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Details for Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X
Super Mario World Hacks - Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X Link - Show random
File Name: Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X
Version History: View
Authors: Alex No
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 75 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X version 1.23

UPDATE 1.23 30.05.2018

- You could get stuck in the Clawgrip level. So i inserted the Poison again. Cuz it was better with the gimmick.
- Red dot's on secret exits
- removed Tutankoopa boss, changed with Green Koopa Boss instead.
- Removed the stunning effect on the Koopa Boss fight
- changed the way to the secret exit in What the smell? level.
- added more text in Peach Castle, so you can understand what you need too do to enter the gate, to get futher.

Fixed some stuff. Should be no problems now, if you find any, please PM me!

it's time for release. Finally after 3 years of working with this hack, all pieces has finally come to the right places, hopfully! It's a pleasure to present a new romhack that people has been waiting for. Now it's released!

Please enjoy!

This game works on: SNES HARDWARE, Snes9x, BSNES, SNES9x on Android.

(not compatible with zsnes)

Two Thwomps are having a competition. To see who is the best smasher. As the competition intensifies the voilent shaking causes a bottle of magic subcon powder to fall from a nearby shelf and break upon impact. The released powder creates a magic door into the world of Subcon. Emerging from this door are Wart and his companion. Bowser enters the room to see what all the racket is about and meets the new visitors. Seizing this opportunity, he lays an evil plan for Mario...

In a letter it says that Mario must come to Mushroom Castle as soon as possible.

Here is a game trailer!
Tags: asm, exgfx, hdma, traditional
Rating: 4.2 (Votes: 6)
Download: Download - 1.85 MiB
this hack was overall alright, the claw guys levels were kinda bad but still an overall good experience
Posted by: DankClam - | Link
Alex No
Mabye the save battery are broken?
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
I've tried pressing A and B now on two separate occasions.. I bought this as a repro and I dont want to alert seller if it is something simple
Posted by: ObsessedCollector - | Link
Alex No
Originally posted by superhindindu
i'm still pretty new at playing rom hacks. Can anyone give me a quick hint? which original rom should i patch this to? mario bros 2?
If so, any help on how to play this on snes mini? I haven't had any luck play nes games on there. thanks!

Just use regular American SMW rom, 512 kb. Sorry for late answer.
I have not making any games in a while, i dont have time for this anymore. I still play games, but don't make.
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
The overworld took a little bit to get used to, but it works, and this hack was pretty good overall. Some of the unique sections kept it interesting. Enjoyed playing it and would recommend it. Thanks for making this hack, Alex No!
Posted by: madman - | Link
Great Hack 100% COMPLETE rate 4 stars #smw{:TUP:}#smw{;)}
Posted by: MightyNeko - | Link
i'm still pretty new at playing rom hacks. Can anyone give me a quick hint? which original rom should i patch this to? mario bros 2?
If so, any help on how to play this on snes mini? I haven't had any luck play nes games on there. thanks!
Posted by: superhindindu - | Link
Hey, bad feedback is still better than no feedback :/

I love the Doom chaingun
Posted by: danwaleby - | Link
Hi: Can Someone help me please? Why is it hat despite the fact that I got to and defeated Fire Robirdo in Alex No's world I still got 61 exits only instead of 75? Does the hack caointain secret exits despite the levels being all yellow in the map? Thanks for your help and for this grat hack.
Posted by: joelcanciones - | Link
Alex No
my hack has no problem with zsnes, it is zsnes that has problems with my hack. ZSNES is outdated, so ZSNES needs an update, not my hack.
Thank you for 5 of 5.

Posted by: Alex No - | Link
Nikku4211, I am in complete disagreement with you, the graphics do not matter, what is worth is the gameplay, this ROM hack deserves a 5/5.
Posted by: SMWAndy24 - | Link
The best ROM hack, please make this compatible with ZSNES. This hack ROM is good, a 5/5.
Posted by: SMWAndy24 - | Link
Lady Rainbow
2 legends in one game. <3
Posted by: Lady Rainbow - | Link
Alex No, please never stop making hacks! I just started to play Mega Mario X and I didn't finish it yet. Even if there are a few little problems, I can already say it's a great hack, as usual! To tell you the Truth, you're in my top 5 hackers on this website, and it's thank to guys like you that I bought a Super Everdrive and that I continue playing new 2D Mario games. I want to thank you for this!

