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Yoshi Expansion Kit V1.01

SMW Patches → Yoshi Expansion Kit V1.01

Submission Details

Name: Yoshi Expansion Kit V1.01
Author: Maarfy
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch intends to provide users with a means of dramatically expanding and easily customizing the functions of the Yoshi, baby Yoshi and Yoshi egg sprites, with no requirement of ASM knowledge.

This patch:

- Enables functioning Yoshi sprites for all 8 sprite palettes, thus doubling the number of usable Yoshi colors
- Allows a great many functional attributes of Yoshi to be customized on a per-Yoshi-color basis
- Provides a framework for up to 8 unique shell-carrying abilities, settable on a per-Yoshi-color, per-shell-color basis
- Provides a means of inserting all 8 palettes of Yoshi within Lunar Magic via the extra bit - no custom sprite insertion needed
- Adds custom sprite/expanded sprite state support for cases in which a non-Yoshi sprite hatches from a Yoshi egg (such as after eating berries)
- Optionally fixes a number of Yoshi-related glitches and other oddities

See the included instructions for specific usage details. All code is exhaustively commented.

Added in V 1.01:

- Added SA-1 detection and support.
- Added a define for address $18E7 and changed RAM addresses in shell_carry_abl.asm to defines.
- Added the option to replicate the original game's horizontal dismount routine, which does not alter X speed at all upon aerial dismount (impossible to replicate in V 1.00 as coded) - thanks go out to Kazkek for reporting this oversight.
- Added a proper explanation of the modified behavior of RAM address $13C7 to readme.txt.
Tags: baby yoshi berry lorom sa-1 yoshi yoshi egg
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
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Comments (9)

YoshiSaviour Link
Hi! I am a new member to Smw.central, & I saw this patch a week or so ago. I downloaded it & applied the yoshi_exp.asm file using Asar to my ROM on Lunar Magic. Unlike when I applied other patch's, this made no changes. Could you help me?#smw{:peace:}
Francium Link
Is there a way to change the color of the Yoshi in the question block with the X coordinate like Baby Yoshi? If there is, would be great if you could share it with me.#smw{:(}
 Maarfy Author Link
FYI to any users of this patch, apparently there's been a fairly accessible crash condition present since release. Dying in a level that follows a no-Yoshi intro with or without Yoshi present leads to a crash due to a misaligned hijack. To repair it, find [HJK03] and change it like so:

org $00D0D3
	autoclean JML Dead_Despawn

Then find [ASM03] and change it like so:


	BNE .Return
	LDY !13C7
	LDA Tbl_Dead_Despawn,y
	BNE +
	STZ !0DC1


	JML $00D0D8|!long

I apologize if this is/has been plaguing anyone trying to use the patch. One of these days I'll find the time to give this thing the update it needs.
 Maarfy Author Link
I've been meaning to make note of this for a while now, but using the extra bit to set alternate Yoshi/baby Yoshi/Yoshi egg colors does not function correctly if using both Lunar Magic 3.00+ and SA-1. To fix this issue, Ctrl+F to find the code under [ASM28] and change the entire code block to the following:

Thanks go out to succo for reporting this bug. This fix will be integrated into the patch next update, whenever that may be.
 Erik Link
Tested with: Asar 1.71; SA-1 v1.31; Lunar Magic 3.02; snes9x 1.58
This patch is up to the standards and requires no remoderation.
Conal Link
I've had a quick go on it, it's really cool.

One problem I have is the colour doesn't seem to show on the map. I had a grey Yoshi who looks blue when I ended the level and saw on the map.

Is this a known issue?
 MarioFanGamer Link
Removed _MACOSX and .DS_Store from the ZIP. No other changes were made.

The massive amount of hijacks also leaves the patch danger in danger for many hijack conflicts. In fact, I can think that Edible Blocks (for the berry hijack) and the Yoshi egg question mark blocks (for the Yoshi egg hijack, the other blocks work fine) are incompatible with this patch.

Nonetheless, this is a patch you certainly want to use if you want to have more creative Yoshi gimmicks. Each of the many settings, not to mention custom shell abilities if you can code them, certainly can bring some fun gimmicks if you properly implement them into your hack.
Nitrocell Inc. Link
This is Cool!!!!!!!!
 idol Link