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Watch Mario

Super Mario World Hacks → Watch Mario

This file contains crude language. Discretion is advised.

Submission Details

Name: Watch Mario
Authors: ANDCo., BabyCan
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 77 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Original Description:
"Gameplay style is an unaudited presentation of Mario assessing & orienting 'framework gameplay' with dynamic simplicity"

Huge -Future- Spoiler

Main update: Established a hints.txt & re-aligned some "errors".
2nd update: Changed the red level tile on the final map from "big" to "small".
Tags: crude language exploration gimmick less exgfx music story traditional variety
Comments: 20 (jump to comments)
4.4 (5 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (20)

stormflowermario Link
hello there! can someone help me, how to get the true exit on that stage on the water with no stage mark, a secret level (I think?) right side of red switch palace?
Galant1k Link
I feel like this hack has some lost potential. Some secrets were nice, some where just "check every pipe thats available". I've had harder secrets that were fair.

I'll just list my personal pros and cons:

- Mostly fitting custom music, sometimes funny
- Lots of secrets and really nice overworld design
- Nice work with the colors, palletes and use of graphics
- Exploring in the levels was fun, there were multiple routes you could take.

Now with the cons..
- The music was getting very repetitive after some time, and its always the same style. Was nice at the beginning, boring later. Also lots of reused tracks throughout the hack.
- The untouched switch palaces. Maybe it was intentional to leave some kind of impression to the story and other levels, but i found that just leaving them as is was the worst choice.
- The dark design. Same as before, nice at the beginning, kinda got annoying after some time.
- No real ending, it just stopped. Could've been a bit more exciting.
- Maybe i'm just too dumb, but i didnt quite get the lore or message the hack wanted to deliver.

Conclusion: About 3/5.
As i said, i feel like this hack could've been a lot better, if there was a clearer goal in mind what you wanted it to be. Sometimes things were on spot, but at the end i was a bit disappointed.
I really like those kinds of hacks because they're different from the others, but i kinda missed the point of all of this.
raquelas Link
it's really confusing what this guy tried to deliver. it's not because meanings are hidden in cryptic and clever way, but because of his poor vocabulary skills and attempt for dealing with doubtfully "philosophical" subjects.

it's just so strange. unfitting musics and letters upon the backgrounds talking about love is there whole time. is this supposed to be creepy? for that matter neither it doesn't actually try to spook me.

you would be confused as much as I am, once you beat the world 7, or watching every secrets from Youtube video. but still nothing makes sense. honestly it felt like this was made by someone have mild issues.
FailSandwich Link
Yeet Yeet Spagheet 10/10
DaBaDee Link
Watch Mario can definitely improve but it's the 2nd enjoyable hack I've played. (Best place: THNAN) edit: I mean ever; I've played hacks since 2010.
cooolgamer Link
this game it's cool but it's dark...#smw{�_�}
Redstoneminer23 Link
peppebd Link
This is a very good hack, with alot of secrets and new things! Create more of this pls!
Enan63 Link
this hack is very good but i like to call this a werid hack for some odd reason #smw{o_O?}
Nevik_9191 Link
I really liked this hack. It certainly had some certain err "Moments" though. However some of them seemed justified due to the dark nature of this hack. Music was really good I particularly liked the ship theme. HOWEVER the odyssey theme certainly began to get irritating after about the 20th time.

Secrets were at times hard to find but after you figure out a few of them you get the hang of the hacks style of secret hiding.

Sometimes text could be quite hard to understand and I think more then once I was left feeling like I completely misunderstood what I read. (less at the beginning more so at the end)


The only BIG negative I had with this hack was after finding every secret, most of them hyping up the ending. and then just nothing. No final Boss. Is the game finished? It was a total let down. :(

Due to my one negative (spoiler) with this game I'm going to give it a 4/5.

Zsnes v 1.51 (used because of better music compatibility with most SMWC patches)

-odd moments where the game would go black after hitting a block requiring a reset. Happened at random.
-If music in a level sped up and you cleared the stage. All music would be sped up until entering a level you've beaten and start selecting out.
-small Mario can't get out of the water between the skinny pipes in the level before the yellow switch.
Thrakk Link
Some good gameplay was hindered by the overly dark color causing solid/not solid harder to differentiate along with lines that saws run on. Secret exits were overly complicated and the overworld was a maze Some graphics were glitchy and the penis level (and monkey scene) was just odd. Difficulty was not a linear progression and there isn't much of an ending.
Atomicatoms From older version: Watch Mario Link
This hack is great, works fine but with lag/stuttering on a few levels on SNES9x but hopefully it can get fixed up easily.

The plot sounds like a story of the ominous, dark and disturbing events that ruined the mushroom kingdom (It's my guess). I'm not spoiling it because the best part of the hack is figuring out the story yourself as you find secrets!

I suggest changing the over-world map music to something more dark, other than that, the musics in the levels are great.

Overall, it's a good hack that can disturb you as you learn and explore the game... which is a good thing!

Can't wait to see the sequel to "Watch Mario"!
Danielsonic 87 From older version: Watch Mario Link
Someone should switch "normal" difficulty to "hard" difficulty because some exploration is very hard to get...and here,exploration comes before the platforming style.
I don't really like personally,the darker zones because my eyes really burns...
but a great idea overall:this hack shows promise proceeding forward^^
 Lazy From older version: Watch Mario Link
This is wild. I have no idea what it's about but maybe someone else can figure it out (if there's any meaning to it at all). Either way, it's interesting.
louisluiz From older version: Watch Mario Link
Hi, I just finished your hack (well, sort of, I'm missing one exit) but I didn't get the narrative. Would you care to explain it to a dumb person? THX
kyasarintsu From older version: Watch Mario Link
Thanks, "Spiked Disruptions" was indeed the level whose exit I was missing.
Is there a reward for finding all 77? I haven't noticed a different title screen. Do the "come up & see me some time" messages mean anything?
BabyCan Author From older version: Watch Mario Link
@kyasarintsu Thanks for the line; submitted an update with fixes & 'hints'.txt. Also, re-established a level tile for clarity. You might've missed a second exit in "Spiked Disruptions" it was not alert besides existing.
kyasarintsu From older version: Watch Mario Link
This is a neat one. Level design isn't exceptional but I like the weird aesthetic. The drive to see what weird stuff was around the corner is what kept me going. The art is strange and the music choices are just as strange. In many cases it's interesting, but in other cases it's a bit obnoxious. On SNES9x I haven't encountered a single crash, but I did find a pipe at the start of "Dizzying Heights #1" that leads the player to an endless bonus game if the player were to fly up there and get into the seemingly-unintended warp.
It can be a bit frustrating due to the reliance on secret exits to expand the overworld, and many of the levels containing said secret exits aren't even labeled on the map. I'm not a fan of half of the secret invisible block rooms. There's so many of them, most of which are just text dumps that boot you out of the stage, that they feel like red herrings that make the search for 100% more annoying than it needs to be. I'm currently stuck at 76/77 exits. Is there a final boss? I can't find it and I've checked every red stage and just about anywhere I can think of.
Idrinkgrapesoda From older version: Watch Mario Link
Enjoying this hack so far despite having a random crash occur in ZSNES.
blaze800000 From older version: Watch Mario Link
good hack