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The 1st Old-School Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack

Super Mario World Hacks → The 1st Old-School Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack

Submission Details

Name: The 1st Old-School Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack
Author: SMW Central
Demo: No
Featured: Yes
Length: 113 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: The 1st ever Old-School Level Design Contest was held in 2017, and features 83 submissions as well as 4 switch palaces and 3 judge levels, totaling at 90 levels with 113 exits.

The compilation was kept as vanilla as possible to keep with the "SMW-like" feeling, but some exceptions were made (e.g. in the overworld) where custom resources were used. It's nothing too flashy or appealing, again to not interfere with the traditional feeling.
Tags: collab collaboration traditional vanilla
Comments: 39 (jump to comments)
4.9 (14 ratings)
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Comments (39)

erpster2 Link
one minor problem I found is that dragon coins collected in many of the levels are not saved in Mario B (save file 2). but the dragon coins are saved in save files 1 (Mario A) and 3 (Mario C).
balloonfox101 Link
Where is the moon in the level Battle Royale?
I tried searching everywhere, including the only two pipes found in the level, but no dice. I like to be a completionist when it comes to Mario games, so I'd appreciate a little help if possible, thank you! ;-)

Edit: Nvm, found it! Turns out I had use a P-Switch to reveal a secret door near the start of the level!
7 up Link
3rd screenshot is nice
7 up Link
edwinmusic Link
Holy Shinx Link
This one is really good, despite the simplicity
bandicoot Link
Out of all colab hacks Ive seen in this site this one is probably the best besides the vldcs 7-10.
The fact that the elements are so limited somehow made users to think out of the box and be creative with what they had.
And we ended up with some cool, fair and great levels.
I hope to see new old school colab hack in the future.
joelcanciones Link
Hi: Can someone tell me pelase where to find the secret exit in the level named "Volcanic Volcano" and help me with a level that for some reason has an error in my rom? I saw in a youtube video that the secret exit of the level called "Chocolate Cliff" is near the beginning and you get to it using a door that is nex to a football enemy, but in my rom the door doesn't appear. Why could it be? Ive tried playing the level in the emulators zmz and snes 9x
erpster2 Link
Originally posted by ProtectorLD
I got softlocked inside the 6 in the front door

I cannot reproduce this problem. the "6" door works in Front Door level on my end using snes9x 1.56.2. what emulator are you using?
FimishHACK Link
ProtectorLD Link
I got softlocked inside the 6 in the front door
erpster2 Link
pretty good hack. one question.
how do I get the "real" exit in So Safe It's Boring level by Lazy without dying? I found it but I keep falling into a pit each time I touch the goalpost. it reminds me of a level I was playing in TSRP2.
apache Link
great hack. I really enojoyed it.
Water pool by minimay is the worst level i played in my life. really bad level
Lotica Link
Crap! I should have entered this haha. Great job everyone!
YoiBoi86 Link
its good
NatsuFireball Link
One of the best hacks I ever played here !

Great levels and overworld, and the data indicating exits cleared, Yoshi Coins and moons for each level is a masterpiece for completationists like me ! Would be so great if every hack could use it =]

I found all 113 exits without using savestates, some levels are very hard though. I couldn't make a 100% as LIMBO level is too hard for me to get YC without using savestates, also I couldn't find a way to get the moon in Mount Meato, buy still investigating this.

Thank you Erik for this hack and the update, and all of you, who made these awesome levels =]

10/10 (5 stars)
Gabriel323 Link
 Minuy600 Link
Ty Erik, pretty enjoyable to see what others have made thus far.
SomeGuy712x Link
Oh, neat. I had almost forgotten about this. I immediately went to check my OLDC level (#712 Big Boo's Castle) just to make sure there weren't any problems, and it looks like it's perfectly fine.

But then, I went and played a few other levels, and I discovered something that might be considered an issue. In the bonus game that occurs for getting 100 goal tape stars, for some reason, there's actually a time limit for it. It's high enough that a typical player won't even come close to having a problem, but if someone idled in the bonus game room for some reason and died from time running out, the level they just cleared won't actually count as cleared. In addition, if time happens to run out during Mario's victory pose at the end of the bonus game, the game soft-locks. So, I think it would be best to set the timer in the bonus game to 0 (infinite) like it normally is.
 Erik Link
latios: fixed
7 up Link
@EmuGamer it needs to take a while until both VLDC compilation hacks are complete. Collecting levels and their coherent assets is not an easy process and making everything work fine isn't a walk on a plain. The earliest possible release date is shortly after Summer 2018's C3. Be patient.
 Minuy600 Link
I don't get it. My entry has an entirely different sub-area than what I actually made, with an exit even. I thought the entries would remain pretty much unchanged?
 Ayami Link
EmuGamer Link
nice! i need to plays this but where's VLDC 2018? xd
 Noivern Link
It's pretty good. Even the lower-ranked levels (outside of worst world) were all at least decent.
Pseudogon Link
Wow, I totally forgot about this being a collab!
Klug Link
Time to play that darn hack!
JP32 Link
yay my level got into the screenshots
Ruberjig Link
blaze800000 Link
great hack
aterraformer Link
Should be in ips format for that old-school feel
7 up Link
It finally is!
7 up Link
 Stivi Link
woah, did not see this coming
 Erik Link
btw apparently The Secret is broken on snes9x for some stupid reason.
 RussianMan Link
ft029 Link
Wind Fish Link
GbreezeSunset Link