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short mario adventure

Super Mario World Hacks → short mario adventure

Submission Details

Name: short mario adventure
Author: Verliezer18
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: Mario has gone on vacation, no this isn't sunshine, in this hack mario has to save peach because cool kid bowser followed him.

this is a short demo with short levels

i dont know what else to say
it has custom music


Tags: exgfx music traditional
Comments: 13 (jump to comments)
2.3 (6 ratings)
No rating
Download 181.51 KiB | 2,170 downloads


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Comments (13)

OptimusScrublord Link
Really enjoyed this would love to see a longer version.
Popermoj Link
lol nice hack
LoveHacks Link
its a cool hack, short but is funny
LippinGamer Link
ended in one night/hour

btw, cool hack
yygdrasil Link
je me suis ennuyer sur ce hack
eric99333 Link
extremely boring hack
pls dont play this hack dudes
Lotica Link
I really didn't enjoy this hack. Granted, it's not horrible, but the problem is that it felt generic. Although the hack was seven levels, the levels didn't really pop back in my mind after playing them. There just wasn't that much effort put into making the game fun. That's, unfortunately, all I can say. Try to do better next time!
Verliezer18 Author Link
do not play this garbage
i hate this so much
Liam Plays Link
It is what it says on the tin. Level design could be better, as there are certain parts with just blank space, and overworld design could be better. But I can't say anything as I don't know how to make a hack.
Verliezer18 Author Link
Update: yeah there was an update
all it did was fix level 3's major glitch by changing the whole level ( ) and added a bonus level if you start a new game in the update (im mean)

oh yeah and i changed the amount of saves there are
NerdGaming007 From older version: short mario adventure Link
Great Job!

--Necessary comment to rate 5 stars
Verliezer18 Author From older version: short mario adventure Link
some challenges are impossible without cheats because while making the .txt file i forgot there was no feather so if you are doing the challenges then ignore the bonus rooms
Danielsonic 87 From older version: short mario adventure Link
This is a good hack for me,because possess many interesting color palete,and good use of "bad coins"that are sweet to see and curiosity to take it anyway XD
Yoshi's Island custom music are good,even if the castle theme for me is absolutely wrong as idea:much better the original SMW castle theme,as always I say...and you could insert that because the Ghost House's theme is the original one.
overall good idea of level design and great use of custom blocks,but the impossibile to obtain all,because in the room of screen 4,is impossibile to get all coins useless.As achievemrnt huntr,I love this idea to insert challenges,but I hate when they can't be unlocked to the fault of game designer.

5 stars for me,anyway:this for me can be a great hack if you continue to work hard.