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New Territory

Super Mario World Hacks → New Territory

Submission Details

Name: New Territory
Author: Starboi's Coffee
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Welcome to an uncharted land! In this hack we find our heroes Sarbitz and DG stranded on The Island of Y O S H O by an awful storm. On the island they find Nozomi Tojo, a helpful infobox that will guide our heroes through the island, saving her friends that have been cursed along the way.

DANG RECOLORS - it me and my brother
2 NEW MECHANICS - The Ground Pound and the Wall-Kick. I haven't found a use for the GP yet tho
J O S H O - he not in the demo but you'll get to meet him soon
SECRET LEVELS - theres one
MUSIC - I've heard good things about it
(Special thanks to megoleto and Kaitri for playtesting, and IcyTomato for some help on level design)

This is my first ROMHack so any advice is appreciated

UPDATE 1.2 8.3.18

Fixed cutoff in OwO What's This, and fixed the music
Title text is now colored correctly
Holey Mountain is now a normal tile
Ceiling in Iggy's Fort is now a thing
OwO What's This 1 is now unenterable after the first go
Demo now has an end level
Tags: exgfx music traditional
Comments: 18 (jump to comments)
4.2 (5 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (18)

weDare Link
Esta hack é muito boa, me surpreendeu muito. Espero que a termine :#smrpg{y}
Generator5000 Link
excelent work :)
KiLLERzip Link
Really nice, good job :)
Alex10-0 Link
i really enjoyed this game, and i want to help on this project, this project it shows a lot of potential, so agree if you want to, thank you.

Starboi's Coffee Author Link
@Eevee Thank you! Alot of people have been telling me the same thing: it's decent. When I work on W2, I'm gonna look into more exciting and engaging level design. As for the bugs you pointed out? I'll fix those in the W2 update since I already released a bugfix.btw thanks for fixing my tags
 Eevee Link
Nice to see you fixed some of the gripes MrDeePay pointed out. Indeed this is a decent little hack, especially for a first. It could use some polish, but for now it's acceptable I'd say. I have some gripes of my own you may wish to address in future updates.

-Minor but some of the levels still have cutoff, such as in the switch palace, the pipe MDP mentioned and the corners in the swamp level. You needn't fix them, but it would be nice if you could.

-My biggest gripe is the sprite limitations which sometimes crop up, such as here and here. These aren't too major, however in this area although I was not able to replicate it, on my first time here, one of the platforms did not appear, making the ascent quite difficult. My number one suggestion would be this patch. It's very simple to use, and you'll not need to worry about issues such as this!

-Finally it's a bit silly that you can't leave the end of demo level, but at the same time, it's just that, an end of demo level. It would be nice if people could go back to see if they'd missed anything though.

Anyway, not too bad, keep at it.

(also, I fixed your tags, keep an eye on them next time lol)
Starboi's Coffee Author From older version: New Territory Link
@Lotica Thanks for your advice! I promise that later worlds and levels will be more interesting. As for the tags, I released a bugfix so I'll change the tags on that one
Liam Plays From older version: New Territory Link
Nice! You can checkout my video on it here:
yygdrasil Link
the color of the cape is weird like a stain.
the levels are nice but too easy but is difficulty normal is good
Starboi's Coffee Author Link
@Danielsonic 87 This version had some bugs that I wanted fixed for this demo. I plan on working on one world at a time.
kaitri Link
a nice short hack, perfect for some casual plays.
the mountain level is the only one where im a bit "meh" on the palettes.

gameplay and music are fine.

ty for shoutouting me, was fun playtesting this hack <3
Danielsonic 87 Link
A question is quite strong here:
why use some time of developing on a demo when this is already out,and we are always waiting for final version?At this point,it will not released before the 2020!
Lotica From older version: New Territory Link
Not a bad first hack to start out with. There was some interesting design in the levels, but nothing really popped out in my mind that would make this thing memorable. It's just one of those standard hacks you play for an hour, and when you're done, you delete it and go to something else. Try to work on making the hack more replayable or come up with gimmicks that would make each level pop out from the rest. Looking forward to more!

Also, you might want to update your tags to something that would help your hack pop up more frequently in the search function for SMW Central.
Starboi's Coffee Author From older version: New Territory Link
UPDATE COMING SOON! Its gotta go thru the moderation process again tho
Starboi's Coffee Author From older version: New Territory Link
@Giftshaven I have the switch palace fixed but I can't release the update bc I can't figure out how to change the title screen font help

Giftshaven From older version: New Territory Link
These were actually fun levels! It does need a little more effort and testing though, especially the Switch Palace.
Starboi's Coffee Author From older version: New Territory Link
Update will be coming soon to address some issues MrDeePay has made known to me. I want this hack to be acceptable, because I'll be busy with a Sonic Mania mod. Thank you to everyone who's supported me this far, and I hope you enjoy.
MrDeePay From older version: New Territory Link
I went ahead an accepted this one, though it was a borderline case. The issues here are for the most part minor and can be fixed in no more than 15 minutes total, but with them and the short length of the hack, they could've been enough to warrant a rejection.

Miscolored title screen text.

Minor thing, but try not to put the heads(?) of a pipe (or blocks that contain items) inside of foreground.

You mentioned this in the submission info, but see about changing the level tile for this to a normal one.

Cutoff tiles.

Look at the bottom of the screen. Avoid using surface tiles on the bottom row, since only the top pixel appears during gameplay.

You might wanna block off the ceiling here. While it leads nowhere, it also feels a lot like it wasn't intentional.

There's no way to exit this switch palace after it's been beaten once outside of Start+Select

(no screenshot)
Mario's cape is miscolored.

Overall not bad, but needs some more polish.