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Mega Mario World: Another Universe

Super Mario World Hacks → Mega Mario World: Another Universe

Submission Details

Name: Mega Mario World: Another Universe
Author: yoshi3706
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 59 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: English:
Here is the full version of my hack, hope you like it

-8 worlds
-saturated levels (perfect if you hate lineal and empity levels)
-some open levels, you can explore like a super mario 64 2D, find the stars!
-introducted many gameplay sprites like the fluud of SML2 submarine
-custom exgfx on levels and ow
-status bar enhanced

Issues: (i cant fix it)
-if you enter in level 1-2 using blue yoshi the palletes locks bad
-in level 6-! the cape palletes arent perfect
-in level 6-4 luigi molotovs dont match with the ground
-in 3-3 secret exit has a low probability of black screen

Special thanks to MasterLink for all his support, without his help this hack would be garbage (seriously!)

Aqui esta la version completa de mi hack, espero que les guste

-8 mundos
-niveles saturados (perfecto si odias los niveles planos y vacios)
-algunos niveles abiertos, puedes explorarlos como si fuera un mario 64 2D, encuentra las estrellas!
-se introducieron algunos sprites que interfieren en la jugabilidad, como el fluud y el submarino de SML2
-exgfx personalizados en niveles y ow
-barra de estado mejorada

Problemas: (no pude corregirlos)
-si entras al nivel 1-2 usando un yoshi azul los colores se ven mal
-en el nivel 6-! las paletas de la capa se ven un poco mal
-en el nivel 6-4 los molotovs que laza luigi no quedan con el suelo
-en el nivel 3-3 usando la salida secreta hay una baja probabilidad de que aparezca una pantalla negra

Agradecimientos a MasterLink por todo su apoyo, sin su ayuda este hack seria basura (enserio!)

*Contain english and spanish patches
*Contiene los parches en español y ingles
v1.1 fixes:
-corrected red dot from GREEN HILL ZONE? level
-reduced the lag on STORMY CLOUDS
-removed switch character, messes up the palettes from overworld

v1.1 arreglos:
-corregido el punto rojo del nivel GREEN HILL ZONE?
-reducido el lag en el nivel NUVES TORMENTOSAS
-eliminado el bloque de cambio de personaje, distorcionaba las paletas del overworld

v1.2 fixes:
-fixed english translation
-fixed a conflict with the names
-added the hack version at the title screen

v1.2 arreglos:
-corregida la traduccion al ingles
-corregido un conflicto con los nombres
-added the hack version at the title screen</div></div>
Tags: asm bosses exgfx exploration music
Comments: 39 (jump to comments)
4.5 (13 ratings)
No rating
Download 2.78 MiB | 46,107 downloads


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Comments (39)

KazakhGuy Link
Best hack
El_Furro Link
this hack is amazing
Steve Eric Jordan Link
So far i've played through about 10 hacks and have watched hundreds of them.
I don't use save states and my skill level is probably average.

After the first world i was about to call this the best hack i've ever played and rate it 5/5.
Sadly it REALLY fell off after a certain point and my final rating is 2/5.

After it pulls you in with near perfect level design and beautiful custom graphics, it suddenly becomes the master of cheap difficulty and plain bad game design and utterly ruins its well designed levels by cramping artificial difficulty enhancers into them.
It does that by simply shoehorning one of its few awful difficulty enhancing factors into otherwise perfectly fine levels. Imagine this game as normal Mario hack levels but with the sun or Lakitu added to every second one of them. What it does most of the time though is simply spawning Bullet Bills from both sides of the screen randomly.
Also the game power-up-starves you while spamming boomerangs, hammers and other projectile based enemies. You will have to constantly run back several overworlds to revisit one of your few free-powerup levels or try to bruteforce the levels as smol boi.

Also the added custom mechanics are just horrible and unresponsive. Sometimes, when you enter a pipe, the game throws you into a fast moving DKC type rail cart RIGHT in front of an abyss, without any warning, which will always result in your demise. It does this very same thing multiple times. Why not give the player time to realize the changed circumstances by at least putting them on a straight road for a few seconds?
Also the cart handles like butt because it has a ton of delay on every jump, which makes the cart levels very frustrating.
As the cherry on top it does this exact same mistake again in the last level of the game, RIGHT after the (by far) hardest part of the game, which forces you into replaying the whole thing, because there is no saves in the later levels.
This was the exact point where i finally quit the hack. Yes, i quit in the last level.

The second main mechanic, the jetpack, has unintuitive and finicky controls and also gets used in the last level of the game, requiring you to perfectly navigate spikes with it.

