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Extreme One-Screen Puzzle

Super Mario World Hacks → Extreme One-Screen Puzzle

Submission Details

Name: Extreme One-Screen Puzzle
Author: 7 up
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Tool-Assisted: Kaizo
Description: V1.4


This hack was originally made as a side project. Now it's got yet another update.


This hack is a creative puzzle stage made just on one screen (two sub-screen boundaries). The challenge is to get to the orb on the top of the level. Knowledge of glitches and minimal savestate usage are required! No more spoilers here.


Differences between versions:


- added custom music to the level
- removed the mist
- changed the palettes
- edited the Yoshi part
- improved the intro level
- changed the info level


- insterted the Block Duplication Fix patch


- changed the palettes
- added the new title screen and the intro level
- added custom palettes in the overworld
- added a few slight changes in the main level and fixed a break
- made it so you can play the puzzle level as Mario after finishing it


- added a minor change to the main level
- fixed the event in the overworld


- edited the title screen
- edited the level, so it doesn't have any breaks (you can't use Yoshi's tongue to regain a P-switch)
- edited the intro message, so it says "Rainbow Man" at the signature
Tags: glitch music no boss puzzle vanilla
Comments: 20 (jump to comments)
3.0 (3 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (20)

7 up Author Link
you can press start, then select to leave it.
GrandMasterLynx Link
Mario gets stuck in the yellow switch palace
7 up Author Link
It's not supposed to be savestateless (it's kaizo: hard). You need savestates to manage certain tricks and get through some tight gaps with no trouble
VKP_Riskbreaker Link
gonna point out that forcing the player to save state just for the sake of it, and not because of dificulty requirement is a weird design choice.

could as well make the game crash everytime you die...same result haha...
blaze800000 Link
have fun kaizo man and good hack
7 up Author Link
Extreme One-Screen Puzzle 2 is gonna be harder and possibly longer. Get ready for a more demonic puzzle sometime!
 Linkdeadx2 Link
I went ahead and bumped this up to Kaizo:Hard since we are aiming to keep kaizo:light tool-less. The difficulty is similar to that of other hacks in the section such as Tatsujin Mario or Kuso World.

I'm not a big puzzle guy myself, but I know a decent amount of glitches from playing the game way too much. This hack didn't prove to be super hard on the puzzling side of things, pretty common glitches/exploits were used. Most of the difficulty is due to tight frame windows to perform certain maneuvers.

I'd say its worth a play if you enjoy puzzles and glitches and don't want to commit a large amount of time to a puzzle hack.
7 up Author Link
This hack wasn't supposed to be playable without savestates. That's a reason why I force 2-players mode usage in the hack.

Also, you can press START+SELECT if you have beaten a switch palace already.
7 up Author Link
I understand. I wanted to make it even more puzzling and so you can play as Mario if you've finished the level already. Kaizo hack mods were okay with it and if the person who moderates this is different and rejects that, I'll make it not force 2-player option.

And why that harsh 1 star only for forcing 2-player mode for an either way good level?
Romano338 Link
The puzzle itself is interesting, I just don't understand the whole 2-player thing. Why not do it the regular way? If it's to use Luigi, there are ways to do it without using the 2-player option.
Erick_Melo Link
I do not understand you because you have a Switch Palace so easy.
In addition, if you play with 1 player, he will be stuck in Switch Palace, forcing the player to start or restart the game.
Did not you put the levels in the same world? Why force the player to die or reset?
This is the first to work with two players, and those of Luigi die Mario is trapped in the Palace, forcing the savestate with Luigi.
Apply Retry in this hack ... There is a lot to do with this in SMWC.
7 up Author From older version: Extreme One-Screen Puzzle Link
I think this hack looks good enough and doesn't need a new version. I don't accept requests, but there will perhaps be Extreme One-Screen Puzzle 2 and is gonna be way harder.
Wieus96 From older version: Extreme One-Screen Puzzle Link
Your Hack is Very Good, Please Release Another Version
7 up Author From older version: Extreme One-Screen Puzzle Link
The update's coming soon! Stay tuned for that!
Bruno Visnadi From older version: Extreme One-Screen Puzzle Link
Just a note: The block duplication patch fixes the majority of the breaks, that would be used if one would TAS it. With a sequence of note blocks duplication, it was possible to get the mushroom without losing the yellow shell, for example; and the turn blocks duplication allowed one to go pretty much anywhere in the room via unintended ways. Now that it is fixed, there is only a minor Yoshi clipping break, that doesn't skip much of the intended way to beat the level.
 Katerpie From older version: Extreme One-Screen Puzzle Link
This may have only one screen, but it's already sadistic enough to make you know more about glitches. I couldn't find any major breaks here (almost nothing changed much with the block duplication fix patch applied, but it does expect you to try harder still). Good job!
7 up Author From older version: Extreme One-Screen Puzzle Link
For the next time I'm going to insert patch disabling block duplication
7 up Author From older version: Extreme One-Screen Puzzle Link
Changed difficulty to Kaizo: Light. And yes, I know what can be done here
Bruno Visnadi From older version: Extreme One-Screen Puzzle Link
I like some ideas used in the level. I don't think the reset pipe, though, is really fitting here. It is basically an infinite source of items, which is something to be avoided in a kaizo: hard level. And with a set of breaks, it's possible to beat the level without even using the pipe once. I also thing the difficulty kaizo: easy is more accurate for this level.
7 up Author From older version: Extreme One-Screen Puzzle Link
I don't understand that guy who always gives 1 star for each hack. My hack had a rate of 5.0 since it was submitted.