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Lost in the Forest

Super Mario World Hacks → Lost in the Forest

Submission Details

Name: Lost in the Forest
Author: Sockbat Replica
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 111 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: So some of you may remember a collab hack started by FalconPunch like 7 years ago(I don't even remember) which then changed leadership like 3 times before it got cancelled and I finished the rest of it myself(taking forever to do so). Well it's finally finished.

While most of the levels for this hack were made by myself it DID begin as a collab and as such it features some excellent levels by other users including EvilGuy0613, Daizo Dee Von, MaxodeX and the late eXcavator.

What's it about.. Well some weird magical forest appeared on the outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario decided to enter the forest and investigate when Magikoopa teleports him deeper into the forest. Will he find his way out?(probably). Play the hack and find out.
Tags: asm bosses exgfx forest music traditional
Comments: 13 (jump to comments)
4.8 (5 ratings)
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Comments (13)

SomeGuy712x Link
So, I started co-op playing this hack with someone recently, and have encountered a few issues.

First of all, for some reason, when clearing certain levels, the other player teleports to the level that was just cleared. I've never seen this happen in any other 2-player hack I've played before, and it's annoying if we want to go down different paths at a fork in the road on the map.

Also, we like to try to get all the Yoshi coins when we play (or, tree coins in this hack, I guess), but there's an item memory issue in a couple of levels that may prevent a tree coin from appearing.

In House of Dusk, the last tree coin won't appear if certain coins near the end of the autoscrolling room are collected. And, in Afterdark Dinopark, the last tree coin won't appear if any of the vertical 3 coins in the + shape at the end of the last vertical room are collected, and it's tricky to avoid touching them at all if you're big.

Please make sure each sublevel in a level has a different Item Memory Index value to avoid this issue. So, the autoscroll room in House of Dusk, and the vertical room in Afterdark Dinopark should have their Item Memory Index values changed, and that would fix this problem.

EDIT: It looks like the levels Trouter Falls and Down in the Dew only have 4 tree coins each. (Also, the crazy eggs that the green Birdos spit should be illegal.)
Dutch_Meatbal Link
Cool hack. Just not sure on the #exits. Does the 111 include star road? 4/5
reggen57 Link
I think if i understand english this rom should be listed at kaizo because i can't finish it without savestates.

So the level are good but not so good , somes are really frustating , and the level design is ... I don't really like some of the graphics that are weird , but you know that"s new ; so .

The lasts levels are less inspired as far as the game runs.

So for me it's a good 15/20 (if that be a real game not a fan game) ; good work bro .

But i finished you're hack man . Great time to play , thank you.
peppebd Link
This is a very good hack, continue to create a new.
blandana Link
Very good. Definitely not difficult to begin. I thought this was listed as kaizo:lite but it may have gotten changed. Download if you love getting lost deep in the woods.
NatsuFireball Link
This is a very good hack, especially regarding to its age.

Each level is colorful and pretty well designed, and all is put in a very nice overworld. Bosses are interesting, ASM hack is used in a pretty clever way.

But yes it is hard. I would say it starts from normal to very hard in the special world. I could beat Bowser and find 107 exits out of 111 without using savestates, but I got stuck in Filpside Castle and could not go further playing in a normal way. Maybe becoming a little bit too hard to the end.

Overall, this is a very interesting and challenging hack !

9.5/10 (5 stars) Thanks to all the contributors of this great game =]

P.S. : For those who plan to keep track of the number of exits found, be careful with the counter at title screen, which caps at 96. Just pay attention when you get to 90+ exits found, as you will have to count them manually from 96+.
Liam Plays Link
Nice hack! Some levels where a bit unfair though, such as Leafy Ledge (I think that's was it was called). I really like The first world's castle, love the puzzles. And if you would like you can checkout my video on it here:
Aurel509 Link
This hack is not really interesting from my point of view.

From the beginning the hack doesn't want to know what's next.
The levels are.. meh.. and the musics are really boring..
There are quite slow scrolling a little boring and a lot of blind jumps that can (for a lot of them) lead to death or lose a powerup

Well, it can please people who likes old hacks like this i guess.
 Lazy Link
Level design is mostly solid save for a few parts where you're basically required to damage-boost. Looks and music leave a lot to be desired though, especially the latter. Certain tracks are reused way too often and are more often than not unpleasant to listen to. There's a fair amount of item babysitting too, but I suppose that's fine considering it's an old hack (not sure how many of these levels were actually made in 2011 though).
Klug Link
At it again!

EDIT: It got accepted!!! #thp{=D}
Danielsonic 87 Link
This hack is WONDERFUL!!Perfec idea for a platformg:great to use a forest to an entire Mario adventure,and greato to think"I'll get revenge on Kamek!!"
But I wonder...there is some difference from the previous version released under C3?
Nitrocell Inc. Link
blaze800000 Link
good forset hack