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Super Mario Bros. 1X

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario Bros. 1X

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario Bros. 1X
Author: Koyuki
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: Yes
Length: 66 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is a hack that is largely inspired by Super Mario All-Stars and contains many references to the game.
The main theme for the hack is SMB1 but brings in several elements from SMB2, SMB3 and SML which becomes more prominent in later levels.

Version 1.6 updates includes bugfixes and some minor adjustments. More info in the readme file.
Tags: asm bosses exgfx hdma music smas traditional
Comments: 51 (jump to comments)
4.6 (22 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (51)

Espiar Link
Fantastic hack! I've finished 65 exits on this one, and it's driving me crazy! Can anyone help me out? Where might I have missed a secret exit?
Espiar Link
Never mind, I found it #smrpg{y}
Lemmata Link
I'm a beginner going through Barb's recommended list, so this is the second hack I've beaten (the first being A Plumber for All Seasons), and I'm writing this review with Of Jumps and Platforms and Mice 1 under my belt as well. This is kind of a painful one to write. There's a huge amount of technical accomplishment here - this hack Goes Places - but a lot of the time it felt like they were so preoccupied with whether they could that they didn't consider whether they should. It feels like with a pass for polish this could be one of the all-time greats, but it's not quite there yet.

A lot of the issues come down to one thing - checkpointing. What's cool and good design in a more failure-friendly hack becomes a lot more painful when you have five lives and get sent back multiple levels on a game over, especially in World 5 where the mushroom house doesn't seem to be accessible (unless I'm missing a secret). After a certain point in the game this is no longer an issue, but it's replaced by equally brutally long levels with no checkpoints - one 2-3 minute slow autoscroller with no checkpoints that leads directly into a non-trivial boss is not OK, much less two of them. I don't know whether the strat of
killing the little boos before the big one
was intentional or cheese, but I'm certainly glad it exists. I'll stress here that the problem isn't necessarily the difficulty - I play Celeste mods FFS, I'm very used to needing to beat my head against an obstacle until it clicks - but the need to go through several minutes of easy stuff to get another try at the part that's killing me.

I also needed to find the comments of an incomplete Youtube playthrough to realise you need to
press R to get into the airship at the end of Extra World
(don't mouse over that one unless you're stuck in the postgame, seriously). If there hadn't been a bunch of achievements I was missing I would have assumed I'd reached the end of the hack and not bothered going any further. There are also some minor technical issues, with some strange crackling in the music on level exit/entrance, occasional distorted soundtracks (especially in world 4), and jank with e.g. the
SMB2 veggies

On the positive side, the degree to which SMW has been bent out of shape here is absolutely ridiculous. I'm going to list in spoilers a few of the things you'll find in this "SMB1 but with a couple of extra things lol" hack besides the "several elements from SMB2, SMB3 and SML" referenced in the description:
SMW in SM:A style
Original graphics SMB
Original graphics SML
A tower level (which is really frustrating but still)
Scavenger hunt levels where you have to find all the coins to progress
Balloon Fight
A level where you play as Bowser, Paper Mario style
A mini-metroidvania
. You really should play this if you haven't already just to see where it goes.

At the end of the day, while as a technical accomplishment it's incredible, I spent too much of my time with this not having a good time and as such I feel like I have to give it a 4/5. I'd recommend any other beginners playing this give up on the hardcore Retro Achievements and play it with save states between levels and at any place that feels like a "natural checkpoint" within a level - with that I think my rating would have gone up to a 5. If you're a Kaizo master then you probably don't need to do that and can just breeze through one-shotting everything though!
insured_ Link
A very fun, decently polished mix of multiple Mario games and an impressive showcase for someone relatively new to SMW romhacks. The difficulty curve felt well balanced for me, some slight spikes here and there. Would recommend.
sarmanikan Link
Really fun hack, not too difficult. People of all skill levels would have fun with this one!
bradcomp Link
Very fun hack with lots of neat references and easter eggs scattered about. The overworld is very cool, and there are some really great surprises later in the hack that were quite delightful.
MateusCarvalho590 Link
BEST HACK! #smrpg{y}
Cornholio309 Link
Super fun hack! Gave it a quick blast through on my RG351MP with a Mario only run.