It is statistically normal that you get some bad comments if you hacks become popular, it's inevitable. There'll always be haters. It's just a clue that you're becoming a SMW Hacking star!
Posted by: Murphy6666 - | Link
Danielsonic 87
Alex No,I agree with Yoshi3706.
And...objectively,the perfeection si not xisting even in SMWhacking world.I think that you,veteran of this site as I am sure you are...knows well that here,even the best hack ever released(I don't know it exits a better SMWhack than anyone else in the world),is criticized almost if it is an hack as others.
I seen some heavy criticism on some hack that for me are outstanding,and even I that are not yet a veteran becoming to give heavy criticism on some hack that,for some veterans here,that are good.

Horewer,the only thing that I don't personally like of this hack(but I promise to write here a deep opinion when I'll play it until the very end)is the fact that is not compatible with Zsnes,because all other emulators on my PC gives a bad quality to overall the rom.Here,many players criticize Zsnes users for example...but I don't care of their opinion.
I am developing,slowly(because I have a life outside PC)my first hack that is pure vanilla,and I always know that I will be criticized heavily from someone,when I'll be able to show a demo of it...
but returning to your hack...I have the feeling that the ideas is great and graphics enphatizes this,but something,gives me the sensation that something's wrong...not that this hack is bad;I think is spetacular considering the limit that original SMW possess.But is a my personal feeling that other hacks don't gives me(but,your hack is not the only that gives me this feeling).
What really makes me cry of joy,is the beginning in the peach's Castle:that OST is one of the best choice I ever seen on a SMWhack.i was stopping to listen it becasue the 2D reproduction of Peach's Castle,is a blast!!The perfect psycological charge to go to an adventure^^and I really lime the "emulation of Megaman style" on the choosing a level.
the porblem is that your great courage and effort to get into thistah I really admire),brings to a thing not so good to many other platforms like Mario games:the difficulty is impossibile to balance perfectly.You could choose some hard levels at the beginning,and easier one later on...

overall,I see some great potential,and even if I don't know why you feel so frustrated(pheraps this is not the first time that a your hack got criticized heavily?)Even if I understads how an hard work not appreciated could bring angry...I know only that you have done a really great work,showing some of the very TRUE limits of SMWhacking.
(The cinematic opening is the proof of this)
My heart and brain says that this hack deserve 5 stars for me.Don't discourage yourself,and continue to keep it to those splendid works,because you could become a promise of SMWhackers of the community,one day^^but you,could be already this^^
Posted by: Danielsonic 87 - | Link
Alex No, dont feel bad, you are doing a exellent work, i see how many players upload you hack on youtube and do a great review :)
Posted by: yoshi3706 - | Link
Alex No
i think you should do a better Review, not just a few lines. 2/5 really? and the gfx are kind of good sometimes? what gfx do you mean that fit together. i don't like the atitude on this site anymore, cuz people are angry, all the time, i have been on this website in over 10 years, and i've worked on this game for 3 years. mabye it was a waste of time. I try to make games, and i want to make more, but i don't want to make games for people who only gives bad critics, they must be something good with it too?
But if people are mad at my works, i stop with game making at once. Why does people hate me?
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
2/5. The graphics are kind of good sometimes. The Wart boss fight goes on for too long, and it was tedious, feeling like a chore.
Posted by: Nikku4211 - | Link
congratulations, this are been acepted!
Posted by:  Manofer - | Link
Kind of a bizarre hack. The aesthetics are easily the most jarring part - various unmatching artstyles are mixed and the parallaxing backgrounds lack any depth perception. As a result, everything looks a tad incoherent and off-putting.
The gameplay was mostly acceptable, but I found there to be a large amount of forced waiting (the big mega mole level, the bomb room in the last level, and the Robirdo fights come to mind). Also, some setups were repeated multiple times with no variation. Other than that, I don't have much to comment on this.
Posted by:  Lazy - | Link
OMG, I see your face!
Posted by: Klug - | Link
great hack
Posted by: blaze800000 - | Link

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