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Super Mario Legacy

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario Legacy

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario Legacy
Author: Ragey
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 140 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Super Mario Legacy is a traditionally styled platform game inspired primarily by Super Mario Bros. 3 and Yoshi's Island, and is the result of many years of development.

Features 75 challenging stages, colourful graphics, and a ton of ASM enhancements, including a game difficulty option, multiple midway points, hundreds of custom blocks and sprites, and utilization of the SA-1 chip to power features that would otherwise be impossible.
Tags: asm bosses exgfx exploration hdma music sa-1 traditional
Comments: 51 (jump to comments)
4.0 (22 ratings)
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Comments (51)

GabbyGal87 Link
Holy crap! Some of the red coins are in the most asinine places. Seriously, it's awful, frustrating, and so annoying. I have to look up where at least one coin in the levels are. One coin, in Ashen Plateau 3 has you wait at a pipe which seems to only release fuzzies, but after around 100 units of time, suddenly, a platform comes out. No indication that's what I have to do. Another level had me climb a tree, which you NEVER do that anywhere else, as far as I'm aware, and again, ZERO indication of being able to do so.
Learn some game design. Teach your players. We can't read your mind.
Zelda1995 Link
Can you make super Mario legacy 2
chrismo Link
Great level designs (especially red coin hideouts).
Great aesthetics (sprites, backgrounds).
Great difficulty (no Kaizo but very challenging)
TheXander Link
REALLY a cool hack, excellent work Ragey
Sunnyfish Link
I'm in World 6 now, and my primary complaint is the level length. Some of them are just way too bloody long. If you have 3+ checkpoints, you could easily break that level into two. It was crazy frustrating to finally get to the end of a hard and long level, only to find something like a jump where you have to be almost pixel-perfect in your execution or you die. That part with the rising water and the red fish at the end of that long level felt bad, too.
5-4 was a perfect example of this, with a super hard beginning part and then a super long level after that with a crazy-precise do-or-dead jump right at the very end. 5-4 could have been 2 levels, easy. I am not ashamed at all to say that I save-stated the heck out of that level.
I wouldn't say nothing I've done so far has been bad, per say, just the level design needs some serious work.
5/10 (3/5 stars)

Edit: I guess I would also consider the difficulty scaling to be all over the place. 5-4 was crazy hard and then most of 6 has been easy so far (up to the level I'm stuck at now near the end of 6).
pistoffjstr Link
How do you find the extra exits? Ive gone through a few levels multiple times and found nothing.
Retro Master HD Link
By collecting all of the 8 red coins in the levels with a red dot.
SlKoTOT Link
I Selected Difficult Normal, Like A Normal Is Hard Or Expert Is Very Hard.
MickeySupermario16 Link
No!! The rom is not good is it Very bad because of
SA 1 and that is one thing
Wrong is webon shit #smw{>:|} #fim{>:(}#smw{>:(}
Trexxenn87 Link
why are the red coins so hard to find in some levels? false difficulty is not difficulty. the tedium of having to loop four times for 2 coins in ashen plateau 4, putting coins behind foreground, putting them above the screen. it just makes no sense to put them like that unless you're just trying to be obnoxious in an otherwise pretty great romhack. 5/10 because of having spend hours on non-kaizo levels.
Jose4400 Link
Cool Hack

How to get all 5 flower in Steam Pools 1
formulachicken Link
while i enjoyed all of the custom things you added, and the games aesthetics are beautiful, i dont understand why you had to have secret exits for basically every single level. the levels were quite long sometimes and it felt tedious having to replay every level to get the red coins only to skip a level or two. i dont know how this hack is only hard because by world 2 i was dying consistently (dont know if i am just bad or not). if this hack was a tad easier at the start and had less secret exits it would be a lot better
feelps Link
cansativa e cada fase parece não ter fim
girino Link
i have a question the carol in the credits is the same carol who has the brutal mario?
girino Link
is game is good, if you make more games i will play#smrpg{y}
jBL00D Link
Just finished this hack. For the most part I would say it was pretty good.

The aesthetics and music were 10/10. The difficulty curve I thought was good although some parts kinda unfair. The level design was very good and surprisingly didn't feel too repetitive which is tough when making that many worlds and levels.

