to play this romhack thanks.
mikaelsza Link
Rashiro vs domenyX vs Killer Pizza
NaroGugul Link
So ive just played the hack. If i have to criticize something i would say the beginning message is kinda misleading, as ive found myself having to slow down MANY times. Like in the level "glitchcat lake".

While the hack is on the easier side and the levels are very short, i probably wouldnt recommend it as a first kaizo (or maybe even for real beginners) as it require the player to be somewhat confortable with the controller intricacies (mostly regrabs), and to have some good repertoire of tricks.
trillian Link
Is that "What is Love" in the credits?

Seriously though, nice hack. The levels were a bit short, but they were fun.
NeXuS15 Link
Really fun and easy kaizo hack, i recommend it to everyone who wants to get into kaizo.
wacfwaef Link
I've only play the first 3 levels and it's been awesome and easy so far. The rest of them I might play on stream tonight.
I think that it's the perfect romhack for kaizo beginners. You did a great job with this romhack.
blaze800000 Link
great hack
Dannovision Link
This is my first difficult Mario hack and so far I am really enjoying it. I watched Barbarian play it on youtube and thought I would have a chance. It takes a complete beginner (haven't really played any mario hacks before) quite a while per level. So far I am on the second level ending. Cannot for the life of me get past that shell less koopa. So far I am really liking it as the sections per level seem really short, and I get time to practice little techniques.

EDIT: Up to the fourth level. trying to find a place to practice shell jumps though as I have never had to do one.
 Linkdeadx2 Link
If you are looking to get into kaizo hacks and want an easier transition this might be what you are looking for. Levels sections are shorter and jumps are a little less tight than most kaizo hacks.

A few janky exist like yoshi going invisible in the rainbow level and some map16 edits.

Difficulty 1/5
ThirdWall Link
This hack was super creative, great for a quick play-through. My only suggestion would be to have made the final boss a little bit harder. Otherwise great work Valdio!
white_moth Link
really great easy hack. most fun I've had with a kaizo hack in a while!
This rom-hack is awesome! Not so hard, but very entertaining! ^^
Valdio Author Link
I really apreciate you guys playing this so soon after release and giving me helpful feedback.

I went ahead and nerfed Tower of Power and Everything is Fine.

Also, got the Retry System working at the expense of looping the music after each death. The other way would horribly glitch the overworld music for some reason.
 BeeKaay Link
I managed to get to the first castle pretty quickly, and it was fun. The castle seems like a sharp difficulty spike and could use a nerf. I'd also love retry.
HmWhyNot Link
Really REALLY fun hack. Short, simple, and sweet. One of my favorite hacks I've played so far. :D
Arisendead Link
Amazing GG Valdio playing this in just a few watched Hmwhynot do a playthrough!