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32x32 Note Block

SMW Blocks → 32x32 Note Block

Submission Details

Name: 32x32 Note Block
Author: Erik
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: A big ass note block. Check how to.txt to see how to insert it, as it requires a custom bounce sprite.
It can also interact with sprites if you insert the patch I made for that.

Warning: has a high chance of v-blank overflowing (making black bars appear). No idea how to fix that.
Tags: lorom note block sa-1
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
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Comments (7)

CalHal Link
Is it a big room note block?
Koop the Koopa Link
Originally posted by hi
Hayashi Neru Link
⚠️ Caution : This block is not compatible with Custom Bounce Blocks 3.3, This is need remoderation. and patch is not here
 RussianMan Link
After fixing related resources, it's sprite bouncing feature now actually works.

This is a nice addition to giant worlds. I still have a few issues with this submission:
1) Block doesn't activate when you hit it from the sides with sprites like key, P-switch and etc. It only checks for thrown sprites (and shells save that state), but not for stunned ones.
2) It'd be nice to have level with assembled animation.
3) If you hit block from below with something that can't be normally hit by noteblock (like P-switch or springboard), it'll sink for a little bit.
4) It can be optimized a little to save space (I even saw irrelevant lda $1341 before another LDA in top blocks)

It also lacked Print descriptions for all blocks, but I added them. Confirmed to work on SA-1.
anonimzwx Link
if you dont want flickering, then dont change 4 blocks at the same time, change 2 in 1 frame and 2 in the other frame.
 Erik Author Link
added gfx! (made by tob, credit him; no they're not the ones in that gif)
 Erik Author Link
shoutouts to the loveliest user in this site tob for the idea