As few things I wasn't fond of was taking out some of the SMW mechanics like the reserve power ups and spin jumps. Especially given that there were so many piranha plants and volcano lotus. Other features lost like floating with items in water and knocking out koopas out of their shell.

Was a little disappointed that the cape was introduced so late in the game. Giving only the fire flower for the first half of the game was turning boring very quick.

Some of the Red Coins were definitely more hidden than needed to be.

The boss fights were also a little bland.

Overall I'd rank it a 6/10
Danik2343 Link
Good Hack, Completed on Expert and get 140 exits for ~ 8:54 (Hours:Minutes)
DSprl Link
Originally posted by Angeldemon617
Cool hack. But I have a question. Where can I find all the 8 red coins in the level Ashen Plateau 3? I could only find seven of them. I swear I searched in every corner of the level. In the first grass section, there are 2 coins, the next one is in the first section of the cave, the next 3 are in the second cave section, and in the last cave section before the exit there's only one. How I'm supposed to find the last coin? :(

have you see the pipe where the spiky black ball come? wait for the wood platform, in the last cave
alternateSMW_ Link
Why is this hack locked with even Modern Recover Lunar Magic unable to open? I'm going to end up having to look through videos to find all the red coins anyway, it'd be much easier if I could just look up all the levels in LM.

Edit: I've made it to Freezeezy Peak 3. You're starting to just put red coins above the screen with 0 indication. Why? Now that's twice in one level I had to replay a section because I went in the pipe before getting a coin. That's so stupid. There's no reason for it to be this annoying. This could be solved if I could just follow along in Lunar Magic but no, you had to be a jerk about it. I do appreciate that I can skip replaying if I get the coins first but it puts so much pressure on me to get them first try that I can't enjoy the good design qualities at all.

When I loaded my save, the world 3 castle did not stay beaten for some reason. Not a huge deal but I hate the inconsistency. I have no idea how your autosave works now. Cleary it doesn't save midpoints which is so infuriating, especially considering it seems like you disabled life farm entirely. The one instance of star and it just stops when you get to the 1-Up part. That's amazingly unfair.

It's like you took every possible way to make this hack unpleasant and did it which is such a shame. You clearly put a lot of work in this hack. It looks great and when it's not shoving red coins down my throat, it's actually quite well designed and fun. You could have simply had less secret exits and kept some, did something better with. Alternate path, anything. Hell, putting the key and key hole literally at the goal is better than this. I like that this hack has lots of shortcuts, that's great for replayability but this hack has none. Anyone going after the red coins is clearly going for 100% anyway. This helps no one. No one will want to go through this torture again or speedrun it. That's unfortunate how close you were.

I hope no one actually attempts Frost Spire secret blind. This hack should be rejected just based on this level.

I managed to get 4-Castle to save. Not sure if it just did automatically or from walking. Walking definitely doesn't save midpoints.
Angeldemon617 Link
Cool hack. But I have a question. Where can I find all the 8 red coins in the level Ashen Plateau 3? I could only find seven of them. I swear I searched in every corner of the level. In the first grass section, there are 2 coins, the next one is in the first section of the cave, the next 3 are in the second cave section, and in the last cave section before the exit there's only one. How I'm supposed to find the last coin? :(
wow is so cool (wow es muy genial)

sKi3t Link
Nice hack bro, looks like would have made by Nintendo, you really had a nice job
The Lucifer of Gaming Link
Ok so far from what I've played of it, it's not bad, but the part about the no spin jump thing threw me off (though I'm starting with Expert from the bat) but otherwise pretty cool!
jedisson Link
Dificil e Desafiadora! parabéns pela fase E OBRIGADO POR TIRAR O CARPADO XD
nlxt Link
DankClam Link
The enemy placement is kinda stupid but other than that it's alright.
OEO6 Link
Beezo and eerie crowd #smrpg{:D}
 Pokemon Hacker Link
 exit1337 Link
Meh it was all right. Lots of variety in the level design was a plus, the fact that the game saves after every level made it highly... kind of senseless to me though. Makes coins and 1-ups and everything else useless. The difficulty curve was out of line and I also didn't bother going back to all the levels searching for those moons. :/
Tobbysas Link
I'mma say two things:

