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Details for Portable TNT v1.2
SMW Sprites - Portable TNT v1.2 Show random
File Name: Portable TNT v1.2
Version History: View
Authors: Ymro
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: This is a portable TNT sprite for Super Mario World. It can be used with Explosion Sensitivity Blocks!

Setting the extra bit makes it unportable.

The latest version is remade completely from scratch! All previous bugs have been fixed.

No credits needed! Have fun!

Version 1.2 fixes some bugs:
- Now displaces Mario 3 pixels down when the switch is pressed (so it matches the provided graphics),
- The sprite goes behind a pipe when Mario enters it.
- The sprite de-latches itself from Yoshi's tongue if it happens to explode on the same time as
Yoshi tries to eat it.
Tags: bomb, explosion, lorom, pacifist, portable, sa-1, tnt
Rating: 5.0 (Votes: 2)
Download: Download - 6.59 KiB
Could someone direct me to blocks that can be exploded using this sprite (like the ones mentioned in the description) please? I couldn't find any on the Blocks tab, and there were no events in Blockreator that do this. I can't just use the Explosion sprite to trigger it to shatter, since the explosion and the bob-omb are the same Sprite, because a bob-omb just walking across it will cause it to shatter in this instance. Please help!#smw{o_O?}
Posted by: Redstonetech181 - | Link
King Boo
Did you set SP4 to use the exgfx file included?
Posted by: King Boo - | Link
when i use it i get glitched graphics #tb{O_O}
Posted by: TheLegendaryOrb - | Link
Is there a way to extend the timer so that it explodes after like 3 seconds? I feel like after pressing the button, it explodes too quickly...

Edit: Is it also possible to add a sound to indicate that is counting down till it explodes? (3 (sound)...2 (sound)...1 (sound)....*BOOM*)
Posted by: Mrmariobros222 - | Link
I can't wait to use this. Looks like it'll add some variety too bomb related puzzles.
Posted by:  1UPdudes - | Link
The new features appear to work just fine. During the moderation, I added full SA-1 compatibility to the sprite.
Posted by:  Telinc1 - | Link