This hack does a really excellent job at pulling assets from all of the All-Stars remakes to craft an entirely new experience in a way I haven't seen any other hack do. The end result is a pretty great homage to Mario Bros. 1-4, with a hint of Land and Yoshi's Island. Basically every Mario title you can officially play on the SNES.

The gameplay is definitely more reminiscent of Mario Bros. 1 with the intentionally shorter levels and lack of slopes. The item box was also removed and Mario reverts to Small Mario upon being hit, but these are changes I'm okay with since it seems the end intention was to be a hack that tries to carry the same spirit of Bros. 1 with a new spin.

Despite the shorter levels, the game manages to come up with a lot of unique stage gimmicks. The Veggies gimmick from Bros. 2, Poison Mushrooms, Trampolines that launch Mario off screen for five seconds at a time, Bomb Koopas from Land, the Airplane sections also from Land, giant Piranha Plants, and there was a relatively cool setup to entering World 8's castle! The hack really has quite a few to name, and it does a lot to really mix up the traditional levels then castle setup that the hack also follows. I was pleasantly surprised.

There is some things that I think feel a bit janky as a result of trying to follow in Bros. 1's footsteps a bit too closely. I'm not entirely sure I understand why the functionality to 'Continue' after a Game Over was removed via ASM hacking and the game boots you back to the title screen. I assume this might have been done to encourage that players try out the Mario and Luigi Mode if they desire, but it just made setbacks in more complex levels more tedious. There were also some particularly nasty jumps that were not too easy to accomplish.
I'm mainly referring to World 8's Tower segment.

I also found the Veggie gimmick slightly dodgy compared to it's inclusion in Bros. 2. I found that sometimes Mario had to be right on the tile and even then he wouldn't respond. The speed also made that one particular level where the player has to dig through the sand slightly tedious. There was also a time where I had to pluck a Veggie to get a Mushroom, but the pluck mechanics would sometimes send the Mushroom over the edge before I really had a chance to grab it.

Regardless though, this was a fairly interesting 'mix' of all of the SNES Mario titles with Bros. 1's linear progression and level design, and it's executed really well in pretty much every other area! If you found yourself enjoying Bros. 1 and The Lost Levels because of it's simplicity in it's structure, I think this hack works as a cute little 'Bros. 1 Returns' sort of deal.

karlton Link
Very fun casual hack. Graphics, level design, and music are original or good faith recreations of their inspiration. Paying homage to the older hacks all in one is cool!
Nicoke42 Link
Very enjoyable hack!
flyinghippo Link
Great hack that's an absolute blast to complete. Pays homage to the older 2D mario games (smb1, smb2, smb3, sml, etc.) Despite 1-2 steep difficulty curves, this is a pleasant rom hack to play.
stobczyk Link
Good works.
mallio9029 Link
Is there going to be a smb2x comeing soon sequel to smb1x
Sonck's entertainment Link
#smw{:TUP:} súper collage
YamiMario Link
As someone who had Mario All-Stars as one of their first ever games, this REALLY hits the spot for me, it's like as if All-Stars was it's own game. Great job!
Danik2343 Link
Originally posted by tltlvilus
Pls fix for SNES9x

Not problem for me, try update SNES9X
tltlvilus Link
Pls fix for SNES9x
shansterplays Link
Awesome hack! The first hack I've 100%d.


The ice level toad house has to do with level 3...bring a fire flower ;)
MaxRing Link
ive played Super Mario Bros X3 2 or 3 years ago and im just hyped when i saw it on a youtube video, one of the best hacks :D
zacmario Link
Looks like fun I'll play this after the hack I'm playing now. Are the physics changed for this hack?
juaneergameer99 Link
visual glitch found:
- in that ice level were koyuki gives you an ice flower,
enter with a fire flower and it will have the same effects than the ice flower.
Rednetter Link
Extremely mediocre.
Danielsonic 87 Link
Some of my videos shows some of the bug mentioned down here, but after complted it, I can say that is one of the best hacks I have played in my life!^^
Here some of my gameplay of this^^
Necro Link
It has some depressing levels and buggy issues, but everything else is great.
TheLucraftTeam Link
how you can do these things:
edit koopa troopa/paratroopa tilemap
4 walking frames
don't change vertical position when small mario walks, carry walk, or run,
2 shooting frames
smb1 style hud
parallax scrolling
TheLucraftTeam Link
you forgot to add checkpoints
TheLucraftTeam Link
oh come on!! i can't open in lunar magic, so that's not a smw hack, that was SNES homebrew
juzcook Link
This hack is a pleasure to play through. Not really anything negative I can say. it felt polished, true to the original with a little bit of flair. Truly an impressive piece of work!
kyasarintsu Link
Anyone else having trouble getting this to work properly on SNES9x for 3DS? Whenever I try going to and from the world map, it just fades to a black screen.
Romano338 Link
Wow that's some massive work! Looks very good! Definitely a game to play for people who want a nice Mario adventure
ChrisG___ Link
I blind raced this hack with a friend this weekend - had a ton of fun, really well made and some seriously cool gimmicks. My only complaints would be the autoscroller with the SML plane, it was long as heck with no midway and the vertical lava tower - which was insanely tight if you didn't do it almost perfectly.