This one really had potential, which makes the end result all the more sad.
Very good work
the hack is very funny#smw{:peace:}#smw{:TUP:}
yoshi3706 Author Link
Originally posted by Langolango
Olá, bom dia, vc poderia me informar qual emulador eu uso pra jogar esse jogo? Obrigado

I prefer snes x9
Langolango Link
Olá, bom dia, vc poderia me informar qual emulador eu uso pra jogar esse jogo? Obrigado
Desert Link
I'm on World 3, and already this hack is showing really good level design and plenty of powerups, plus it introduces many new ideas including F.L.U.D.D, Boomerang, Balloons and Double Jump. I am loving what you did here. Great job!#smrpg{:3}
panchitodopazo0 Link
I played only the first two levels, but it promises. Until now I liked it.
yoshi3706 Author Link
Originally posted by lapilozo
@yoshi3706 Well, now it's working both on the standalone emulator and in the RetroArch core, how weird. Thanks, anyway!

you welcome! can you share how you fix the bug?
lapilozo Link
@yoshi3706 Well, now it's working both on the standalone emulator and in the RetroArch core, how weird. Thanks, anyway!
yoshi3706 Author Link
@lapilozo Hello, have you tried in pc using snes x9 emulator?, just for check if the problem is the emulator or the rom, its working well in snes x9 PC
lapilozo Link
I had the same problem as Kaioh1990, I'm playing in RetroArch, core Snes9x (which is v1.60). Last two chests in Wario Island doesn't show up. ROM is Super Mario World (USA) from the No-Intro set (MD5: CDD3C8C37322978CA8669B34BC89C804). Patch is "MMWAU v1.2 (English)", downloaded from this page today.
Virus610 Link
Completion: 100% exits, Around 60% Dragon coins, 0 Moons
Time spent: 3h
Overall opinion: It was okay, but unpolished. Not something I'd recommend.

=== Stuff that doesn't actually matter ===

yoshi3706 Author Link
Kaioh1990 I think could be a problem with the rom or emulator, the Hack had been tested on zsnes and snes x9, which emulator are you using?
Kaioh1990 Link
@yoshi3706 ok so I have no idea what’s wrong with my rom-hack then, but the last two treasure chests in your video don’t appear on mine. Maybe I started off with a bad rom when I patched the game?
yoshi3706 Author Link
@Mario_Sniger I used a patch called "Super Status Bar v2.2", allow to customise status bar

@Kaioh1990 there are 5 coins, but turned on chest are a little bit hidden but in the video you can see the place of each coin ;)
Kaioh1990 Link
When I saw their was a retro achievement entry for this rom hack I figured I’d give it a try. I’m not finished with the game so this isn’t a complete review. But one of the achievements is to get all the “big coins” in world 1. I can only find 3 of them on wario island. I’m pretty confident there are only 3 unless there is some crazy secret I can’t find. Help please???
Mario_Sniger Link
Ilke you rom hack its very Best /but bro what name you satua bar you i like it.#tb{:]}
videogamer939 Link
This is very fun loved the different sprites and the switch ups
jhonny2003 Link
well, the hack is good, i enjoy it, here is the review:

graphics 5/5 you use a good selection
gameplay 5/5 okay, new mechanics
level 4/5 the world 5 levels are... a bit boring but is acceptable
overworld 5/5 its well designed and hasnt errors or other fails
story ?/5 okay is better dont speak about it...

its one of the best hacks that ive played here, a second part would be fine :)

MaxRing Link
Exellent hack!, you use different graphics and music for levels, the level design is great and the new gameplay gimmicks too!
Michurry Link
Exelente juego, me gusto mucho :D
yoshi3706 Author Link
Mangolo you need learn how to make reviews, you ruined the review with that useless "story 3/10" its A smw hack and the original smw dont focus on story
yoshi3706 Author Link
Pues la u indica que es americano, si no la tiene sólo asegúrate de que si sea americano, en caso de tener una E o una J no va a funcionar
Z3N3K_ Link
¿Se necesita si o si el SMW (U) o un ROM normal de SMW?
yoshi3706 Author Link
-descargar el archivo .zip que contiene el hack y descomprimir
-buscar un rom limpio de super Mario World tiene que ser (U)
-descargar floating ips, basta con buscarlo en Google
-abrir floating ips, buscar el archivo del hack, seleccionar el rom y guardar, listo

*para jugar en pc se puede utilizar snes 9x o zsnes, y en Android snes 9x EX+ Pero debería de funcionar con cualquier otro emulador

*lo tuve que subir en formato bps ya que está prohibido subir roms en smw central
Eli Link
Y en que emulador se juega o que??? O como???
ivanx1 Link
CATPIKACHU desde pc te bajas un rom de super mario world normal, luego te bajas el hack, y con el floating ips aplicas el parche
Me dicen como instalarlo en android?
ivanx1 Link
Gran hack, me encanto que cada nivel tiene graficos distintos en cada nivel y poderes raros, lo vi en la lista del top 8 de pepe el mago en yutube, lo unico que no m agrado es q hay que bajar programas para aplicar el parche, pero aun asi vale la pena amigos :D
Drugsaur Link
me encantaria que hicieras una secuela para este gran hack, realmente es muy bueno, me encantaron los primeros 4 mundos, los power ups nuevos , los graficos personalisados , la musica, y los jefes. ;)
Generator5000 Link
i find your hack in a Blue Television video (in youtube) hehe
well, i like all the hack except that city level, so gray and ugly :)

4.9/5 stars (but i will leave 5)
LoveHacks Link

its a good hack, at least the first 4 worlds are excellent, it started to be less fun from the world 6, but its ok
mangolo Link
=========================== Mega Mario World: Another Universe (v1.2) ================================

MUSICS 1*(8/10): Enjoyed the variation of musics, but the musics for the ice and space levels were pretty off.


