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Details for AddmusicK 1.0.6
Tools - AddmusicK 1.0.6 Show random
File Name: AddmusicK 1.0.6
Version History: View
Authors: Kipernal
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: SMW
Source Available: Yes
Featured: Essential
Website: None
Description: A tool used to insert custom music into Super Mario World. This tool is completely hardware compatible and is designed with ease-of-use in mind. This tool supports both songs made for Addmusic 4.05 as well as AddmusicM with minimal tweaking.

Please read the readme for more information.

(Medic): This version fixes the bug that caused random music to play after the P-switch timer ran out on accurate emulators while using the SA-1.

(HertzDevil): This version fixes the issue where certain error messages do not show up in the AddmusicK GUI, especially the one about missing sample groups.
Tags: addmusic, amk, brr, brr samples, inserter, music, sa-1, samples
Rating: 4.6 (Votes: 9)
Download: Download - 1.97 MiB
Error: The identifier for this ROM, "
Posted by: Dimka - | Link
For Linux/Mac users: The included version of Asar is broken in the latest version of Wine. To fix this, drag in a newer Asar.exe, and then you'll need to change the deprecated read(...) to read1(...) in line 56 of asm/SNES/AMUndo.asm.
Posted by: tjb0607 - | Link
Posted by: galladegamer - | Link
Hello, I have a problem inserting music that has .brr files, can someone help me?
Posted by: LeaderAngelo - | Link
Is is used to make music, or do I need another software to make music?
Posted by: Rickyickerson - | Link
Works perfectly with no-sample songs but for some reason doesn't work otherwise. Maybe it's the songs themselves :|
Posted by: FireFireDocks - | Link
Can you show how to add music on SMW Central!
Posted by: koopsultra500 - | Link
What Kind of software so we use to make Super Mario World Hacks
is it the the main software or no
Posted by: OMEGALOVANIA X - | Link
Took me a while to get this working but it's cool. I'm writing my own music with the help of a friend.
Posted by: mariogamerexpert - | Link
They Should Fix a Bug where music is randomized in Mush More recent Versions of Lunar Magic
Posted by: TheLucraftTeam - | Link
nice! great for...well music!#smrpg{mlem}
Posted by: yupyup - | Link
were are a here a year and a half later and they didn't even fix a bug from lunar magic version 3.03 where the music is placed randomly
Posted by: TheLucraftTeam - | Link
Why does adding music have to be so god damned difficult for noobies like me? Even when following The provided, it seems that wether or not the song will work is random sice every text file for every song is different. I think it's mostly because the songs are not sampled? that or there is'nt a sign of any bnk file anywhere in any of the maybe 30 songs I have downloaded today. help #w{:<}
Posted by: zefennekinfan008 - | Link
Linux port when?
Posted by: yabobay - | Link
Great fricken software
Posted by: Overcomon7 - | Link
7 up
I'm certain about issues specific to newer versions which weren't even there in the beginning. Stuttering and original music/sound effect oddities still haven't been fixed. The latter is apparently nitpicky.
Posted by: 7 up - | Link
Pretty sure lag issues with boss fights and castle cutscenes are a thing since earliest versions (if not since the very first), not specific of this one. Either way, annoying as fuck.
Posted by:  Ayami - | Link
7 up
AMK is more and more broken once a new update gets submitted. Not only does it change pitch of certain sound effects like jump or rope/chainsaw/grinder, but also makes the game stutter during a boss fight or castle cutscenes and play faster music after beating a level where the hurry up alarm had played. But still, it gets 5 stars because there's no better SMW music insertion tool yet.
Posted by: 7 up - | Link
If yall are having problems then you can go to the forums.
Posted by: Pancake001 - | Link
Fermín Acosta Jr.
How do I insert the music of Rudra No Hihou - King Of The Mountains with AddMusicK because look. File: 1607.txt Line: 1:
Song did not specify target program with #amk, #am4, or #amm.
File: 1607.txt Line: 5:
Note data must be inside a channel!
File: 1607.txt Line: 5:
Note data must be inside a channel!
There were errors when compiling the music file. Compilation aborted. Your ROM has not been modified.