1. You have an unhealthy Fire Piranha fetish.
2. I never figured out Castle 6. Was I supposed to make something out from the music?
Emerald Link
I'm not sure if this is an issue with the rom or my SNES Classic but I have a problem nonetheless. My SNES Classic can run your game smoothly, but when a Save State is made one of two things happens. I die instantly or the game crashes in a mishmash of letters, numbers and corrupted data. This only happened with my SNES Classic. I'm fine with playing on SNES9x, I just thought that when people want to play your game on the SNES Classic and run into this issue, you know about it. I don't know how it could be resolved with the current tools. I only bring up the issue because the game on normal is stupid difficult.
carlacarrijo Link
Nice... Tanks
EmuGamer Link
awesome hack bro, i love the expert mode this amount of enemies and poison mushrooms very entertainment and nice musics 5/5.
Enan63 Link
This Hack Is Really Awesome! and like the level desgin and music and backround overall 10/10 and this what a rom hack should like in 2018 :)
Klug Link
Finally! After 3000 years, this hack is OUT!!!
 Lazy Link
Note: I played this hack on expert mode and I'm not familiar with the normal mode, so some of my complaints may not apply to normal mode.

First off, a fair warning to anyone thinking of 100%ing this hack: it's a huge undertaking. Besides the sizeable exit count, each level is fairly long on its own (usually two or more midpoints) and a lot of careful investigation is involved.

It's clear that this hack is a labor of love that has had a lot of time and effort put into it. However, I personally couldn't enjoy it a lot, at least not as a 100% completion run, mostly due to my distaste for collectathons. The normal gameplay is mostly fine, although some parts of the game were pretty obnoxious, namely the desert world (pipe maze, smb2 sand level) and the postgame (autorun level, dry bowser fight).
The red coins and the moons, on the other hand, quicky became a chore to get. There are around 40 or so secret exits in this hack, and each of them requires you to turn over every stone in their respective levels. Some coins are insidiously well hidden (invisible blocks, offscreen coins, and that one palm tree that you could suddenly climb on come to mind). More often than not, I would reach the end of the level with one red coin missing and naturally it wasn't the greatest feeling. Something to counteract that would've helped a lot - for example, a menu telling you how many coins there are in each segment of the level. As for the moons, I didn't know I had to collect all of them for 100%, so by the time I found that out, I had no idea which moons I had already collected. I would've appreciated a moon flag on the overworld to better keep track of them.

To summarize, this is an alright hack, but I wouldn't recommend going for 100% completion unless you really, really like exploration.
Alex No Link
This hack was very fun! And challenging. And it the gfx looks awesome
Geno7 Link
The only Hack that cheat does not apply!...
blaze800000 Link
great hack
gab85 Link
hello guys i fond somme glitch in level 2
MasterMario97 Link
From the looks of it, Expert mode seems to add more enemies in spots you would most likely see in later levels, removes powerups from certain blocks with the addition of Poison Mushrooms and you are given less time to complete the courses. Checkpoint locations and functionality seems to remain unchanged, keeping Expert mode fair.

I do like how getting all 8 red coins in one go spares you the trouble of playing the same course again just to get the normal exit. Speaking of Red Coins, the game does keep track of how many Flowers and Red Coins you had before hitting a checkpoint, so no worries if you die in a more painful course. There doesn't seem to be a Flower counter though, which is a shame for the inner completionist.

Nevertheless, this is a pretty fun hack that should be added to your collection.
jc5500 Link
when i play it the codes won't works
lordkronos100 Link
One of the Best Hacks this Year :D
Cobsters Link
TheBasicKid331 Link
Hm. 140 exits, I hope this hack doesn't have any music breaking issues, otherwise I won't be able to play this hack. I play the hacks on my Android phone
fatelifesthefans Link
I Think So This Is A Good Hack!
 Stivi Link
Big Brawler Link
I just want to know, Which are the differences between "Normal" and "Expert" difficulty?
aterraformer Link
SA-1... of course :(
 K.T.B. Link
>140 exits

Good luck to whoever's moderating this one!
 Erik Link