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Details for The Search for Salmon
Super Mario World Hacks - The Search for Salmon Show random
File Name: The Search for Salmon
Authors: GlitchCat7
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: The Search for Salmon is an expert-level Kaizo. The aim of this hack isn't to troll or torture the player, but rather to provide an extremely difficult challenge in a fair and interesting way. Players will need to employ a wide range of Kaizo and Item Abuse skills. Shell, spring, and p-switch tricks are used alongside tight platforming and jump control. Beginners will likely be very frustrated, but seasoned players will hopefully find a fresh, fun challenge. There are however, a few Kaizo boxes (both marked and un-marked) and few tricks and traps along the way. The game also features optional coins to collect for "100%" runs, and some secret rooms and surprises to discover. There's even a checkpoint-save room so console players can rest without fear of losing any progress! Extensive play-testing has been done by myself and others to confirm that the entire game is indeed RTA-viable. I hope you enjoy it!
Edit - Had to fix a few more potential music problems that would lead to crashes. Everything should be solid now. Documentation included - version 1.2
Tags: vanilla
Rating: 4.6 (Votes: 9)
Download: Download - 167.48 KiB
This is definitely a really hard kaizo hack and I kinda feel mixed about this hack. I did have fun with the challenges it had to offer but the thing that bothered me is the difficulty curve just kinda... doesn't exist. Every game (yes, even crazy hard ones) should have some kind of difficulty curve. One example is the checkpoint in the 1st level took me like 7 minutes to get and the other half took like 2 hours.
took me around 50~ minutes to get the checkpoint and the other half was like 15 seconds. It just feels weird to have random difficulty spikes like that. I also really didn't like the endings in a couple of levels (

Also, the death cement block's textures are pretty ugly but that didn't bother me too much.

Overall, pretty good hack with a couple of flaws. 4/5

Posted by: Metballs - | Link
I confess that I tried to play this hack because it is one of the most difficult ever created (like Kaizo Mario 3, Darkstar, Salt Sagan, Pipe Dreams, LEGATVM ALBATI and Super Responsible World ... But, it's too much for me ... maybe I be in the transition from Noob player to intermediate, but ... 5/5 for the creativity and pain the hack offers to the player.
Posted by: Noob - | Link
Just finished this hack, had alot of fun grinding these levels! The setups are very unique and every level clear is super rewarding. Will defo play again in the future #smw{<3} Thanks glitchcat!
Posted by: orka-bln - | Link
Im sorry if my opinion caused some discomfort.

I understand is maybe unfair from my part calling it lazy since i probably cant see the whole picture.

In the end thats just my nobody´s opinion based on what i can perceive from my particular point of view, which of course i feel the right to have.. Good news is nobody have to agree with that, and theres no reason to be upset
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link
All in all, SfS was an enjoyable and immensely rewarding experience. The bits I didn't like couldn't every come close to the payoff of each section separately and the hack as a whole.

I felt that the difficulty was fair insofar as you could improve and become more consistent at earlier tricks in a section while you figured out the one or two relatively difficult/precise bits (the block drop in ultrafuzzy, the RNG fish in the first level, the huge drop at the end of the last full level).

The throwblock at the beginning of the last full level was the
only bit where it felt like hitting the trick wasn't fully up to me. I think, given the ostensible attempt at creating a very, very challenging but fair hack, this is perfectly fine.

As far as design, I felt it made good use of vanilla sprites, templates, etc. so that it felt like a Mario game, but incredibly difficult, rather than a GPW2 or a Storks that feels like you're definitely in Barb's/Morsel's world. That said, the difficulty (and the high-score fish) did the job of atmosphere that custom music and ASM do in other hacks. I felt like I was in Glitch's vice the whole ride. If I had to contrast the way this differs, I'd say that this was more like Glitch was a enchanting the Mushroom Kingdom instead of like Barb was the omnipotent god in GPW2.

That said, calling things flat-out lazy feels like poor workshop etiquette, especially when the creator has stated their intent and the hack has succeeded at its goals. Meeting an artistic endeavor at its own perspective and helping it see how to reach its own sense of fulfillment/accomplishment is much more fruitful for both critic and artist. The writing workshop doesn't need to be anxiety-inducing for anyone, and neither does romhacking imo. :) <3
Posted by:  shovda - | Link
Sorry it doesn't have enough farting butts for you, NaroGugul. Thanks for calling my game good! #tb{:j}
Posted by: GlitchCat7 - | Link
I often see people saying this hack is difficult but fun/fair/artistic.
Its indeed -sometimes- fun.

But calling it 'fair' is a bit of a stretch.
I mean how fair is riding rng fishes when mario is most of the time offscreen? and sometimes you cant even see the fishes trajectory..
How fair is a very specific speed throw block drop after a quite long section?
Not to say the kaizo block at the end of that "skytree" level... that i would call the epitome of artificial difficulty.
Just to list a few.. there are lots of other examples of bs.

About the artistic part i find it really hard to buy.
The game is ok. But I dont see necessarely anything new or inovative. Tho there are some creative setups here and there.
But the presentation.. While everything is clear and i cant really complain, it for sure looks lazy.
Lazy in the palette choice.. Lazy with cement block spam..
Lazy to setup checkpoints to avoid annoying pipe transitions.
Thats just to say Art is -never- lazy.

All in all the game is good.. but its not any more fun, fair or artistic than any other average kaizo hack.
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link

mod edit: fixed table stretch
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link
This is an extremely difficult kaizo hack, definitely one of the hardest I have ever played. The design reminds me of old kaizo if old kaizo hack shell jumps and spring jumps sprinkled in.

I felt both joy and rage playing through this hack. Joy coming from the fast paced and exciting platforming. Levels like Ultrafuzzy and Gardener's Falls were magnificently designed and very fun to play.

Rage came from the extremely tight platforming and very unforgiving sections that usually happened right before the midpoint or goal. Trying to hit that P switch in Barrington Bay or Disco Sucks was enough to have me throwing my controller.

That being said... most issues I have with this hack are aesthetic design choices. Palettes and death block choices could have been chosen better and there is significant cutoff throughout the entire hack. Using almost anything besides cement would help appeal visually. I found myself accidentally running into death blocks that seemed to blend in with the rest of the level.

That being said I think the design is solid enough to overlook the graphical decisions. If you are looking for some extreme kaizo look no further.

Difficulty: 5/5
Posted by:  Linkdeadx2 - | Link
Super Maks 64:
Kaizo is most-certainly a tag. I see it right there in the tags. Very nice work Glitchcat7!
Posted by: Drummerrific - | Link
This game is probably just as fun to watch as it is to play. Despite glitched backgrounds and some glitched textures, which are acceptable and give the impression that this is a hack, I think skilled kaizo players can definitely enjoy this! Even watching pro players is definitely PogChamp worthy. 10/10!
Posted by: FedoraFriday - | Link
The backgrounds of some levels look a bit glitched - for example, the very last part of Below Skytree. Everything else about the hack was good though. This is definitely the hardest Kaizo: Light hack I've played.
Posted by: randomdude999 - | Link
Danielsonic 87: No, everything in Search for Salmon is hard, but fair. TAS may do some walljumps and crazy things, but it's never required of the player.
Posted by: Deakula - | Link
This will be painful... I like it!
Posted by: HLXY - | Link
Danielsonic 87
A question...
here is needed some wall-jump or other things on common with a kaizo hard hack?
Posted by: Danielsonic 87 - | Link
ASMagician Maks
kaizo is not a tag
Posted by: ASMagician Maks - | Link

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