Posted by: Fermín Acosta Jr. - | Link
Dark Mario Bros
man, if #tempoimmunity were effective in stages music,
would help so much the problem with songs farting when time goes 099
due the use of vibrato

Edit: with farting i mean, it doesnt go fast when the tempo hike happen
Posted by: Dark Mario Bros - | Link
For some reason, whenever I add a song or change the slot of an existing song using this, it causes the game to freeze when Mario dies or touches the goal. Can this somehow be explained?
Posted by: hendog30_ - | Link
I just used this to replace a song and now for some reason all my music is like... set to the wrong values? Seems offset but I'm unsure how. My level itself now has no music at all. Frustrating because I do not understand how to revert the music and just start over.
Posted by: loohhoo - | Link
Trying to run the gui application via Wine gives me the following error (it's a long one):

I assume the solution is to just use the program via the command line?

(edit) Doing that only inserts the global songs and doesn't generate any SPCs, which I find exceedingly strange
Posted by:  MANGOMILK - | Link
fix support with lunar magic 3.03
Posted by: TheLucraftTeam - | Link
i uploaded a song, it said it was fine, i inserted it into my level,
i run the rom in an emulator, and when i go into the level. the musics gone!, how do i fix it?
Posted by: RidgetBlade - | Link
Olá, eu gostaria de saber como fazer as músicas do jogo ficarem com o efeito do level de caverna, com eco?
Depois que eu coloquei as músicas usando esse programa, os leveis que deveriam ter eco do mario pulando e os efeitos dos sprits também não tem mais eco, os leveis que deveriam ter um efeito de caverna não tem mais.
Como eu faço para resolver esse poblema?
Como colocar o level com efeito de caverna?

Hello, I would like to know how to make the songs in the game have the effect of cave level, with echo?
After I put the songs using this program, the levels that should have echo of Mario jumping and the effects of the sprits also no longer echo, the levels that should have a cave effect has no more.
How do I solve this problem?
How to put the level with cave effect?
Posted by: elieltonl - | Link
How do you modify SMW music?😡😡
Posted by: BetaGaming - | Link
King Boo
If anyone is getting the "temp.txt" error, then make sure you're using your C drive. I had mine on my Y drive and it wouldn't work.
Posted by: King Boo - | Link
fix the bug where the intro music is the grassland theme
Posted by: TheLucraftTeam - | Link
I read the readme and still don't know how to use it
Posted by: oderjunks - | Link
muito util eu sou muito obrigado (eu sou br)

Posted by: DogWorldps - | Link
muito util eu sou muito obrigado (eu sou br)

Posted by: DogWorldps - | Link
To the people who developed this tool, thank you so much! #smrpg{haha}

Hopefully I can get this to work with Lunar Magic 2.53...

(...I never got AddmusicM or K to work, as it always just adds blank music. But, I've always been
the absolute worst at troubleshooting! Ha ha ha. And yes, I'll try first, then look in the forums.
If all else fails, I'll just look it up on YT. I'd do that first but I'm to proud and stubb-
wait wait what am I blathering about on here lol who tf cares about this, this is the download section,
not the noob section, sorry guys #w{=3})
Posted by: Satsumaimo - | Link
okay, so first thing first, vanilla dome is finish music and intro music is here we go, fix in an update
Posted by: TheLucraftTeam - | Link
So good and easy to work with it!!
Posted by: overmariofan - | Link
Fantastic and simple: 5/5.
Posted by: nightsintodreams - | Link
Hooded Edge
It doesn't work well with SA-1 roms over four megabytes. It comes up with an error about a bank border.
Posted by: Hooded Edge - | Link
I don't understand why This port sounds like my ports with this AddMusicK ver
Posted by: Kiatus - | Link
RPG Hacker
Ironically, that Readme actually seems to be even less up-to-date than the one included in the ZIP file. The one in the ZIP file actually includes a full changelog up to version 1.0.6. The one on the GitHub only goes up to 1.0.2. Can't really explain that. I assume HertzDevil might have updated the Readme locally and not commited their changes to GitHub?
Posted by:  RPG Hacker - | Link
Updated readme at

I have a fork at with warnings about various bugs I encountered.
Posted by: nyanpasu64 - | Link
RPG Hacker
Mod's note: I think the Readme could use an update by now. Some of the information in it seems a bit outdated or misleading.
Posted by:  RPG Hacker - | Link

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