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Xka Shack

Super Mario World Hacks → Xka Shack

Submission Details

Name: Xka Shack
Authors: Smallhacker, smkdan
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: The demo of Xka Shack, a hack made entirely in xkas. No Lunar Magic, no hex editors, no tile editors; just pure ASM code.

Originally made in 2008. Originally submitted here in 2015.

randomdude999: fixed serious glitching in bsnes/higan, and fixed static noise in snes9x.
Tags: asm music no boss
Comments: 28 (jump to comments)
4.4 (12 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (28)

Hiro-sofT Link
For being made in 2008... this is amazingly well done and still holds up in 2024.
Especially loved
the true final boss fight at the end of the hack when you collected all the moons.
Pretty wild and technically impressive for its time.
Rouge Link
this is the absolute best hack in history
codfish1002 Link
oh come on.. why??
 Hooded Edge Link
Absolute maniac. The level design is perfect, the gameplay is fire, the presentation is godly, and the music OH THE MUSIC!!! It's just amazing!!!!
ninj Link
Really well designed hack! :D
Wowowl90 Link
This hack was absolutely incredible! It's a shame it's only 4 levels.
mish1 Link
This is a great hack with some really creative level design, nice usage of some fancy ASM and some lesser used sprites.

Sadly, it's only a demo.
jdl Link
This is one of the best hacks I've ever played! :D
It's too bad that it's only a demo though..
MilkyMooer Link
Love the level design. Very creative use of lesser used sprites.
Dominicentek Link
WHAT? How can it be only made with ASM hacks?
qantuum Link
finally a suitable difficulty curve for a casual player like me...
kaitri Link
i felt like i played this before... but i wasnt sure. downloaded it and yup. i did play it before.
well. id say 50/50 as the hack is a bit old.
OverworldYT Link
The more I play this the more I feel like i'm watching da vinci paint.

Really well done!
CarlSagan42 Link
Unique and fascinating romhack! Really glad I played this, thanks.
ShrekDaKoopa Link
If one of the staff members had to fix all the bugs.... This is worse than Hammer Brother.|-O#smrpg{:O}
Dark Mario Bros Link
Jensin Link
so good
JP32 Link
now this is impressive as it works on real hardware too.
Ruberjig Link
I recommend this hack to everyone, kaizo or not.
Danielsonic 87 Link
Well,is never too late to asking for permission to the creator,and continue for themselves^^
 Noivern Link
Now works properly in the latest snes9x and higan.
trillian From older version: Xka Shack Link
@Nikku4211: You should try the waiting update, that hopefully fixes the static.
Nikku4211 From older version: Xka Shack Link
Too bad it doesn't work on a real SNES. I tested it in SD2SNES, and I still got static.
rextep From older version: Xka Shack Link
can't get past the beeshroom area in level two, any tips girlboys and boygirls?
trillian Link
Fixed all the bugs this time. Thanks to Vitor Vilela for helping me with the SPC!
 Noivern From older version: Xka Shack Link
You know an update to a submission doesn't increase the hack counter, right?

It's still broken in higan as it just randomly doesn't load. However, it's still an improvement to a fixme hack, so... accepted.
AuraDee From older version: Xka Shack Link
The SMW hack to end all SMW hacks--an amazing experience all around. A definite must play!
 Counterfeit From older version: Xka Shack Link
Old memes die hard because they die with ZSNES.