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BRRTools v3.12

Tools → BRRTools v3.12

This file is obsolete. The latest version is BRRTools v3.17. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: BRRTools v3.12
Author: Bregalad
Version History: View
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: General, SMW
Source Available: Yes
Featured: No
Website: Link
Description: BRRTools are currently the most evolved tools to convert between Microsoft standard WAV format and SNES's compressed BRR format.

The pack contains 3 programs:
  • BRR Decoder can convert from BRR to WAV
  • SPC Decoder can rip multiple BRRs from within a SPC sound file simultaneously into WAV files
  • BRR Encoder can convert from WAV to BRR

  • Supports resampling when encoding (anti-aliasing filter available)
  • Fully supports encoding of looped samples for arbitrary loops
  • Choose which "filters" to use for encoding
  • Can select playback rate of decoded samples and get info about note tonality when it's possible
  • When decoding looped samples, choose the length of the output sample and get info about looping stability
  • Optional lowpass filter when decoding (simulate hardware) and treble-boost filter when encoding (compensating the lowpass filter)

Advantages of BRR Encoder over SnesBRR:
  • You can pass in a loop point (-l###), and it will automatically resample the looped region to a multiple of 16 samples. (The final BRR block is encoded in a way where the loop-point block decodes properly.)
  • You can pass a resampling ratio (-rb###) and it will resample such that in/out≈###, while keeping the looped section a multiple of 16 samples. (out/in = 1/###)
     * -rb### is bandlimited sinc interpolation, and generates no downsampling artifacts, unlike other resampling methods (-rl###, -rc###, etc)
     * -sb#### will resample the audio file to approximately #### Hertz.
  • Passing -g to brr_encoder will prefilter the audio file to compensate for SPC700's Gaussian filtering (muffling).
  • Passing -a### will multiply the loudness by ###. To fix unwanted noises, try passing -w -a0.99 (or smaller) when using resampling or -g.

Note that loop points still have to be manually inserted into the output BRR files to make them usable with Addmusic.

Source code is available on GitHub.
Tags: addmusic brr brr samples music samples
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Comments (3)

Brozilla Link
The version I used was from zophar's domain and personally I think it's better than SNESBRR. It gives you filtering options, gaussion compensation, etc. The control it gives is really nice.
 RPG Hacker Link
Mod's note: as I don't know anything about porting music (or music in general, for that matter), I only did very basic and minimal testing on this to assure that it generally works and is usable in a hack. I will leave it up for you to decide whether this actually has any advantages over SnesBRR.

I also removed the source code from the ZIP file and instead added a link to GitHub.
Vitor Vilela Link
Interesting... the prefiltering to compensate gaussian muffling sounds cool!