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Backwards Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Backwards Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Backwards Mario World
Author: westslasher2
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Backwards Mario World is an easier hack that parodies the storytelling/style in most rom hacks.

This hack features an interesting overworld design where you play through the events/levels as if they already occurred. Additionally start-select is enabled because Mario has technically beaten the game already. Good Luck!

Version 1.0
-Fixed a major bug where using start-select made it possible to skip to a midway entrance in every level.
-minor changes to graphics in Xen's Castle
-Fixed a spawning issue in Dode River

Version 1.1
-Changes to Credits
-Fixed some palette/graphical issues
-Minor changes to indicators

Version 1.11
-Fixed a minor bug with RB's Shell Cavern.
-You can now switch the on/off blocks with L or R in Xen's Castle.
Tags: asm bosses gimmick music
Comments: 34 (jump to comments)
4.5 (11 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (34)

NikSik1 Link
Ahh, my first kaizo hack... Although my skills have changed and so have my opinions about this hack, I am very happy for this hack to exist. I might deem this the perfect beginner hack as it has some very easy sections as well as a bit of chocolate, but I also know that my younger self struggled in many sections. It was the perfect difficulty that made me crave more of kaizo and led down the path I'm in now. Thanks west
LimeeySauce Link
a good early hack for folks struggling with shell jumps. Very little use of regrabs. Not a huge fan of the chocolate parts, particularly the boo house, but overall it was a short and easy hack.

Not_Vinicius1 Link
BunBunAshly Link
a nice chill pleasant hack
Ccedric68 Link
Solid hack, I just loved it !!
Very forgiving and super fun to play with an interesting plot too.
That's a 5/5 for me #smw{:peace:}

Thanks for making it !
zLukaasPvPz Link
Best smw hack
AbraZZZo Link
Nice hack! Absolutely beginner friendly! Nice introducing to shelljumps!
Also love the idea of this hack!
Zappa Link
That was a short and easy but superfun ride and the tiny chocolate bits in the Special World tasted really fine.
gresh Link
yo does anyone know the song name of xen's castle? it's driving me crazy because i recognize it

great hack i played through it quite a while ago using savestates but today i took the responsability of playing like the real deal and the levels are all fun except the water level for me lul
VillainousWolf Link
This is a really fun beginner hack. The manual on/off blocks in Xen's Castle was intoxicating. The F.L.U.D.D. section got me really frustrated though, but that was the only level that took me more than 20 minutes to beat. 5/5
Elaz Link
i seem to be having an issue in Fort Bleb, the second screen locks the game up even after Start+Selecting back out
2iPakka Link
Fantastic! A perfect introduction to kaizo hacks!
NestorFan2005 Link
Essa hack me fez pegadinha. kkkk
Sputnik_15 Link
This was the second kaizo hack I've completed if "learn to kaizo" counts, and it was fantastic. It was challenging but never felt impossible for me, and I'm not great at this. If you're pretty new to kaizo like I am, play this. It's wonderful
Hectorious BIG Link
I thought some of the pallets were a little off-putting but other than that it was a fun hack. Pretty short and simple but very enjoyable.
Vadnarr Link
This was my first mario hack and was perfect for me to learn on. I really appreciate the work you did in this. For someone as new as me it was still a real challenge but I learned so much from it. Shell cavern was a necessary evil for me.

duders Link
This is the first hack I truly got into and is a big reason for why I started kaizo. Not only is it a phenomenal hack, it offers a fun experience to everyone who plays it.
eronios Link
A great hack. This was only the second I completed and it had a fair amount of tricks across shorter levels which made the difficulty seem fair, but challenging.
It was great practice for various tricks that I was not the most consistent on before, but learned throughout.
As I was goofing around with the completed file I did find one oddity in the game. I had completed RB shell cave up until the pipe and then when to another stage. When I went back to shell cave the game started me above the level. It was not a soft or hard lock as I could navigate to the pipe to get to part 2, but it did present confusion the first time. Not sure what caused the issue, but I was able to fix it by completing the stage and then it started at the correct place and then replicated the issue a few more times by going to the midway and then start selecting out.
NeXuS15 Link
If you are new to Kaizo than this hack is what you are looking for. The Levels arent super long and very forgiving for a kaizo hack.

My only complaint are some of the palettes.. for example in "Frozen Star".

Overall a very decent hack tho
Allrounder From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
First of all I really liked the intro screen lol

I can see why some people might not like the hack but in my opinion it's a great hack and a nice recommendation for newer players. Sure, the hack is really easy but I like the ASM you used and overall I had a lot of fun playing through the levels. Many of the new players won't see much "fancy" ASM in kaizo hacks because all the beginner hacks don't use much of it and that's why I think this hack is kind of something we needed for the newer players even. Shows a different part of mario romhacking.

Great fan of the music choice (even though a lot of SMB3 was in there). Music from the last level especially was really good.

All in all I can definitely recommend it. Doesn't matter if you are experienced or not, you will (probably/hopefully) have a lot of fun with this hack.

Also: The text box kaizo block is the best one I've ever seen. Well done :D
Vadnarr From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
I'm a beginner so this hack was perfect for me. I know some are giving it flak in the comments but this really did a lot for me learning the ropes.
aceituna rosa From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
Muy facil estan los niveles.#tb{^V^}#smw{:peace:}
 Linkdeadx2 From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
Personally I think a MAJORITY of this hack is way too easy for kaizo.

Some of the levels are extremely short and a lot of the palettes made me question if I was in danger of losing my vision.

That being said some of the levels later on were more on track with kaizo difficulty, the dolphin one being my favorite... until fludd showed up...

This hack is aimed at people looking to get eased into kaizo by having shorter and more forgiving sections. So if that person is you maybe this is a good choice.
get_yo_pops From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
As someone new to Kaizo, I enjoyed the level design immensely.

Loved the intro screen.
Completed in ~4hours.
 BeeKaay From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
I beat this 100% without tools in 3.5 hours, which I'd say makes it the easiest Kaizo hack on this site at the time of this writing. It's pretty fun and has short levels. While I'm not generally a fan of ASM gimmicks, the ASM sections were done tastefully enough (short with toned-down platforming) that I didn't really mind.

In terms of required "Kaizo tech," there are a couple of regrabs, lots of shell jumps (which newer players will probably have the hardest time with), and jumping off of throw blocks while picking them up on the same frame.
Klug From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
My eyes!!!
frosky_ From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
Sorry, this hack is not good
Arisendead From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
This hack is perfect for those who like easy short level hacks! Shows off some custom along with amazing music and GFX. My first day running this game i got a 100% time of 15:32 I highly recommend!
Deakula From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
This hack has been one of my absolute favourite kaizo hacks so far. It's fairly easy, great as an entry-level kaizo hack, nothing janky from what I can see, and very fair. I beat this in about 1 and a half hours on my first blind playthrough, and I find myself wanting to play it all over again. 5/5 stars. Good job, West!
Erick_Melo From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
Um hack muito bom de se jogar , mas a fase RB's Sheels Cavern possui um grave bug... Eu caí em um Limbo infinito... Onde no qual não obtive sucesso para concluir a fase... Corrija isso e vai ficar muito agradável esse lindo hack.
Arobam From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
I had a good time with this hack, cool intro screen though.
WaitingCoronet5 From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
Wow. This hack was really fun to play! Great job! :D
SkeptisTrader From older version: Backwards Mario World Link
hahaha, barb got us all goin back in that pipe!