All in all though, really solid hack, great job :)
joelcanciones Link
Can someone tell me how to unlock the red toad house of the map where Peach's castle is? Thanks!!!
joelcanciones Link
Can someone tell me how to get to the toad house in the ice world pleasse?
joelcanciones Link
@Mirann Thanks for your help.
 Ringo Link
Press R on the airship.
joelcanciones Link
Can someone help me please with this problem I have with this hack? Why is it tha tI could not enter de airship after defeating Bowser Jr. in World E and I got only 52 exits out of the 66 the hack is supposed to have?
joelcanciones Link
@Koyuki or anyone who can help me. Does anyone knows if this hack has any secret exits and how to unlock the path to the red toad house of world 4?
NatsuFireball Link
It is a really food hack, which brings us back in time in a very pleasant way.
There are plenty of references to Mario games but not only (like the flying ship, a reference to DKC3 Gyrocopter that you can only get if you find all DK coins).

Graphics are really nice and Extra worlds stand for more fun to play at the end of the game.
All 66 exits can be found in a normal way, without having to use any savestate, even though some of Extra levels are quite hard (for example the Ballon level).

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you =]
Kyanite Link
No, it's a BPS file. You patch the BPS file to a Super Mario World ROM using this program.
SuperDan_YT Link
This looks pretty fun. It is a SNES rom right? sorry I am a bit newer to this site, I am not sure if all the ROM hacks are SNES... thanks for taking time to make a fun game for us to play btw
Danielsonic 87 Link
Toadhouse in Ice-World found^^is really easy to find^^
Alcazar Link
After SMW3X now SMB1X ... Nice hack with Replayvalue.

A Returning Lakitu or Boss Bass isnt seen often in hacks.
Me is missing the Fireworks when ending a level with certain time left :P
Interesting, Bowser cant be defeated by fireballs, only through the axe switch, havent seen this in a hack before.

Did anyone got to the following levels?
<-- is probably to stupid to find their entrance :(
* White Toadhouse in Extra-World

So, after SMW3X and SMW1X will there SMB2X in the future? :P
Big G Link
Like the original game.
kaitri Link
ayyy the hack is in congratz :D too lazy to re-write my entire comment so:
i recommend this hack its super cool.
and everyone planing to create a hack: use the flying airship just for bonus pls <3
Danielsonic 87 Link
Wow,finally this is approved^^congraulations for your great work^^I seen the snow effect on World 5 and I were really impressed^^
and levels are soooo cooool^^great,great hack,5 stars is the minimum that you deserve here^^
Gabriel12102673 Link
Good hack, i no like Super Mario Bros. But the hack stayed nice !!!
Gabriel323 Link
Great hack!
 Lazy Link
A fun, recommendable hack. Hacks that try to imitate the original games' style usually end up having rather trivial gameplay, but this one features refreshingly thoughtful design. Enemies are deliberately placed to pose challenges in a way that is very reminiscent of SMB2&3 in particular. It's also impressive from technical standpoint, featuring a lot of faithfully recreated elements from SMAS (and other games). Some of my favorite parts were the Beezo freezing section and the level with the moonjump springboards.

The only thing I found a bit questionable is the difficulty curve. To me, Worlds 2-4 were the hardest part of the maingame, with everything else being easier.
Danielsonic 87 Link
I hope for you that this time they'll approve your work:is a great game like your splendid Mario Bros 3 X^^so,I think this should be approved like that one^^
blaze800000 Link
good hack
Erick_Melo Link
Um grande hack... Você conseguiu juntar elementos de diversas versões em um único hack... Parabéns, ótimo trabalho...