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Waluigi's Wadventure

Super Mario World Hacks → Waluigi's Wadventure

Submission Details

Name: Waluigi's Wadventure
Author: Galactic Spear
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Plot: The story of the game takes place in Waluigi's past, before he meets Wario and be Luigi's rival, Waluigi discovered that if him collect all the stars scattered around the world, he has a right to release a wish, so he decided go to an adventure to find them all.

The demo contains:
-New gameplay like Wall Jump and Straight Fireball
-Custom graphics
-Custom music
-Custom ASM
-Two worlds
-Each stage have his own thematic

What is new in this Demo?
-A new world with 4 playable levels
-Cape Waluigi (But not so OP)
-Bug Fixes
-And others.
Demo 2.1 changes:
-Fixed the events corruption in the overworld;
-And others minors bug fixes.

What will have in the final release:
-The remaining levels from World 2
-New bosses
-Star Coins Utility
-And more!
Tags: asm bosses exgfx music non-mario waluigi
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4.5 (12 ratings)
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Comments (43)

snes-blogger Link
Very nice demo
I reviewed it in detail
hope to see more work from you
corbin299 Link
Absolutely beautiful rom hack! Downloading it now! Keep it up gentlemen! Have a great day!
HackBro Link
oderjunks Link
I love it!
also oof (mushroom hills 4)
Untrue Air Link
I love this hack! There is actually thought put into the level design unlike many hacks. I'm also impressed how SMB2 bosses are added in. Great job!
Beautiful Hack.Waluigi time #smw{:peace:}#wario{<3}
Mitsukara Link
This hack is awesome! It has that charm of feeling like a genuine Nintendo game, with approachable not-too-hard level design, a funny little story, and cool mechanics. I don't know if you're still around or working on this, but if there's any chance you still have an interest in it, please do more of this one, I'd really love to see it.
Louie_Fan Link
that looks cool! What does Player 2 Waluigi look like?
ddogplaysgames Link
Played the demo for my youtubes. Was quite fun! :D
mario_luigi_fan Link
mario_luigi_fan Link
Originally posted by Saberpulse230
i'm new
<--click it
click im new too#tb{:]}
Saberpulse230 Link
i'm new
<--click it
Saberpulse230 Link
how do u play it... btw blue television games sent me here
Saberpulse230 Link
ShadoExperamint Link
hey how's this hack goin? I just recently for the heck of it put it on the snes classic.
thecentralbus Link
Where's the waluigi texture?
weDare Link

weDare Link

DeathstrokeMeGently Link
I played this recently and I loved it, music was nice, mechanics were good. Hope to see a completed version of this I would have loved to play more of it#smrpg{:D}#smrpg{y}
MeteorSmasher4 Link
I Reviewed this Rom and Posted it on Youtube, I Liked it. Only Problem I have is it was World 2 was Shorter then World 1. Music was nice, Mechanics are a good add on as well
Humberto Quackenbush Link
I saw SpaceHamster playing this! I played it myself, and I must say, I'm impressed! Well done, dude! #smw{:TUP:}
ferrgus Link
Very nice hack
Merece o faustão awards 2026
Liam Plays Link
Nice Hack! If you would like to checkout my video here, that would be greatly appreciated:
LordLuigi Link
Fun hack with a great aesthetic. Congrats on getting featured in the C3 podcast. Some minor issues like a glitchy path between levels and the Waluigi silhouettes have weird white marks on their nose. I would rate this as easy instead of normal especially for experience SMW players altho with that being said it's still a fun time I like that you can wallslide and walljump and the Waluigi sprite is really nice.
 Erik Link
Decent hack. I don't really have much to say. Doesn't really feel innovative other than the fact it has Waluigi as a playable character. I'd recommend this to any fan of Waluigi or if you want to kill some time.
Xeomak From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
Very different, a nice change. More of this please :)
WolfGamer_BR From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
Work On Android?
LordLuigi From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
Probably my favorite hack I have played so far can't wait for the full release. Great music, great mechanics, cool levels, plus playing as waluigi so what's not to love?
kaitri From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
what a cute little hack. usually i dont play easy rated hacks, but this one just looked so nice and got recommended to me so i gave it a go.
its a beautiful small hack (btw i saw the overworld ;) hope it will be done soon <3) very enjoyable.
and its WAAAAAAAALUIGI i mean cmon.

walljumps and straight fireballs are enabled and are a nice feature.
i love how a shade of waluigi + a button shows the controlls for for example the walljump. its so cute and cool, way better than just a textbox.

Garrulous64 From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
Such a fun time. Definitely my favorite out of the hacks I've played on my channel so far, I'm looking forward to more!
JaRetro From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
I love the music! I have only beat Level 2 and I am having a fun time!
SuperMarioFan55589 From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
I Love This Hack
SlamJamMcCam From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this demo. I logged about 50 minutes into it. It was a nice fun burst, and it wasn't all that difficult. Just a pleasant time. Would recommend!
ThatDangGoomba From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
I would give this game a try! It has good graphics.
FedoraFriday From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
offscreen coins on the castle level = DansGame. also the switch palace is a little too tough for world 1, reduce the number of boomerang dudes a bit
unnameduser17 From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
I love the Lineland Road background in screenshots 4&7.
 RussianMan From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
I found weird glitch. If you'll press any button x or y button in Welcome screen, you'll get sent to the bonus game.
Spaghetto From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
Really cool demo, can't wait to see more. Wahhhh! GamePlay:
 Dan From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
Fun little hack you got going on here.

The story is short and simple, you play as Waluigi and each level has its own little gimmick here and there. What's not to like?
One thing you should look into though (as mentioned by Nimono earlier) are the donut blocks. If you jump off of them before they start falling they just dissapear completely, even though the level was still beatable, I'd look into it.

Can't wait to see more!
Spaghetto From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
Fantastic demo can't wait for more. GamePlay:
Steven From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
i like a lot about this hack so far, but what stood out to me the most was the dedication of syncing the start menu so that the original movements of the start menu were to fit with a new level. one thing i did notice are that the donut blocks are extremely finicky; as in if you jump or walk off them before they fall they just disappear. otherwise, i like this. gg
Nimono From older version: Waluigi Wadventure Link
WALUIGI LIKES THIS! Waluigi had so much fun playing through as Waluigiiiiii, the greatest Superstar of them all! Waluigi did have a few issues, though:

-Waluigi's wall-jump is a bit tricky to use since you'll naturally be holding against the wall you jump off of, thus negating most of the wall-jump's horizontal speed. Perhaps upping the speed it gives you? But maybe Waluigi's just not used to the controls!
-The map's events are very glitchy! Look into this for sure, it makes Waluigi's amazing island look bad! Waa!
-The Yellow Switch level has a block just after the first Chuck with a Mushroom- but if you hit it without waiting, the nearby Boomerang Bro hits you even if you hold against the wall and duck, which Waluigi finds very annoying as a player's first instinct upon re-entering the level is going to be to hit that block for a powerup! Perhaps move the Bro to the right a bit, so you can sit there safely?
-If you walk off a Donut Blocks before it falls, it vanishes! Waluigi suspects you may have set the block it turns back into incorrectly or something. You should look into this, it can make sections with them a little annoying!

Everything else, Waluigi loves! Waluigi rates this demo WAA out of WAA!