GRAPHICS 2*(10/10): Amazing amount of work, one of the few times I saw a hack with a different scenario in almost every level. You also created new scenarios combining classic ones in ways I hadn't seen yet. Really good.


LEVELS 3*(7/10): When I first started playing, I was like "I can't wait to play this game". After world 5, I was like "is it worth to keep playing this?"
Because your game was so incredible at the beggining, so original, not boring in the slightest. Then I noticed you started to give up the hack slowly. You ran into a pattern of bullet bill generators + cannons + venus flytraps. You wasted the whole ice world and space world with the unfitting music (except for dkc2's ice one) and repetition of those enemies, instead of using some that could fit the place they were. It was a noticeable downgrade on the levels' quality.

///SPOILERS/// -- Comments of some levels here:
WARIO ISLAND: Funny name considering it's a hill, but ok.
CASTLES: Loved how you thematized them with some common enemies, like shy guys and munchers.
GREEN HILL ZONE: Idea was really fitting and very simple. Pretty nice.
UNDERGROUND CITY: This one scenario is really weird. More in a bad than in a good way.
???: No idea if that has some undertale touch behind it, but I liked it.
WORLD 4: I loved all this world. To me, it was the overall best one.
WORLD 5: Here is where thing start going downhill. I didn't notice it instantly, but clearly you copied SMB3's ideas because you couldn't come with your own. Levels were all average.
WORLD 6: Another hint your mojo was gone... the name of the levels are all generic. You could switch them at random and wouldn't make a difference. Except Retro Land.
SNOW LAND: That cheap snow effect is outdated and looks bad.
STORMY CLOUDS: Probably my favorite scenario in the whole game. Too bad it's laggy.
CASTLE 7: Mario fell right in the boss' door? Sorry, but this oughta be the lamest excuse for a two room long level I've ever seen in a hack. When I saw this, I was sure that you were giving up. It was extremely disapppointing. Not to mention the boss is repetion of a previous one with a different sprite.
BOWSER WORLD: Original overworld? Not surprised by now. A level shorter as well.
VOLCANO: Such a cool scenario wasted with such an unfitting music.
INVASION: Well, SMBX rip off, no doubt. Yeah, your creativity was dead and buried by now.
HAZY MAZE CAVE: Not that much of a maze but the undead enemies need some better musics. Wasted opportunity.
BOWSER'S CASTLE: Why exactly is a giant Morton the final boss of Bowser's Castle? And much easier boss fight than the previous one. And yeah, not cutscenes, no princess, no nothing after the ending.

I didn't bother getting to the star levels.

BOSSES 1*(6/10): Not bad, but not good. Giant Morton was a deception for sure. Black Yoshi was the most surprising, though.


OVERWORLD 1*(9/10): Would give a 10 if it wasn't for the reused bowser world.


FUN FACTOR 2*(6.5/10): The first 4 worlds I could give a 10. No doubt. After that... unfortunately got a lot worse. Hard to believe they were made by the same person.


STORY 2*(3/10): Yoshi and Peach were kidnapped by Bowser... okay. But we find Yoshi around in the levels. We don't see peach around... Bowser is now Morton.... we don't rescue any of them and for any reason the game starts at Rosalina's House. Lol?
At least the Black Yoshi was consistent, considering you gotta defeat him for the Yoshi's Spawn level. That was cool, but still... the rest is a mess.


FINAL NOTES: If you think you can't finish it right now, wait. Waiting can do miracles sometimes. The way you rushed things to the end is a terrible way to finish the game. You don't have schedules, it's done when it's done. This had everything to be one of the greatest hacks of those last years. It's a shame, really.

OVERALL: (6.91/10)
Will16 Link
Muito Boa
yoshi3706 Author Link
NatsuFireball, if you play on emulador try to use savestates, but the jet controls are easy of learn, ive tested it a lot of times
NatsuFireball Link
It's a very good hack, with plenty of nice graphics and references to previous Mario games ! The overworld is very well designed too !

However, I couldn't finish the game, as the JET controls are insane, making the final level unnecessary unfair. So I got 58 of 59 exits, which is very frustrating because of the JET controls.

All the remaining is very nice, but I have to give you 4 stars instead of 5 because of this frustrating final level.

9/10 (4 stars) Thank you for this very good hack =]
kyasarintsu Link
I thought this hack was quite pleasant. Visuals are pretty good most of the time, with a couple exceptions like an underground city level and the set of Christmas-themed levels. There's a large variety of level types in here and they're generally fun. If there's any levels off the top of my head that I can say I dislike, it would be the underground city and the two submarine levels. The city level was cramped and had a lot of obnoxious enemies. The submarine controls awkwardly and the explosion caused by the torpedoes can, frustratingly enough, damage the player. The explosion lingers for a long time and blows up any torpedoes fired nearby. Every time, I'd rather exit the submarine and swim through with a fire flower.
blaze800000 Link
good hack