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Princess Kaizo Land

Super Mario World Hacks → Princess Kaizo Land

Submission Details

Name: Princess Kaizo Land
Author: ChaosComposer
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 14 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This Kaizo hack aims to be on the easier side, introducing players to the Kaizo genre without being excessively punishing, inspired by the likes of Korosu World.

Join Princess Peach (graphics courtesy of Ladida as she travels the kingdom on a quest to save herself. She'll experience some elements familiar to the kaizo player and also a few new tricks, all catered for a less tedious playing experience. In 2-player mode, Daisy also joins in on the fun!

A quick gameplay trailer can be seen here:
Tags: custom character music traditional vanilla
Comments: 20 (jump to comments)
5.0 (13 ratings)
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Comments (20)

Neuromancer Link
Fun hack!
blackhart Link
Super Fun
lazy_star Link
Funny Hack
VillainousWolf Link
I started playing Kaizo hacks seriously again 2 weeks ago. This was my first kaizo game in a while. The earlier levels are pretty easy, but it takes a sharp difficulty spike at the first ghost house. Music is 11/10
lazydemon Link
Just finished the hack, it was fantastic!
I'm a beginner kaizo player and this was the first kaizo hack I completed, my skills have improved a lot.
The level design was amazing, great focused themes for each level, good level length and usage of midway points. my favorite levels are deja vu and the end of the world.

Thanks for a super cool hack! 5/5
I hope you make a sequel or another kaizo light hack. #smrpg{<3}
Faraboon Link
This is my FAVORITE SMW hack of all time. ^_^
NewPointless Link
Extremely fun. I couldn't put it down. Music and boss fights were not on the same tier as the level design, though.
RuthlessHart Link
Outside of Learn 2 Kaizo, this is the best kaizo beginner hack. Teaches you various kaizo tech without seeming impossible. Great job!
AriGator3 Link
Very Nice!
eronios Link
Fun hack with some good challenge.
The varied levels were fun and the music is fantastic.
illTANK Link
This hack was pretty amazing! I loved the switch palace concepts and the progression in difficulty was excellent. The music and story was awesome too. I will definitely be looking forward to your future hacks! 5/5
ChaosComposer Author Link
Thanks again for the feedback everyone! Glad to hear it's being well received. As for a sequel, I've got a couple other things to do first but it's not out of the question!
LordLuigi Link
I'm a little over halfway through the exits and really liking everything so far except the water level because I hate swimming levels haha. Otherwise I think this is a great beginner kaizo hack. Very fun to play and visually appealing as well. I like that you added daisy for 2nd player and I think the face peach makes when she is ducking is hilarious... I hope you make a sequel and more kaizo light hacks in general keep up the great work.
edgar Link
these graphics its so cool
SQL_Infection Link
Loved it! Darn near close to perfect for a beginner kaizo hack. The star world levels especially had great aesthetic and were well designed. The only 1-2 things I didn't enjoy were overshadowed by charm and silly fun that the creator wove in to the game. Would recommend to most anyone 5/5
WaitingCoronet5 Link
This was an awesome hack to play!
ChaosComposer Author Link
Thanks for the kind words!
ThirdWall Link
Great entry level Kaizo hack with some really creative and fun sections. Loved all the music, ported and original. Great work!
Nadir Link
A really fun hack, the levels were well designed and fun to play, would recommend. 5/5
Wow, it was fun!